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How to label moving boxes properly

Marking boxes when moving home is probably the most misunderstood task on anyone's checklist. It would be bad to underestimate the importance of this packaging task. But, nevertheless, people usually don’t label moving boxes Texas. Especially people who are proud of their good memory. Do not make the same packaging mistake! Instead, learn the best way to label moving boxes to save hours of precious time after the move. And therefore prevent a headache before you unpack these boxes.

Self-packing vs. professional packing services

This is the question you will first ask yourself. If you take reliable packing services, you can be sure that all your belongings will go to the right room. But, we understand that sometimes you need to cut the cost. Therefore, we give you some tips on labeling moving boxes properly.
Labeled moving boxes
So what is the best way you can use to label moving boxes?

What to do before marking moving boxes

You will be pleased to know that the labeling of moving boxes is relatively simple and straightforward. So you don’t need to do anything special to do it. Therefore, you still need to be familiar with its features in order to be able to do it right. Here are the three main things you need to do before labeling your moving boxes:
  1. Buy quality markers to label moving boxes
  2. Get moving box labels
  3. Inspect used boxes

How to label moving boxes using colors

The first method of marking moving boxes is a color-coded system, that is, using different colors for different rooms. This labeling system is the simpler of the two, because 1) it is very simple to implement, 2) it is quite efficient, and 3) it is as reliable as possible. Here are the steps to implement a color-coded system for marking moving boxes:

Step 1

Assign one separate color to each destination room in the new house. For example, RED can mean BEDROOM, GREEN can mean LIVING ROOM, BLUE can mean BATHROOM, ORANGE can mean KITCHEN and so on.

Step 2

Choose colors to make sense for you. For example, the water is blue, so the bathroom will be associated with this color. You like to eat oranges, so the kitchen will be associated with orange. Choose a color for each room and be in accordance with it. Do not worry, the choice of colors in a random order is also suitable.

Step 3

Prepare a set of color markers and get to work. Use a red marker to mark all cardboard boxes that should be in the bedroom. When packing your kitchen, use the orange marker to mark all the moving boxes that need to go there.

Step 4

Mark each box with the necessary information that will allow you to identify the same container after the end of the move. So, what to write on moving boxes? Mark the contents of the box, its destination, as well as instructions for handling or special warnings.
Label moving boxes
That will help you and your movers know what to do exactly

Step 5

Consider using colored tape to make marking more efficient and even more fun. As in step 3, this marking step is basically optional.

Step 6

Attach the appropriate pieces of colored paper to the doors leading to the destination rooms in the new house or apartment. This is necessary so that the color-coded marking system that you used to label moving boxes is understandable to anyone involved in the move. Simply put, you know that orange means cooking, but your professional movers Texas or your friends won't know it.

How to label moving boxes with numbers

The second method of marking moving boxes is the number coding system, that is, using different numbers for each box. This labeling system can save you some time, because you will not need to write the contents on each moving box, as you should when using a color-coded marking system. All you have to do is write one number on at least two sides of the moving box, and that's it. Here are the steps to implement a number coding system for labeling moving boxes:

Step 1

Create a basic packing list on a notepad using a pen or pencil. Or on a preferred electronic device using a spreadsheet document. In this basic inventory list, you record the contents of each packing box.

Step 2

Assign a unique number to each individual moving box. For example, as soon as you finish packing the box, you write #1 on at least two sides of it. And then mark the destination room — for example, KITCHEN.

Step 3

Do not forget to write the rooms in which you will need to deliver the boxes. Thus, professional movers or you yourself will know where all packed boxes should go, but only you will know what is inside them.

Step 4

Write in your main packing list all the contents of the box you just finished packing. For example, Box number 1: Tea set + Wine glasses.

Step 5

Keep the basic packing list safe and make sure that you do not lose it during the move. This is really important because you would lose a tremendous amount of time after the move if you didn’t have this packing checklist with you. Therefore, if you have compiled an inventory sheet on paper, copy it and save the remaining copies in separate locations. Or scan the checklist and send it to yourself via email.
Sending an email
If you have completed this master checklist on an electronic device, simply back it up via the Internet or by email
The most important thing to remember when you label moving boxes is NOT to skip this important packing step. Avoid moving day disasters and always label your moving boxes, even if you are sure to somehow remember what is inside each container. Firstly, there will be too many identical or similar boxes to track them. And secondly, the additional stress that only a home move can create will keep your mind quite busy.


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