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How to make your Texas home eco-friendly

If you wish to learn how to make your Texas home eco-friendly, you have come to the right place. Our moving company has prepared a short guide with tips and tricks about how to do it. Turning something eco-friendly is not hard - however, not everyone is used to that. The main goal is to limit plastic items and to limit anything that has hazardous materials. But, there are plenty of more things you need to consider. This is why Evolution Moving Company NB has decided to help you out with our guide. So, let us get started, shall we?

Basic things to know when you want to make your home eco-friendly

Having an eco-friendly home is a really good idea. First of all, you will be doing your environment a good thing. Secondly, you will not have to worry about what is the cost of renovating your Texas home, because you will turn it eco-friendly and renovate it in the process. Most eco-friendly tips will also help you save a couple of thousands of dollars by reducing your utilities. If you have been wondering how to make your home more eco-friendly, here is what you should think about:
  1. Recycling and buying recycled products
  2. Shopping smartly
  3. Taking advantage of the sun's rays and good isolation
  4. Replacing cleaning and other harmful products
  5. Managing the use of water
  6. Getting the right plumbing
  7. Improving air quality
  8. Reducing the cost of electricity
  9. Producing organic fruits and vegetables in your garden
A white charger
Taking care of power usage is very important.

Things you should consider

If you ever have any troubles with relocating to your new home, you can always rely on San Antonio TX local movers to help you out. If you do this, you will not have to worry about anything else but focus on making your home eco-friendly. It is always a good idea to use eco-friendly supplies and eco-friendly items when you are moving. However, you can keep some of them after you relocate. For example, you can use some eco-friendly cases to move your cutlery and you can turn them into vases after. Speaking of cutlery, you can use wooden knives and spoons. It will make your dinners fun and enjoyable, plus, they will be eco-friendly! A win-win situation, right?

Recycle and buy recycled products

It is necessary to recycle to ensure we protect our environment and save the planet. It is also important to try to buy recycled products to avoid the consumption of non-eco-friendly materials. The notebooks and everything related to paper, plastic bottles with recycled plastic, clothing, pens, and pencils can also be recycled and reused. Learning the habit of recycling is very important if you want to make your Texas home eco-friendly. Start by educating your loved ones by imposing small rules, such as cleaning after eating. Try to educate your children too, since they tend to learn much faster, unlike adults who instead have to change life habits, making learning more difficult. By recycling, you will make your Texas home a small ecological island.

Only buy things when needed and reduce the amount of your junk

You can make your home much more eco-friendly by shopping smartly. In modern times, it might seem like you need to buy everything and anything, especially after you have moved to your new home with the help of professional movers San Antonio. However, excessively buying and hoarding is not good for our environment. Instead of buying tons of useful and useless things, opt for buying only when you need to. If something breaks or stops working, it's much better to try and fix it instead of immediately going to the nearest Walmart and buying a replacement. 
Recycling symbol
Recycling and using eco-friendly products will help you make your Texas home eco-friendly.
Even if you decide to buy and use recycled products, you can do so much by not making too much waste. The basic idea is to limit waste to the bare essentials and, when creating garbage, separate it before getting rid of it. To reduce waste, you can try to buy products that contain as little wrapping as possible, especially plastic. Often, some products have too much unnecessary plastic and garbage that are useless for the use of the object. It is much better to buy products wrapped in recycled and recyclable materials.

Take advantage of the sun's rays and good isolation

There is a reason why bright rooms with a lot of natural light tend to be warmer: the light carries the heat. Although the effects of the sun are less usable in winter than in the summer months, those rays can help heat a room. Throw back the curtains and let the light in. Not only will you capture some natural heat, but a bright and airy room requires less electric light, so you will also save on electricity. To make your Texas home more eco-friendly, roof isolations are a must. Using quality windows, walls, and floors are also important. External isolation is the most effective solution, and residential movers Austin TX suggests taking care of the isolation once you relocate. If your house has good isolation, you will use less electricity for heating and maintaining the room temperature in your home. Once the apartment is well isolated, it is also important to focus on ventilation and ensure air quality. Good ventilation will ensure the evacuation of humidity, pollutants, and particles emitted inside the accommodation.

Replace toxic products and use smart devices in your Texas home

While chemicals are often in the first place when considering health and the environment, do not neglect other detergents, such as laundry detergent. Options are all 99% bio-based liquid cleaners that provide plant-based cleaning. They are hypoallergenic, which makes them a good option for sensitive skin. Also, try to get rid of plastic, since it is proven plastic is bad for your health. However, in some situations using plastic is a must, such as when you pack a china cabinet since most packing supplies are made of plastic. However, try to use as little as you can.
A bathroom sink
Try to minimize water usage as much as you can.
Smart devices not only add convenience to your home but can also be highly effective tools to help manage energy consumption. Programmable thermostats are useful because you can set them to automatically change temperatures when you are not home. However, other devices such as smart lights can also recognize motion or turn off at certain times of the day to reduce energy consumption.

