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How to pack wooden furniture

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing how solid wood furniture is damaged during a move. We appreciate our solid wood relics for their beauty and the generation of stories they bring with them. Therefore, the best thing we can do is to hire movers with reliable packing services Texas. But, if you still want to do it yourself, we have a solution. Here are some tips on how to pack wooden furniture when moving to ensure safe arrival at a new home.
Paper checklist
You can use this checklist as a guide to inventor, mark, protect, and pack wooden furniture so that it is ready for the future

Take inventory before you pack wooden furniture

  1. Make a list of the wooden furniture that you are going to move so that you can plan it appropriately and give enough time for its disassembly and preparation.
  2. Take measurements of doorways, hallways, elevators, stairs and any place through which your furniture must pass.

Prepare the necessary tools and equipment

  1. Assemble the tools needed to remove the legs, table tops, doors, and bed frames.
  2. Prepare envelopes and plastic sandwich bags (or larger ones, if necessary) along with a permanent marker for collecting and marking any nuts, bolts, washers, and furniture that you are removing.
  3. Collect items for protection, such as fabrics, bedding, pads, and furniture blankets.
  4. Get moving boxes Texas to pack wooden furniture.
  5. Collect items for fixing, such as twine and packing tape.
  6. Get a furniture trolley with a strap for larger and heavier items.

Disassemble and label

  1. Remove all knobs, rollers, tips, and small pieces that may come off - put them in an envelope and label it. Be sure not to stick anything to the furniture to protect the finish.
  2. Take off the legs if possible.
  3. Remove shelves. Wrap them in a gasket and label them.
  4. Spread the bed frames. Keep all nuts, bolts, and washers in plastic bags marked with the piece of furniture to which they belong, as well as the tools necessary for assembly.
Dining table
Removing the legs from the dining table and wrapping them separately provides additional protection for all parts of the table

Secure it

  1. Tie together any drawers or cabinets closed with a string, and place the padding between the string and the wood. Never close doors or drawers.
  2. Remove pillows and place them in clear plastic bags, making sure that there are no holes in them. Do not clean the upholstery before moving, do it after.

Wrap and protect it

All solid wood furniture must be wrapped long before the move. It is recommended to hire a professional moving company TX that regularly deals with antiques and solid wood furniture. Also, think about insuring your antiques.

Three recommended levels of protection:

  1. Protection of the surface that protects it from moisture, dust, and dirt.
Look for protection that allows the wood to breathe. Fabrics, bedding and moving blankets are good choices. Avoid bubble wrap or plastic coatings that can damage the surface of the wood.
  1. Impact protection that absorbs any shock, vibration, or impact.
You should use furniture pads and foam padding to cover every inch of solid wood furniture for this layer. Be sure to protect the corners and handles. Wrap your furniture several times if you need to.
  1. Exterior protection, which includes a hard casing or additional gasket, if possible.

Getting it on a moving truck

Wooden table
Even your tables are sensitive to temperature changes
  1. Have a few helping hands to assist you. Solid wood furniture should never be dragged along the floor. You should lift the objects and carry them to avoid damage to the furniture and the floor. As well as to prevent loosening or breaking of legs.
  2. First, load heavy furniture onto a moving truck and try to evenly distribute it in the truck.
  3. Tie large items on the truck with a string so that they do not slide or fall.
  4. Do not place items (such as packed boxes) on top of furniture in a truck, as this may cause scratches or pressure that could damage wooden surfaces.
  5. The climate controller best protects the wood during long moves and protects against the expansion or contraction of the wood.
  6. Considering having a third party to watch the move is a good idea. Wooden furniture transported on carts, transported through doorways or placed next to other furniture is at risk of dents and scratches.
  7. Make sure your new home is ready for your solid wood furniture with temperature and humidity adjusted to the new furniture. This way your furniture can adapt quickly.

Storage of your furniture from wood

If you need to put your furniture in storage in Texas before moving to a new home, remember the following:
  • To protect wooden furniture from drying out and, possibly, cracking, pre-treat solid wood furniture with polish for extra moisture before storing.
  • Climate control is important. Changes in temperature can cause wood to expand or contract, affecting the appearance and strength of the product. Use controlled temperature for storing wooden furniture. Keep relative humidity between 35 and 45 percent.
  • When storing in the basement or in the attic, purchase a humidifier, dryer or air humidifier.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space. Furniture that is packed together may be scratched.
  • Try not to fold or stack boxes or other furniture over large items.
  • Remove the legs and drawers to better protect each part.
  • Use a protective coating to prevent scratches or damage, but avoid plastic, which can cause condensation and bloat of wood. Use fabrics, furniture pads and moving blankets to protect the wood from light, moisture, and dust.
  • Be careful when storing furniture on the storage floor. Raising it on boards or blocks provides additional protection in the event of flooding.
If you pack wooden furniture using these tips, it will help ensure its durability and beauty. And the last thing you need after your long distance move in Texas is to see your wooden furniture damaged. Follow these tips, and you will avoid the stress.


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