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How to pack musical instruments for moving

Are you a professional musician? Or do you just enjoy playing music? In both cases, when moving, you will want to have the best transport for your instruments. Some instruments you can move easily. However, moving some types of musical instruments is not an easy job. And definitely not something you should do yourself. Whether you are moving short or long distances, hiring some of the best movers Texas to transport your instruments is a good idea. Also, you can hire them to pack musical instruments for moving. They know how to properly protect such delicate items. And, besides knowing the right packing technique, they have the best packing materials. This way, your precious instruments will be fully safe.

Packing your musical instruments in a proper way

As musical instruments are very fragile, they have to be handled with special care. They are not sensitive only to shaking or being hit. Inadequate and extreme temperatures can spoil them too. From this is already clear that putting FRAGILE on the moving box is far from enough. Moreover, each musical instrument requires a different packing approach.
Saxophone on the lies on a music notebook before you hire a moving company to pack musical instruments for moving.
You can hire a moving company to pack musical instruments for moving.
Generally, we can divide the musical instruments into a few categories, such as:
  • String Instruments
  • Keyboard instruments
  • Wind instruments
  • Percussion Instruments
So, when relocating to Texas, be sure all your instruments are packed properly.

Packing string instruments for moving

String instruments are all those that can be vibrated to produce different sounds with varying pitches. The pitch and the sound depend generally on the length of the air column and the thickness of the strings. They also have a resonating chamber that is amplifying the sounds. Some of the most known string instruments are:
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Mandolin
  • Cello
  • Harp
  • Viola
  • Banjo
  • Double bass
String instruments require extra care when packing. All strings on them must be loosened. Also, all adjustment keys must be parallel to the headstock. After that, whap the instrument into the bubble wrap and tape. An instrument wrapped like this; you can place it in the case box. To prevent it from moving, fill all the empty spaces with the packing peanuts. In case you don’t have the case box, use very hard cardboard. Thus, the box must be also well wrapped from the outside. So fixed and wrapped, your string instrument will reach your new home safely.

The best ways to pack your keyboard instruments for moving

The keyboard musical instruments, by definition, are those played by pressing the row of levers or buttons by fingers. What makes this group interesting is that the keyboard enables a performer to play many notes at once. This is a large group of instruments, and the most known are:
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Accordion
  • Various electronic keyboards (that include synthesizers and digital pianos too)
Nowadays, most of the moving companies are having in their offer piano moving and moving of the and other keyboard instruments. So, they train their staff for performing this task. For safe moving of piano and other keyboard instruments, preparation is essential. It consists of few steps:
  • All movable parts must be removed
  • The keyboard cover must be locked down (or sealed with tape if there is no key)
  • Some extra wrapping must be put around instrument legs and pedals
  • As such instruments are best packed by professionals, they will come with their own supplies (you can add some old blankets or soft materials for additional cover and protection)
Once mounted into the moving truck, such instruments must be fixed. Otherwise, sudden breaking and turns can cause them to move and get damaged.
A woman is playing piano on the stage.
With the piano, the keyboard enables a performer to play many notes at once.

Packing the wind instruments for safe moving

As the name implies, the wind instruments use air as a medium to produce different sounds. Or shortly to say, the wind instruments work on the principles of sound waves, resonance, and harmonics. This group of the instrument is usually referred to as - woodwind instruments and brass. Some of the most known wind instruments are:
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • French Horn
  • Bassoon
  • Trombone
Before packing, the woodwind instruments should be disassembled. Packing them in the hard case would be ideal. However, if you don’t have such one, use the proper size moving box. Such a box should have enough place, so a few inches of protection could be added between the instrument and the box. Practically anything can be used for this purpose, from packing peanuts to pillows and towels. As we can already see, packing of the musical instruments is very demanding. And it demands knowledge of the techniques. That is why long-distance movers Texas are especially training their staff for such tasks.
Drum set ready for packing.
Basically, the percussion Instruments are various types of drums.

Way to pack the percussion Instruments for moving

Instruments in which sound is produced by beating or scraping are generally known as percussion Instruments. To produce a sound, the musician is using a hand, beater, or some similar tools. Some of the percussion instruments are:
  • Bass drum
  • Timpani drum
  • Triangle
  • Tambourine
  • Cymbals
Basically, apart from triangles and cymbals, the percussion Instruments are various types of drums. The usual packing technique for drums implies that the drum is first disassembled into parts. The important thing is that all shells, hoops, drums heads, and hardware will be protected from any damage. The box for drums packing is usually 2-4 inches larger than the larges drum part. This is leaving the possibility to add an additional layer of protection between the box and drum parts. Also, each drum part has to be wrapped individually. That you can put them one into another. Don’t forget to put all the small parts of the drums into a plastic bag. Put this bag into a moving box, with the appropriate drum. Putting the wrap around the drum’s legs and spurs will further protect them. Before sealing the moving box put additional moving peanuts and fill up the empty space.

Taking care of your musical instruments when moving

If you want your musical instruments to produce nice music, you have to take good care of them. Besides tuning your musical instruments, you also have to keep them clean. So, when moving, always consider musical instruments care. Also, be careful when you reach your new destination. As you saw hot to pack musical instruments for moving, you have to know how to unpack them too. The moving company did a great job and safely transported your musical instruments. Don’t spoil their effort by rushing. Before using your instruments, give them at least 24 hours to acclimate. Like people, they have to use to new environment temperature. Then you can play. Well, preserved instruments will give you proper sound, and great pleasure.


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