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Moved to a new TX house with a baby? Don't know how to arrange the furniture since everything should be subjected to this little bundle of joy? Want to spend more time with your child and not worry about the home arrangement? You are in the right place at the right time. New Braunfels Moving Company is here to help you make your new TX home baby-friendly. We know how important it is to spend as much time as possible with your baby so we've prepared a guide on how to baby-proof your house. Stay tuned and enjoy this beautiful chapter in your life.
Baby's room
Make your new TX home baby-friendly and enjoy your new space
Moving to a new home with a baby can change how you perceive your living space. Now the only thing you care about is that both you and your baby feel cozy and things like home decor, plants, and perfectly arranged shelves seem minor in comparison to feeling comfortable and safe. Suddenly all you care about is how to remove any potential threats your baby or toddler may face while crawling and playing. In this guide, we'll show you the best ways to baby-proof your home and make it cozy, spacious, and most importantly, safe. By using this guide, you'll avoid unwanted accidents and prevent injuries.

The ultimate safety babyproofing checklist

The key to a successful organization is an efficient plan. And no plan can go without a to-do list. There's no better feeling than ticking the things from the list until the final step. Our movers and packers San Antonio prepared an ultimate checklist for baby-proofing your home, so let's check it:
  • Install smoke detectors and buy fire extinguishers
  • Prepare and have a first-aid kit always at hand
  • Write down emergency contact and medical information and put it in the visible place or add it to your phone paying attention that the info can be accessed even when the phone is locked
  • Place non-slip pads under the rugs and carpets
  • Block open outlets using safety plugs or place the furniture in front of them
  • Protect drawers, doors, and cupboards
  • Place baby gates at the bottom and the top of the stairs
  • Hide all electrical cords
  • Protect sharp edges with safety covers, bumpers, and padding
  • Unplug all the electric appliances that are not frequently used
  • Remove potentially poisonous plants from your house

Make your new TX home baby-friendly step by step

With so many things to do and check when making your TX home baby-friendly, you may feel exhausted and stressed. That's why you should realize your plan step by step. And here's how. After making the floor plan for home arrangement, decide which room is of your highest priority. Then make an inventory list of your belongings and decide which ones are safe to be placed in visible places. Try to declutter your belongings as you make the list of your inventory. You can throw away some of the things, and store some in the basement or the attic. However, if you don't have enough space for some things, don't throw them away if they are in good condition. Organize a garage sale or giveaway. This is the perfect time to meet your neighbors.
A pregnat woman thinking about how to make your new TX home baby friendly
Arranging your house for a baby has a completely new dimension. Everything is more enjoyable
After you get rid of the things you don't need, start arranging your home. Make a timeline and set a deadline. While making the room-by-room arrangement plan based on your inventory list, think of the protection supplies you need to purchase for each room. And finally, start arranging the house. Our recommendation is to start from the baby's room since it's going to spend most of the time there. And now, let's check our room-by-room guide. But before that, let us remind you to decide where to put your piano. Try to save as much space as possible. If you want to remove it from the house for some time and need to disassemble it, don't bother doing it by yourself. Rely on piano movers Texas and ensure its safety.

Room-by-room tips to make your TX home baby-friendly

  • The kitchen: Install door locks, cover the outlets and check whether there are any dangling cords. Then, replace chemicals with natural products. Put plastic bags, magnets, breakables y and other items out of reach.
  • The living room: Safeguard the furniture and its edges. Make sure the baby cannot climb unstable furniture. Don't forget to close the fireplace. Then, make sure the carpets are non-slipped. Chech window cords and install window locks.
  • The nursery room: Pay special attention to this room. The first safety step is to purchase a baby monitor. When it comes to furniture invest in high-quality cribs and other necessary pieces. Don't put anything on the wall near the crib. And secure windows, drawers, and doors.
  • The bathroom: Keep chemicals, razors, and other toiletries out of reach. Get a non-slip bath rug. Most importantly, reduce the water heater temperature. Of course, secure the carpentry.

Avoid common injuries with these simple steps

Did you know that in the United States child accidents happen every 24 minutes and that millions of children visit emergency due to home injuries? A second is enough babies and toddlers to get injured while exploring the environment. Accidents happen all the time and we cannot foresee them. However, we can do everything that's up to us to ensure the safety of our children. Here's how to prevent the most common injuries at home.
  • Falling and tripping: You can avoid this by removing things from the floor.
  • Burns: Put all electric appliances out of reach.
  • Poisoning: Remove any chemicals or store them on high shelves but pay attention that they cannot fall.
  • Choking: Babies are likely to put things into their mouths, so get rid of any small things they can grab.
A professional mover next to a van
Enjoy more time with your baby while professional movers handle your relocation tasks

Need help arranging and securing your home? Evolution Moving Company NB will gladly assist you

Make your new TX home baby-friendly. Contact us, state your requirements, and get your moving quote. Our team of professionals is at your disposal anytime and anywhere. Let us help you arrange your new home for you and your baby. Enjoy precious time with your child and we'll take care of everything.


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