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Changing your office’s look is always good. This gives fresh energy to the environment and your team. Many studies show that simple rearrangements around the office or adding certain things can boost motivation and influence employees positively. Here are a few ways you can give a new look to your SA office after moving it. Evolution Moving Company NB highly recommends that you make some changes after moving your office, keep it fun.

Add more life by adding plants

If you’re working space is an open office, it’s a very good idea to break up the space with plants. This way your employees are all in one room, but they have more sense of privacy. And not to mention that they have a source of fresh air. You can always go one step ahead and add interesting containers for the plants. Maybe the employees will want to decorate their own by painting on them or placing stickers. Plants are not expensive, therefore this is a very economical idea that will look great and make everyone feel lively. Local movers San Antonio always recommend this simple tip to all their clients who are moving offices.
plants in the office can give a new look to your SA office
Putting plants in your office will give a new look to your SA office

Place your desks toward the natural light

People are always more motivated to work with natural light. If your office has a lot of windows or sources of natural light, make sure to have as many desks as possible to get their light from a natural source. We understand this is not always practical and some desks are in good positions in the morning and not so good later in the day, or the other way around. However, permanently shaded windows can get boring. What your employees can do is keep their shades open and start getting used to that natural light. Many clients working with commercial movers San Antonio TX have done this and saw a big change in mood and productivity.

Large works of art can give a new look to your SA office

Instead of hanging a bunch of small works of art, it’s better to get a few large ones that will be easily noticed. If your office is small, this is even better. You can go simple and use black and white, or you can pick colorful works of art, depending on your work atmosphere. San Antonio is home to many street artists and talented painters, so why not get their artwork and support each other’s business? Make sure you chose a piece that means something to you and your time, something that represents your goals and ideas. If you need help moving these large artworks, local movers in San Antonio can do it for you.
a colorful painting next to a chair
Using artwork to decorate your office will light up the space

Comfy and colorful furniture

If you have a waiting or relaxation area in your office, you need some cool and unique furniture. Front desks and waiting areas are the first things anyone coming to your office sees. From future employees coming for an interview, to business partners and investors. Seeing the same old black leather couches isn’t fun anymore. You can find affordable unique furniture that will give a new look to your SA office. Furniture movers San Antonio are there to safely transport both your old and new furniture. There are many more ways you can give a new look to your SA office after moving. It’s all about the little things that make a big change. Just make sure you switch things up every now and then, no one likes to stay in the same space for too long. Be the office where employees will love spending time and not count minutes until the end of their shift. Applying the simple tips we provided will for sure do the trick for some time.  


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