Manage the use of water

Many people don't realize how much water they are wasting at home. Moreover, Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 30% of each household's water goes to the bathroom, and there is a good chance that you are throwing away too much water. Manage your water consumption by running only full loads of dishes and linens, eliminating leaks, reducing shower times, and switching to a low-flow toilet or other eco-friendly toilets. Also, many people tend to turn on the tap during the entire process of washing their teeth. If you opt to use water only when you need it, you will save a significant amount of water. Regarding water, one of the major sources of waste - especially if you live in a large family - is the toilet. With an average of 10 liters of water used for each use, it involves high usage. Opting for one with reduced capacity will ensure significant water savings. Although a nice hot bath is the most relaxing one can enjoy, from the point of view of an eco-friendly home, bathtubs are more harmful. If a shower consumes an average of 75-90 liters of water, 100-160 liters end up in the bathtubs. Showers are certainly better than tubs, but there is still room for improvement. All in all, by paying attention to your water consumption, you are making your Texas home more than eco-friendly.

The right plumbing will make your Texas home eco-friendly

The right plumbing can make a real difference! Pipes are not all the same, and choosing the best products, informing yourself about the latest technical innovations, and getting advice from a professional are the first steps toward lower water consumption. Moreover, apartment movers Austin suggest checking your plumbing system if you moved recently. And, as we know, low water usage means lower utilities. In addition to the less visible part of the plumbing system, it is also good to consider the taps in an eco-friendly home. Choosing the ecological, equipped with aerators will guarantee a greatly reduced water consumption. Choosing the correct shower head for your taps which use a smaller amount of water is an easy way to save money and do good for the environment.
A table full of laptops researching how to make your Texas home eco-friendly
Try not to keep your charger plugged into an outlet when you are not using it.

Improve air quality in your Texas home

It may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to clean air, but your floor plays an important role in the air quality of your home. In addition to improving ventilation and opening windows, other measures can be taken to naturally increase air quality without using filtration systems. The carpet in the home can contribute to poor air quality, so be sure to vacuum often to minimize dust, hair, and other allergens. Simple adjustments can have a huge effect on the earth and your monthly energy costs. If you are worried about air pollution, buying air filters might be a good idea. However, they can be expensive and non-affordable to many. But, there are cheap air filters called plants! Having at least one plant per room will significantly contribute to the quality of the air you breathe in.

Reduce the cost of electricity

Using less electricity is useful and a very simple thing to do. It is necessary to pay attention to the time in which electric devices are used, especially if they consume a lot of electricity. That is why it is important to choose your devices well, starting with the bulbs, which should all be low consumption. In an eco-sustainable home, it is possible to greatly reduce the cost of electricity, for example by installing appliances to use alternative energy sources. When you are buying electrical products, you can always check how sustainable they are by looking at their label. Managing the temperature in the home is one of the most delicate issues in terms of eco-sustainability. It is necessary that the temperature does not disperse, and you can take care of that by choosing the right fixtures. Secondly, it is good to buy efficient and ecological air conditioners, boilers, and heat pumps, which can optimize your energy cost. Do not forget the maintenance and checks to keep these devices in perfect condition, even when you decide to store them or use furniture movers Austin TX to relocate them to your new home. It is also an excellent idea to have automatic and programmable thermostats and to heat your Texas home only when necessary.

Make your Texas home eco-friendly by heating the water without too much power waste

There are several solutions for heating water in an eco-friendly house, but some are better than others. Between the water heater and boiler, the choice should always fall on the latter, which will heat only the correct amount of water, therefore avoiding electrical and water waste. If you plan on heating water, you can do it during the hours when overall power usage is not too high.
A little garden full of plants
Having a garden of your own can help you cultivate produces, which is an environment-friendly move.

Produce organic fruits and vegetables in your garden

Many people love gardening and planting decorative flowers and trees. However, gardens can be used for cultivating vegetables and fruit as well. If you have moved to Texas via long distance movers Austin and have not had a chance to have a garden, now you can! You will surely enjoy watching your partner and children grow potatoes or cucumbers. Daily consumption of vegetables is one of the habits that can help us improve our weight and our health in general. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, vegetables must be included regularly in our diet. However, it is not always possible to find them fresh at the market and, in fact, sometimes the prices are so high that we have to do without quality and look for other options. Therefore, the idea of growing vegetables at your home will not only be beneficial for the environment but also for your health and financial situation.

Make your Texas home eco-friendly with these easy tips

All in all, making your Texas home eco-friendly is a smart choice for several reasons. You will protect your environment, save money and make your life much healthier. You can contribute to protecting the environment by recycling, shopping smartly, having isolation, taking care of your heating system, reducing water and power waste, etc. Also, you can take care of your plumbing system and electrical devices and even build a garden where you can cultivate your vegetables and fruits. Replacing toxic household products such as chemicals is also advisable. These are just some of the tips which will help you make your Texas home eco-friendly!


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