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How to Move Your Most Difficult Items

Relocating includes a lot of problems and worries. Whether you're moving your business or your home, your budget won't guarantee you a stress-free move. It also won't protect your belongings from being damaged. One of the worst parts of packing is discovering that some of your most prized possessions have been destroyed during the move. So, we here at Evolution Moving want to help you move your most difficult items. Professional movers are trained to handle heavy and fragile things with care. We use sophisticated gear like lifting straps, stair rollers, glides, and furniture dollies to insure that bulky things are moved safely. One of the most difficult aspects of relocation is removing huge things from the home.  Also, moving huge objects might be difficult owing to tight doors, stacked components of the items, and other factors.

A piano is the most difficult item to move

Pianos are enormous, heavy, and difficult to transport. Pianos also include a large number of tiny, moving elements that are easily destroyed. Many individuals choose to leave them behind since they are so difficult to move. But don't worry if you want to keep your piano! It is possible. Just keep in mind that taking on the work alone, even with plenty of strong assistants, is risky. You can damage not just your piano, which can be costly to repair, but also your entrances, hallways, and stairs, not to mention your back. Besides all of this did you know that the average piano weighs between 300 and 500 lbs.?
Piano is your most difficult item to move.
This piece of art is heavy and difficult to move, so consider the pros to do it for you.
The safest approach to transferring your piano is to hire experienced piano movers. If you need any professional packing service Austin, you should know that you can count on us. If you are a proud owner of a piano, you also know that it comes at a high cost, since the prices go from $3000 to almost $200,000!

How to move your most beloved aquarium

Moving aquariums is stressful for fish (and the owner) since they are enormous and heavy. Careful planning, on the other hand, will boost your fish's chances of surviving the relocation and prospering in their new home. Fill the fish tank with water right before you leave your previous residence, but leave a bit at the bottom. When you refill it, the bacteria colony will remain intact. Using the water from your tank, transfer your fish into tiny containers or bags and move them into your car. To avoid stress and harm from splashing around and changing temperatures, keep them as steady and safe as possible during their voyage. Securely wrap the aquarium. As you can see safely moving a fish tank isn't that easy. Fish tanks are heavy, even when nearly empty, so get some assistance or call professional movers to gently remove them outside and secure them in the moving vehicle. Set up the tank as soon as you arrive at your new house. Before placing your fish into the tank, float the bags (or containers) in the newly filled aquarium to let them adjust to the new water temperature.

Hot Tube is one of the most difficult items to move

When buying a new or used spa, there are several factors to consider, including optimal location, installation, and avoiding damage to the spa or your property. The majority of homeowners are unaware of how enormous, heavy, difficult, and delicate spas and hot tubs are to transport. It's a good idea to hire professional spa and hot tub movers to help you with this. If you want to try and DIY, we have a step-by-step guide to packing a hot tub. When it comes to moving or relocating your spa, keep in mind that most people lack the necessary equipment and knowledge to do it safely. So, we'd suggest hiring or at least rethink hiring professionals to help you with your move. It'll be much safer and faster, not to mention cheaper since most of the aquarium equipment isn't cheap.
Couple relaxing and looking at each other in a hot tub.
This is the oasis of your home. If you want it relocated in one piece, please use specialized tools or at least consider hiring professionals.

Furniture is difficult to move too

Do you ever wonder why some of the furniture in your house hasn't been moved since you moved in last time? Try lifting and moving a massive piece just for the "pleasure" of it. The actual issue with moving enormous and heavy furniture on your own is that there isn't a universal method for doing so. Unless you "read" the moving scenario correctly and decide that the best approach to move your giant furniture items is to hire furniture movers Austin to do it for you. The huge range of large and heavy furniture items, predictably, is the cause for the lack of a unifying furniture moving technique. Some of the biggest items in your house include beds, sofas, wardrobes, etc.
Man carrying a green sofa.
If you want to move furniture up and down, be careful. You could damage it and your back.

Other items that are difficult to move

So, you've hired apartment movers Austin to help you with moving and packing. You've packed most of the difficult things but there are still some, that you've probably forgotten. We've made a small list of those things so you don't have to:
  • Firearms. Crossing states with firearms is dangerous. Most states have different laws on how and where firearms must be kept while being transported. Never move with a loaded weapon.
  • Artwork. This has a more sentimental value for some people. For others, it's just an expensive piece of art. Many moving companies can create custom boxes for these atypical pieces of art.
  • Religious Items. Wrapping religious items in a bubble wrap is one of the ways to do this. You mustn't damage these sacred objects, since this can bring bad luck to the family.
There may be several additional home items that you find difficult to move. It's also tough to move a bike, car, other large and bulky objects, built-in items, and pets. Hiring professional and dependable packers and movers is the ideal answer if you want to make your life easy during your relocation.


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