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How to pack and move a pool table

Have you ever consider how hard it is to relocate a pool table? Has it ever occurred to you it requires planning and several phases of execution? You can’ do that in a blink of the eye, can you? You need to disassemble it, which is not a piece of cake. Some of its parts are rather heavy. Even when you manage to do that, you need to think about suitable moving containers. The parts might be too heavy for plain cardboard boxes. If this is not the issue, the moving box size may be. Similarly, you need to know a thing or two about properly packing it. It means you should get suitable packing equipment. Lastly, what you’re going to need is a tool. Do you have a professional toolbox by any chance? How to pack and move a pool table should be taken care of by moving professionals.
pool table
How to pack and move a pool table easily?

Disassemble it before you even think of relocating it

You can’t just lift a pool table and load it on a long distance movers San Antonio’s moving truck. It’s too heavy and extremely bulky. For this reason, you need to disassemble it first. How can you do that? Well, coming up with a viable plan would help. If possible, get your hands on a manual explaining a pool table structure. You should follow the instructions to the tee. So, how are you going to disassemble it? Any thoughts? No? Here’s what you do: remove a pool table’s legs from its base. Wrap them in suitable packing paper prior to storing them in a moving box. Needless to say, it has to be of an appropriate size. Moreover, make sure to fill the space between them with packing foam. This keeps a pool table’s leg scratch-free. They won’t suffer any harm in case of a collision. Better safe than sorry, right?

Get down to the rails’ removal

Packing and moving a pool table is anything but easy. You need to be well equipped to carry it out flawlessly. It’s a time-consuming process. Not to mention you really need to have a lot of patience to get it done. As doing it fast is off the table, take five to get it over with. The second step is to detach a pool table rails. What you need is a proper tool. Namely, you’re going to need
  • a socket wrench
  • spare screws (just in case)
  • glue
  • staples
Unscrewing pocket screws is what you need to do next. It means you need to remove the screws that are placed under the rails. Once you do that, separate the rails from the base. Tackle the slate bed next. Lastly, make sure to disassemble a pool table’s frame properly. How hard can it be?

Pack it adequately

Having dismantled a pool table, you ought to pack it in an adequate way. You’re ill-advised to put everything in a single box. It can either rupture or the items are going to get damaged. This is exactly what you should avoid when moving. Packing your belongings properly is a cornerstone of relocation done well. The same goes for a pool table’s elements. This is why you should ask around about professional packing services. First things first. When you take care of packing its legs, pack the rest. Chose the moving boxes or plastic containers of suitable size. Protect the elements with a packing paper that are not too rough. You can use a liquid that serves as wooden furniture protection. Apply some of it on the wooden parts prior to storing them. It will preserve the quality of the wood. Next, put them in a box while making sure they are safely cushioned within.
packing leftovers
To pack and move a pool table opt for appropriate packing materials

 Don’t forget to remove the felt as well

Having done everything else, you need to take care of a pool table base. The very first step is to remove the green felt. This might be tricky because the cloth can be glued to the surface. If the glue is strong, it’ll make the removal more difficult. You risk damaging a pool table frame. You shouldn’t use any sharp tools whatsoever. It means you literally need to manually peel it off completely. Your movements have to be delicate and slow. In addition to this, you ought to be very careful so as to avoid tearing it unintentionally. By the same token, do your best not to create any creases, wrinkles, bulges or ugly lines on its surface. It would be best to ask someone to give you a helping hand. An extra pair of hands will do the trick.

Hire moving specialists

If packing and moving a pool table causes a lot of moving stress, hire moving professionals. They are experienced in this kind of job. Odds are a top-notch moving company will do this on your behalf in no time. More often than not they provide you with suitable moving and packing equipment. Moving truck and storage is typically up to them provided you’ve reached an agreement. More importantly, they are familiar with certain heavy load lifting. As a consequence, you’re off the hook when it comes to physical effort. Correspondingly, you’re not in danger of moving injuries. Remaining safe and sound while relocating is a must. Should you opt for a DIY move, bear in mind your body isn’t used to carrying that much weight. Because of that, your muscles won’t be able to handle the pressure. Therefore, dive in as many moving quotes San Antonio as possible.
To pack and move a pool table properly, reach to trustworthy moving specialists


There’s more to how to pack and move a pool table than meets the eye. You need to come up with a viable plan, to begin with. Then, you need to provide adequate packing materials. Moreover, a pool table disassembling is tricky. If you can afford it, you should, by all means, hire a reputable moving company. They will relocate your pool table in no time.


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