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How to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro

How to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro

Flat screens can be uncomfortable to move and break easily. Due to their fragile nature, they must be properly packed. This guide will show you how to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro in five easy steps.

Why is it so important to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro?

Newer TVs may seem like a breeze compared to older boxed versions. However, flat screens are also easily dropped, scratched or damaged during the move. That’s why it is best to take packing services New Braunfels. Professional packers know everything about packing electronics, and that includes your TV.
Flat-screen TV
And who knows how to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro better than them, right?
But, if you still want to move it yourself, ask yourself one question: Do you know how to move the TV in the safest way? This is not difficult but requires a few extra steps. Whatever you do, we advise you not to shove the electronics into the backseat of your car and call it a day! If you are moving to Texas, or simply switching to a newer model and keeping your old TV set for future use, it is important to properly pack a flat-screen TV like a pro and keep in mind a thin screen. Here are simple steps on how to pack a TV to move.

1. Unplug all cords and accessories

The first step is to disconnect and organize any external cords. On top of the power cord, you may have half a dozen other cables that you will need to keep an eye on.

Follow these steps to organize your television components:

  • Dust on the back of the TV to ensure a clean work area.
  • Disconnect each device one at a time and label the cord with adhesive tape and a marker.
  • Velcro each cord to the appropriate electronic or store in a zipper bag.

2. Wrap the TV in a blanket or other barrier

Somehow you need to protect the screen from scratches that may be caused by movers or moving supplies. Depending on what you have, there are several ways to do this.

How to secure a TV screen for the move:

  • Wrap a blanket around the screen and secure the blanket with a small rope or lace.
  • Use a plastic protective sleeve attached to the TV, or buy a plastic film designed for moving.
  • Tape on a piece of wrapping paper with masking tape.

3. Find the original packaging or suitable box to pack a flat-screen TV

Original TV packaging is as good a storage option as you will find. The packaging is made with delivery in mind, which means that special attention is paid to the protection of each part of the TV. Sections of foam create a sealed barrier between the box and the screen.
Dog in a box
Unless your pets decided that it was their box
Although we recommend retaining the original packaging, we also understand the desire to recycle old boxes to reduce clutter. If you decide to get rid of the packaging, then try to keep the protective case or other protective film attached to your TV. These sleeves are the perfect barrier between the screen and the packaging material.

If you do not have the original packaging, consider the following options:

  • Use a moving box of any size that provides at least two or three inches of additional space from all sides when the TV is inside.
  • Moving blankets or comforters from your home is suitable when you need to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro. They manage to keep the distance between the screen and the large moving box and ensure the filling without damaging the screen. Choose blankets without zippers, buttons or seams that may scratch the screen.

4. Secure the TV inside a moving truck

After you put the TV in the box, insert it into a moving truck or car in an upright position. Remember that TVs should always be kept upright and, if possible, raised. Ideally, keep a flat-screen between other items so that there is less chance of moving around. Moving the TV off the ground reduces the risk of heavy objects falling onto it.

Consider these ideas when packing your moving truck:

  • Keep the TV between two heavy, sturdy pieces of furniture, for example, between a sofa and a mattress.
  • If you cannot find a place to slide the TV between two objects, then be sure to fix it on the wall.
  • Use a bungee cord to secure the TV in place. We recommend placing one cord along the base of the unit and the other along the top of the plastic frame.
  • Do not allow any cord to come in contact with the screen, especially when these materials are taut to secure the device.
  • Be sure to keep the TV screen away from the wall.

5. Unpack the TV carefully

As soon as the TV gets to the new destination, you need to remember a few things. If the TV is set down by movers, make sure that it is in an upright position. Unpack it carefully as soon as possible to get it out of the way.

These tips will help you safely unpack a flat-screen TV:

  • Have two or more people lift the screen out of a moving box. Do not try to do it yourself if the TV is too heavy. Also, do not put the box on the ground or try to push the TV.
  • Allow the TV to warm to room temperature before plugging in and turning on the power.
  • Make sure the TV stand is large enough and strong enough to accommodate a flat-screen. If you are using a wall mount, then make sure it is drilled into studs or use appropriate anchors.
TV in a room
Nobody can imagine their life without a TV
Televisions provide us with endless entertainment and have become one of the main products in most living rooms. Make sure you keep yours in good condition, taking the time to pack a flat-screen TV like a pro and move it without causing damage. The screen is the easiest part to scratch, so keep that in mind and avoid serious DIY mistakes when moving. Good luck on the day of the move!


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