How to move your Austin office in a week

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    Hiring Moving Experts - September 17, 2022

    Moving for people who don’t have experience can be hard. Especially if you don’t have experience with moving in less than a week. Moving takes time and a lot of preparation. If you are moving your office and don’t want your business to suffer, you need to make quick decisions and do everything right. That means that you need to hire movers. Movers will do everything much faster when it comes to moving. For that, you need a good reliable mover with experience, and you need to be careful when you choose. We at Evolution Moving Company NB can help you with your quick office move. Still, remember that you still need to do many things to achieve your goal. This is how to move your Austin office in a week.

    Measure everything

    You need to see what from your office will suit your new office. Is the space the same? Can you place the desk in the same order?  Is installation in new your new office going to sustain the consumption of electric energy? These are all the questions that you need to answer to place everything right. For that, you will need help. Ask your employees for help. Measure desks, chairs, and electronics. See if there is enough space for everything. If there is not, you will need another solution. Maybe new desks, new chairs, and new equipment. Bringing unnecessary stuff with you will only raise the cost of moving. Moving services Austin Texas will tell you how much is something going to cost. Ask for moving quotes.

    A person measuring an angle of two walls
    Measure walls and space and see if everything fits

    Budget to move your Austin office in a week

    Budget is important because you then know how much you can spend on moving. The more money you have, the more services you can use and transfer everything quickly. Again, movers are always a solution for that. If you are in a hurry, it may be wise to spend more money on moving. Your business and employees can suffer if you don’t start your business again after the relocation. Commercial movers Austin TX will say the same thing.

    Inform your employees and mover upfront

    It is wise to book movers upfront. Months earlier. If you know the date of your relocation, it can be wise to start searching for movers months earlier. If you have only one week and you need them right away, it can be difficult to hire the right one. But, we must mention that with rogue movers, you can only get a low-quality move that can end up with a big money loss. And your business can suffer a lot. Also, inform all your employees about the move. Maybe some of them can’t follow you, and you need to give them time to find a new job and time to find a new person who will work for you. Maybe he will need the training before he can start. Moving companies Austin is the right deal when it comes to office relocation.

    Consider scanning

    Movers are people who will do everything fast, but there are a lot of things that only you and the people who you work with can do. Movers don’t know what is important for you. You need to organize papers, contracts, equipment, and other stuff, so you know where is what. If there is a possibility, transfer papers on the hard disk. That means scanning documents. Not only will this make your business better, but it is also going to make moving cheaper. You won’t believe how much are paper heavy when you stack them. If you don’t have time for that, consider doing that when you arrive.

    People searching online how to move your Austin office in a week
    Hire every employee in the office to pack and organize their desk to move your Austin office in a week

    How to pack everything

    Packing is a complex procedure. It can be hard if you don’t know what you are doing. And if anything in your office gets damaged, it can slow down your business, and it can cost you. So, these are the things you need for successful packing:

    • Moving boxes – They can be made of cardboard, plastic, or wood. Cardboards are the most famous when it comes to electronics. Use the right size, don’t leave space
    • Packing foam – It is used to fill the box space, so things don’t move
    • Bubble wrap – This is good for keeping things safe from breaking. They are good for glass, tv screens, sensitive electronics
    • Packing paper – Cheap and good material for packing stuff. They are good for almost everything
    • Packing tape – You will need it to seal the boxes

    These are just some of the materials, but for the office, you won’t need anything else for packing.

    Your customers/clients

    To continue working with clients, you need to inform them on time. If you change the location and do not inform them, they will get confused and there is a big chance they will change you for somebody else. You want your business up and running in no time. It is easy to inform them. If you have a lot of clients, you can send an e-mail to everyone informing them of your relocation. Writing on your site is also a good way to inform people of your relocation. You want to keep them. These are the people or companies that bring you money.

    Man and a client shaking hands over the desk
    You want to continue working with existing clients

    To Sum Up

    To move your Austin office in a week, you need movers on your side. You also need your employees. Share your plans with them. See who is going to stay and who is not. If everybody organizes and packs his desk, it will be much easier on everybody. Measure everything. The things that don’t suit your needs anymore throw away, sell or donate. Consider updating your electronics if you can. Technology is progressing rapidly; maybe it is time to change it. Don’t bring the stuff you don’t need anymore with you. 

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