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How to pack and move picture frames

There are a lot of moving and packing tips you can use for your relocation. In this particular article, we will focus on the issue of how to pack and move picture frames! We will try to give you a good answer to this question, so you won’t have to worry about your relocation at all! Making sure your lovely family photos and paintings are safely packed and ready for transport!

Before you pack and move picture frames – gather packing materials

An issue anyone who ever relocated encountered at least once! Lack of packing materials can become a big problem, especially when packing picture frames! This issue can be solved by gathering those materials on time! Things you need to have before you start packing are:
  • Thick blankets you can use when you pack and move picture frames! Use them as wrappings and padding
  • Boxes where you can pack mirrors, pictures, etc
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
These materials are essential for successful packing! Make sure you have them before you start packing! If by any chance you don’t have them, you can get them from your movers! As well as professional packing services they can provide you with!
Packing tape is essential when you want to pack and move picture frames

Make room for packing

You don’t have to clear a whole room just for this. Your kitchen table or some other table might give you enough room for packing. Once you cleared it, put a blanket on it. Now, depending on how many frames you need to pack, you can use one big blanket or several small ones.  What we need to mention here is that you can use any old fabric as well as the blanket. They are great as wrapping materials when you want to pack and move picture frames! As your blanket is on the table, put the frames on it. Then wrap the blanket around them, making sure there are no loose ends! Use packing tape to further secure the moving frames from moving during the relocation. This is very important if you are planning long distance relocation. A lot of things may happen during that time so you need to be extra careful with your items. Ask your movers what kind of moving services they can provide you for additional item security!

Find appropriate moving boxes  

The best way you can stay assured that your items are well protected is to find good moving boxes. When it comes to packing picture frames, then try to find mirror boxes. If by any chance you have one of your own, then you are in luck. If not, you may need to go to your local store and ask them about those boxes. They will most certainly give them for free to you if they have them. Remember, those boxes are big enough for 2, perhaps 3 frames, not more! If you overload them, they can break during the relocation, and damage your frames. It is not easy to pack picture frames for relocation, but it helps if you know some tips and tricks on packing frames!
moving box
Not every moving box is good for your picture frames

Use packing peanuts to pack and move picture frames

If you were unable to find those thin kind of mobbing boxes then this is your next best thing! Once you put your picture frames in one moving box, fill it up with packing peanuts. They will fill all the empty space in the box, making it almost impossible for the frames to get damaged! You can find those beans in your local home depot stores! Make sure you get some extra materials, just in case. You don’t know what can happen, and you may end up needing more packing supplies. It is easy to deal with excess packing materials that may have left from the packing.

Wrap every frame separately

For this part, you need to use any old fabrics you might have in your household. For example, towels, t-shirts, pillowcases, etc. They are great when you want to pack and move picture frames. Just put them in, and pack in the moving boxes. Use those old t-shirts before you throw them away. They are great wrapping materials that can additionally protect your picture frames during relocation. Once you are done with them, simply throw them away in the garbage. Or reuse them for something else!
You can wrap your picture frames with blankets
Relocation can often cause a lot of stress. Especially if you do not know how to properly protect your valuables such as these frames. But you do not have to worry about stress if you know the ways to deal with stress during relocation. If you know how to cope with this, then you will have more ideas on how to pack those frames for the move! Make sure to use duct tape, packing tape and ropes to tighten the wrapping around the frames. This may be the most important thing to do when packing. If you forget, those wraps may fall down, leaving picture frames valuable to damages! And the damage is the last thing you want to see during this process, right? Pack and move picture frames without any issues! Our blog provides you with the best guides and how to tips you will ever need! After careful research, we thought about this simple guide and put it all together for you to read! Once you read this, you will have no issues when it comes to packing picture frames! If you have anything to add up feel free to gives us your feedback on this issue! You know it can cause a lot of stress to people, so why not give a helping hand!


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