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How to Pack and Move Jewelry

You have probably been in a similar situation before. You've moved furniture, you've moves your pets... but have you ever encountered the mess that is moving your jewelry? Probably not. In the midst of the hell of a process moving is, it's easy to forget moving these delicate items as well. Nonetheless, be it $10 or $10,000 worth, the least thing you want is to lose track  of it while moving. So get ready to learn how to pack and move jewelry because that's exactly what we're going to show you.  You can always resort to the help of a professionals that is movers Kyle TX after all.

Here is how you can pack and move jewelry

  • First thing you'd want to do is keep your jewelry with you, not in moving boxes with other stuff. Another thing you should do if you're moving locally is keep your valuables in safety deposit box in a bank
  • Avoid putting your jewelry in the storage because it tends to end up stolen or get mixed up with other belongings
  • Avoid carrying jewelry while doing heavy lifting in order to to prevent scratching it
  • It's always preferable to keep your valuables in separate compartments, so you should avoid it getting tangled and scratched
  • Take pictures of all your items and make a detailed list of it. It's a plus if you can include serial number of each item on the list
  • Consider re-evaluating your jewelry in order to determine their value and possible replacement costs. Follow that with adjusting your insurance coverage accordingly. Next, keep one set of the receipts with you and another in safety deposit box
  • The next best thing is to make sure the jewelry is properly insured. Be it your rental or homeowner's policy, jewelry is in most cases only insured up to about $1,ooo. These policies also do not cover the most common case of jewelry loss - mysterious disappearance. Best thing you should do in that case is get a quote for proper insurance
Now that we've covered bits and bolts of packing and keeping your valuables safe, let's delve into learning how to pack and move jewelry by the group:
A pair of people ready to pack and move jewelry
If you follow our instructions you can easily learn how to pack and move jewelry.


Whether you're moving yourself or using professional help by moving companies in Texas, there's plethora of ways for items to get stolen or misplaced. The best way to prevent any heirloom from disappearing during the move is keeping it by your side at all times, i.e. hand-carry them in a jewelry roll.

Bracelets & Necklaces

The main goal with bracelets and necklaces is to prevent tangling. The solution for that is Ziploc bags. It is recommended to put each necklaces or a bracelet in a separate bag of its size, then place the little bags together in a larger one.
A bracelet
With great effort, packing and moving jewelry becomes easy


Just like bracelets and necklaces, the main concern with earrings is to keep them together while preventing tangling. The best way to do that is by using a sheet of foam. You do that by piercing each earring through, thus securing it either with the back of an earring or a small piece of tape. Also, before you place the foam sheet in the box, you should wrap it in the sheets of packing paper. You can also use pill organizer or similar items for storing such delicate items as your earrings.


Rings, also known as the easiest items to pack. A pill organizer or a sunglasses case should do the job. For small items such as rings, sometimes an egg carton can be repurposed. You do that by putting each ring in a separate cup, then place a lump of crumpled packing paper on the top in that way that it fills the cup. Then, using the packing tape, you secure the carton and label it to avoid it ending up misplaced in the recycling bucket. Now that we've showed you how to pack your jewelry as well as cover the specifics of moving the each group, let's learn the best ways to transport it. When moving long distances, the help of a professional moving company such as moving companies Canyon Lake TX is always welcome. So do not hesitate to consult them.

How to transport jewelry

By following these steps you'll be experiencing a smooth relocation of your jewelry in no time. Se let's get to it.

How to move and pack jewelry with the help of armored courier service

The help of services like Brinks or Malca Amit is probably the safest third-party option when it comes to moving your jewelry. All you have to do is drop your boxed valuables at the distribution center closes to you and they will insure, store and ship it for you. You can choose whether you want the package delivered to a distribution where you can pick it up or to your home.

Ship via registered mail

Another option to transport your jewelry to your new home is by shipping it via USPS registered mail. It is advisable to adhere to the following safeguards when doing so:
  1. Try to limit to less than $25.000 the value of each package
  2. Buy package insurance via USPS
  3. Request a return receipt with your shipment
  4. Time the delivery so it's not stored at new Post Office, waiting for you
USPS vehicle
USPS truck is a great solution for seamless relocation of the jewelry
You can always consult local moving company such as local Movers Texas if you're looking for other ways to transport your jewelry.

Sending jewelry to a jeweler

No matter how many shipment options there are, or how secure and reliable they are, you can always choose to send your valuables to a local jeweler who'll keep it secure until you arrive to your new address. You can relax when choosing this option because you know the jeweler will use the same protective measures for your inventory as well as their.

How to pack and move jewelry by yourself

After all, the last person to let you down should be yourself. This sentiment can prove helpful in moving the jewelry and other priceless valuables as well, especially if you're moving across the town. Knowing how to pack and move jewelry might not seem so important in today's day and age, but it surely is a necessary skill when the time comes to do so. It is advisable to wear the more important items if you only have few to move. Smaller or less important valuables you can stash in a zipped compartment inside the clothing you are wearing for transport. This way you will avoid luring attention from wearing layers of jewelry. On the other hand, if you have a large and hefty collection, it is the best to pack the jewelry properly and transport it yourself.    


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