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How to Pack Mirrors for Moving

Mirror Packing 101: Ensuring a Break-Free Move Mirrors are incredibly fragile, which makes their transportation extremely daunting. If not packed properly, they’ll likely break while in transit. And if you’re superstitious, a broken mirror could mean seven years of bad luck. You don’t want to live with this thought for all these years, right? Therefore, if you’re moving, it’s essential to pack your mirrors properly. Want to know how to pack mirrors for moving? This packing guide details every step you need to take to pack your mirrors safely. However, we do recommend hiring professionals for this particular task. And for a stress-free moving experience, trust the experts. Get a quote from Evolution Moving Company now! a mirror against the white wall and next to the white cabinet

Material Checklist

You need good quality supplies to pack your mirrors safely for moving. While you might feel like the extra materials add more weight, these materials will play a significant role in ensuring your mirrors arrive in one piece. We emphasize quality packing supplies due to the fragile nature of mirrors. Avoid using cheap, low-quality supplies to pack your mirrors for moving. Here are essential supplies that you’ll need to pack your mirrors safely for moving;
  • Mirror boxes or cardboard boxes of appropriate size: Since mirror boxes are adjustable, they are the best option for packing your mirrors for moving. They are also designed to offer better mirror protection. However, if you can’t find mirror boxes, cardboard boxes can be a suitable replacement.
  • Packing tape: You’ll need the packing tape to secure the packing materials around the mirror and seal the mirror box securely.
  • Bubble wrap or packing paper: This material will help wrap and cushion the mirror. They protect the mirrors from scratches, shocks, and impacts.
  • Foam or cardboard sheets: They are placed on the surface where you’ll pack and wrap your mirrors. They offer a soft, flat base, protecting the mirror’s face and helping prevent warping or bending.
  • Corner protectors: You’ll use these materials to reinforce your mirror’s vulnerable corners. Corner protectors help prevent cracking or chipping at the edges.
  • Scissors: This will help you cut packing materials to the required lengths.
  • Moving pads/blankets: To offer extra cushioning and protection when moving multiple or framed mirrors. You can place them between mirrors to prevent friction or scratching.
  • Gloves: These will help protect your hands while preventing smudges or fingerprints on the mirror’s surface during packing.
  • Marker or printed labels: After packing your mirrors safely, you’ll need to label the mirror boxes with “Mirrors” or “Fragile” labels. This will allow the movers to carefully handle the mirrors, preventing breakages.

The Protective X

Now that you have all the supplies, the next step is to protect the mirror. Using the packing tape, tape an “X” across the mirror to protect the glass. This is what we call the protective X.   If your mirror breaks during the move, the tape will prevent the glass from shattering and shield the frame from damage.    However, some experts recommend not using packing tape to mark an X on your mirror. This is because peeling the tape off the mirror or glass will be difficult. Instead, they recommend masking tape to create the protecting X on your mirrors.

Wrapping the Mirror

It’s essential to wrap your mirrors carefully for a break-free move. There are various techniques for wrapping your mirrors. First, you want to protect the delicate mirror corners from damage using corner protectors. You can use cardboard or rubber corner protectors. However, you may not need corner protectors if your mirror is set in a frame. They are only ideal for mirrors that lack frames. Second, make a protective shield from the cardboard and tape it on your mirror. Ideally, you’ll need two cardboard pieces, one attached to the front of the mirror and the other to the back. This protective shield will help absorb impact and prevent your mirrors from bending while in transit. After protecting your mirrors, it’s time to wrap them for moving. You’ll want to use as many materials as possible to protect your mirrors from breakage. Start with a layer of packing paper, then add another layer of bubble wrap. Ensure that the mirror is covered entirely, including the corners and edges. For additional protection, wrap your mirror in a moving blanket. Ensure all the wrapping is secured with packing tape to prevent them (and the mirror) from shifting. Now, your mirror is ready for boxing. two people using protective wrapping

