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How to pack your artwork for shipping

Although moving companies offer help, you can pack your artwork for shipping as a professional alone. There are many reasons for this decision. You will be able to control your costs and losses. You will also be able to supervise eventual troubles or problems with packing. A moving company Kyle TX, on the other hand, could provide you a guide on how to efficiently pack your artwork for shipping. The first you should define is the size of your artwork. There are several dimensions that moving companies take in mind.
  • If it is larger than 48 inches you must pack your artwork for shipping in a special wood crate that will protect it;
  • Moving companies and auction houses define paintings smaller than 48x48 inches as small item;
  • Logically, paintings larger than 48x48 inches they consider as large items;
  • They can also pack paintings that have frames - they could be very expensive if they are made of expensive materials;
  • Finally, auction houses recognize rolled canvas paintings package, which you also must pack properly for moving.
Whatever of these artworks are your problem now, do not forget that moving companies have additional fees for every of these. So, in some cases, you may consider using a wood crate instead of rolled canvas, for example. New Braunfels moving company will surely help you with this.
Color in painting can save if you pack your artwork for shipping
Pack your painting so you can save it when moving

Equipment that you will need to pack your artwork for shipping

Although many of problems with packing artwork are connected with the size of them, you should protect them adequately. There are also tools that you should use to protect yourself, too. Usually, the tool for this job is the same as in every other moving. However, there are few things that you should have to pack your artwork for shipping.

Glassine paper

The first thing you should have is a glassine paper. It is a special acid-free paper that professionals use to pack artwork. It protects the paint and does not damage it. The best thing that you can buy a roll and then cut the size you need.

Prepare common packing material

Although the packing of artwork is a special task, you should have common packing material, too. It includes a plastic bag, bubble wrap, styrofoam, and packing tape. All of these people usually use for moving, so you can find it in every store. It will protect the artworks as any other things when moving.

Heavy mailing tube

If you need to move the rolled canvas, you should protect it, too. People who work in professional stores say that you should use a heavy mailing tube for it. It will keep the roll in shape and not damage the paint.

Use cardboard corners

Whatever the way for packing artwork for shipping you have chosen, you should have cardboard corners. They keep the paint in shape, preventing rolls on the edges. If painting is framed, it will protect the frame from damages and glass, too.


Thankfully, packing services New Braunfels have a lot of different packages that you can use to pack your artwork. However, it is not the same type of card box that you maybe know for. It must be much stronger and larger, so artwork inside is safe.

Packing of your artwork for shipping

Even the packing of artwork demands special preparation and knowledge. In these situations, you should know how to pack your artwork for shipping properly. Not only that you will need to protect the artwork, but also workers and vehicle. Do not forget that artwork is usually large and in some cases could damage items around.

Put gloves

Whatever the way to pack your artwork for shipping is, you should protect yourself, too. Also, gloves will protect your artwork from you. Do not forget that your hands will sweat, get dirty, and maybe harm (with spots of blood on it). Gloves will keep your hands away from expensive artwork.

Pack your artwork for shipping completely clean and dry

That is especially important for paintings. You may want to pack the paint that the painter just finished. It is not a good idea. Firstly wait for the paint to get dry completely, and then pack. Sometimes it will need days or weeks for that, depending on the paint. Professionals or even the painter will provide you advice on how long to wait.
Paints and brushes
Do not pack painting immediately after painting

What not to do when packing your artwork for shipping

There are things that you should never do when packing artwork for shipping. In some cases, you can damage it or make even worse troubles. Also, people who will take it must protect themselves, too. The best way is to ask professionals for help, so you can be sure that everything is adequately protected.

Put bubble wrap opposite from the artwork

Bubble wrap is a perfect packing material for paintings and sensitive artworks. It protects them from damages. However, it has a bad side. Bubbles leave marks, literally in shape of the bubbles. So, be careful with it when packing your artwork for shipping. Always turn the opposite side and wrap gently.

Put glassine paper between paintings

If you pack a lot of paintings one to another, you should protect them, too. One painting could damage the other one. The best way is to put a glassine paper between. That is especially important if you pack paintings in a wood crate.
Apple and grapes on painting
Protect colors on the paint with paper before wrapping in plastic

Do not put plastic directly on the glass

If you pack framed paintings, you should know that you can easily damage the glass. That is why professionals advice to protect it, too. The most common damage is with plastic. It leaves marks or even scratches after long traveling. On the other hand, you must wrap it in plastic to protect it. The best way to pack your artwork for shipping is to put a paper below the plastic. You can also use foam or flies for that.

Use a large board for paintings

If you need to pack your artwork for shipping and it is large, you should protect it from damage. Use a large foam board for that. If it is framed, secure glass with tape, too.


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