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How to pack your bathroom with ease

Although it seems that you can pack your bathroom with ease, it is way far from an easy job. Most people consider a few bottles of cosmetics and bath sponges when thinking about bathroom supplies. However, there are much more items that you should pack.
  • Most of the things that you have in the bathroom are fragile - bottles, mirrors, cosmetics - so even the best movers in New Braunfels take extra care to pack your bathroom with ease;
  • Since you have so many liquids, there is high spill risk when packing the bathroom;
  • You may also have hazardous liquids like acid, chemical, washing preparations and they can damage or make troubles while moving;
  • It is hard to choose what to bring with you - the first clue is that you can throw away everything and buy a new one, but that seriously affects your budget;
  • Do not forget that the bathroom is a room that every person in the house use the whole day, and you cannot pack most of the items before moving easily.
Bearing all of these in mind, you can say that packing of the bathroom represents serious trouble. However, you should not leave this job for the end of packing. Also, you should pack an emergency bag, so leave the most important items for the end of the packing process. So, start with planning and making a list of items that you will need immediately after moving.
A bathroom with bottles and towels
There are so many small and fragile things in every bathroom

Preparing to pack your bathroom with ease

As in every other circumstance, you should start every large job with planning. When packing of the bathroom is about, do not forget that you should put on the list everything that you have and need from there. Make sure that you have organized lists separately by a member of the family and frequency of use. Finally, get rid off the things that you will not need anymore.

Make a plan and precise list of items

Every packing starts with making a list. If you want to pack your bathroom with ease, do not skip this step, though. Although it seems a long and tedious job, it is essential for your relocation. Before any other job, sort items by usage, importance, and hazardous and spilling potential. Be sure that you have put on the list items that you will pack in an emergency bag. Choose different sizes of moving boxes New Braunfels services and find the best protective material available.


Most people will decide to get rid off the cosmetics when moving. Not only that this makes packing faster, but you will save much more time for packing. However, do not simply throw away your cosmetics. You can donate them to the companies that have specialized beauty products donating.

How to pack your bathroom with ease

Every bathroom has supplies that you can put in the same box with items from the rooms. It presumes electric devices or decoration. However, the most difficult for packing in the bathroom is actually packing of the liquids. You must be extremely careful and undoubtedly highly responsible. If you have hazardous liquids in your bathroom, you should get rid off them, but in accordance with the legislation.
A bathroom
Packing of the bathroom supplies could take much longer than we hoped

Emergency bag

This bag is crucial if you have planned to move recently. It is imperative to put in it everything that you need for the first days after moving. That presumes cosmetics, toothbrushes, and shampoo. You should put medications and first aid kit, too.

Each member of the house should have its bag

If you want to pack your bathroom with ease, you should involve the whole family in it. That is especially important when packing a bathroom. The best is when every member of the family has its bag and pack what they want. Put their bags (or boxes) on the floor of the bathroom, along with the trash bag. They will choose what to keep and what to get rid off.

Be smart when packing towels

When we say smart, we mean to use them for protection. They can protect the bottom of the boxes from spilled liquid, too. On that way, they will not take much space, and you will have additional protection for the road.
Packed towels
Use towels to protect items in the boxes

Electric devices

Most devices in the bathroom are small, so you should not have a lot of troubles with them. Make sure that you have protected them, though. The best for packing is if you have an original box or at least the closest model of it. Pay attention to cables and plugs, too.

Prescribed medications

It would be a shame to get rid off the medicine, especially if your doctor has prescribed it. If you have a severe chronical disease, it would be even dangerous. The most important is to have prescriptions with you just in case something happens to them. On the other hand, make sure that you have packed them properly and labeled. Maybe it is best if you can gather all medications in one box and put somewhere where you can watch it.

Protection of the items from the bathroom

When packing your bathroom, you should be double responsible and careful. You should protect those items from spilling off and damaging. On the other hand, you can hurt yourself if some of those things cracks. So, after packing double protect the boxes. Proper labeling is also very important, as well as packing in accordance with the importance of the items.

Pack liquids in a plastic bag

Maybe it is the best advice if you want to pack your bathroom with ease to use a plastic bag for liquids. You may already consider it. However, you can use plastic much more creative. Remove the cap and put plastic to cover the bottleneck. Then put back the lid and close tightly. Plastic will protect the bottle from spilling off, and make a vacuum for protecting from damaging.

Label boxes properly

After all above, you finally packed your boxes. However, make sure that workers in moving company know what is in boxes. Labeling is very important in moving. Make sure that you have written if there are fragile items, too. Although it seems that you will not pack your bathroom with ease, it will save money and time later.


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