Boxing Up Safely

When boxing your mirrors for moving, you should focus on snug fit and padding. For instance, a snug fit within the mirror box ensures that the mirror is held securely in place to minimize the risk of mirror shifting, bumping into the box’s sides, and colliding with other objects during transit. Proper padding creates a barrier between the mirror’s surface and the box’s interior. This, in turn, eliminates scratches, smudges, or abrasions to the mirror. Moreover, padding and cushioning materials offer stability and support to the mirror, minimizing the risk of cracks and breakages. So, how do you box up your mirrors safely for moving? First, you must create a layer of padding on the bottom of your mirror box. A crumbled packing paper offers enough padding. Then, slowly and safely slide your mirror into the mirror box. Once the mirror is in the box, use scrunched-up packing paper to fill in any gaps. Remember, the box should have no empty spaces after boxing up. This means if the mirror box is shaken, you shouldn’t feel the mirror or packing items move in the box. If anything moves inside the box after packing, open it up and add more packing paper to fill the spaces. Once done, label the mirror box clearly. You can mark “Mirrors,” “Fragile,” or “Handle with care.” This will remind the movers to handle the boxes with extra special care. moving boxes

Position Your Mirrors in the Transport Vehicle

Congratulations! You’ve managed to pack your mirrors safely for moving. However, work is not done yet. You still need to ensure they arrive at your new home safely. When transporting your mirrors, you must place them in your vehicle with care to prevent damage during transit. Even while in the box, you want to ensure that the mirrors remain in an upright position. Laying your mirrors flat inside the transport van puts significant pressure on the glass during transit, increasing the risk of damage. Additionally, ensure that the mirror boxes are securely fastened to prevent shifting or falling during sudden turns, stops, or bumps in the road. The boxes should be isolated from other items in the transport vehicle to prevent accidental contact and potential damage. You don’t want to put anything heavy on top of the mirror box. Also, you want to limit the possibility of something falling on the box and shattering the mirrors. If you’re the driver, go slow and avoid sudden stops, sharp turns, and rough road conditions to minimize the risk of damage. It’s often a good idea to let a professional packing and moving company like Evolution Moving Company pack your mirror boxes in the transport vehicle and move the vehicle safely. These professionals have the skills and experience to move fragile items while giving you peace of mind.

Safe Unpacking Strategies

Up to this point, you’ve done everything right, and your mirror has arrived safely and in one piece. However, this last step can ruin things if done incorrectly. Therefore, you want to exercise even more precaution when unpacking your mirror after moving. Ideally, unpacking your mirror involves reversely repeating all the steps above. First, carry the mirror box safely from the transport vehicle to its new location. Carefully place the box on a flat surface while maintaining the upright position. Then, use a pair of scissors to open the mirror box cautiously. Gently take out the packing materials, one after the other. Then, unwrap the mirror from the bubble wrap or packing paper. Do this gently to prevent damage to the mirror. Once unwrapped, examine the mirror for visible damage. Check the glass surface for chips, cracks, or scratches. Don’t forget to inspect the edges and frames. And there it is: Your mirror is in your hands whole as it was. Now, hang it on the wall or place it in a secure location in your new space. Everything done? Not yet.  You still have to clean the mess your packing supplies and materials created. It’s important to dispose of the packing materials in an environmentally-friendly way. This could be reusing or recycling.

Want a Stress-Free Moving Experience?

Moving can be daunting and stressful, especially if fragile items like mirrors need to be transported. These items are often delicate and easy to crack, break, or shatter while in transit. Therefore, they must be packed and transported safely to prevent the risk of damage. But why go through all the struggle of getting quality supplies and packing your mirrors for moving when you can hire a professional to do it safely? A reputable moving company can help you pack, move, and unpack your mirrors and other fragile items safely, giving you peace of mind. Some have insurance to protect your valuables during the move. So, for a stress-free moving experience, trust the experts. Get a quote from Evolution Moving now!


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