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How to properly pack different piano parts

Do you have a piano in your home? Then, this must be one of your most valued pieces of household items in your home. Playing the piano is probably one of the ways you relax after a long day of work. However, when you need to move, you also need to relocate your large and heavy piano as well. In order to play your piano at your new house again, you need to properly pack different piano parts. You can always find the best moving company Texas to do it for you or you can try to do it yourself. If this is the case, then here are all the best tips and tricks for packing your piano for moving. 

Properly pack different piano parts by prepare first

Before packing your piano, you need to properly prepare yourself and your household. This would include the following. 
  • Get help – you can ask your friends and family members to help you with packing. This is extremely important since your piano is usually very large and heavy. In order to avoid unnecessary injuries, you need to ask your friends and family to help you. 
  • Professional help – make sure to search for moving quotes New Braunfels to see which ones are the most affordable and best for your situation. If your friends and family cannot help you, then you should get professional assistance. 
  • Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways – to prevent scratches, dents, property damage, injuries, and so on. For this reason, one or two days before you start packing your piano, go around your house come up plan the best route to get the piano to the moving truck, and measure everything. 
pack different piano parts of a small piano
You need to get the necessary packing supplies for the piano parts

Preparation for the packing and moving  

Before you start packing, you need to prepare everything properly. The first thing would be to find all the necessary packing and moving supplies. Since most of the pianos are quite large and heavy, you will need moving blankets for protection. This is the prevent any scratches and damages to your piano. Then, you will need to get up a dolly so you can easily transport your piano to the moving truck. In addition to this, you will need multiple rolls of moving tape to secure everything in place. You can also get a couple of moving boxes for smaller parts of your piano. Do not forget about bubble wrapping as well since you need to protect smaller parts from any damages. Lastly, you will need the appropriate size piano board and a couple of straps and screwdrivers.  

Pack different piano parts of an upright piano  

When you are moving to Fort Worth, it is time to pack your upright piano. First of all, you need to protect the piano keys and piano pedals with a piano board. Make sure to properly measure your piano so you will know which piano board you need to use to protect your pedals and keys. You should also use a moving blanket for this purpose. Make sure to tape the moving blanket securely around a piano in order to prevent any type of damage. Once you secure everything, it is time to place your piano onto a dolly. Again, it is extremely necessary to have is to you have help in order to prevent any type of injury. Two people should push the dolly while one person is making sure that the path is clear from many obstacles.
piano keys
Properly protect and pack piano parts

What about your grand piano?

On the other hand, when you are moving a grand piano, you need to disassemble the piano pedals and legs. Once you take out all the removable parts, be careful when handling them. Make sure to properly secure them with the bubble wrapping and place them in cardboard boxes. Then, the rest of your piano should be covered again with moving blankets. Secure all the blankets with tape so they will not move during the transport. You can also secure the entire piano to the piano board in order to prevent any type of damage. If this seems too much, you can always look for professional packing services. As for moving your grand piano to the moving truck, the process is the same as with your upright piano. Again, you will need assistance when handling this type of piano. 

Hire a moving company to pack different piano parts

If packing your piano seems too difficult, you can always hire a moving company. Make sure to find movers that specialize in moving pianos. This is important as they need to have all the necessary moving equipment mentioned above. Since the piano is usually one of the most valued pieces of the household, you need to make sure it will reach your new address in one piece. You need to find movers that will know how to properly disassemble all the types of pianos and packed them in a way that will prevent damages during transit. In addition to this, since a piano is extremely heavy, movers will arrive with a moving truck that has a lift gate. This will ensure the safety of your piano during the loading and unloading. However, keep in mind that piano movers are more expensive due to the complexity of the job.
music sheets on the piano
Movers will know how to properly handle your piano

After relocation 

As you can see, it is not complicated to pack your piano for relocation. You need to remove all the parts and pack them separately. Use moving blankets for your large piano and make sure to secure it with moving straps. However, if you would like to skip this part, you can hire movers. See if it is better to pay more for professional piano moving services or to do it by yourself. When you properly pack different piano parts, you will have no problems putting them back together after the relocation. It is recommended to re-tune your piano and also clean it with a wet washcloth. 


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