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How to protect breakables and artwork during SA relocation

Moving to San Antonio is always a good choice. Whether you are moving for living or business. San Antonio is a metropolis of 1.5 million people with a rich history. It is a very unique area to live in, as Texan and Mexican cultures are highly blended. The fusion of two cultures made San Antonio ideal for the development of the art scene. There is always some new gallery or artistic event in the city. No wonder a lot of art collectors are moving here and local movers San Antonio have a lot of work. With this city's welcoming atmosphere and the professionalism of the movers, you can be sure they will protect breakables and artwork during SA relocation.

Make a list of all breakables and the artwork you need to move

Moving is never easy, especially if you are moving delicate things. There are really a lot of things to think about. That is the reason why you must start with the basics. The first thing would be to make a list of all breakable items and artworks. Wheater you are moving personal belongings, or you are moving the whole gallery. This will make your move more organized and less stressful.  When you have this list, every next step of the move will be easier to organize. And most importantly, this will help you to protect your breakables and artwork during SA relocation. If you are coming from another state, you have one more thing to think about. Make sure to first check for reliable long distance movers San Antonio that will help you move.
San Antonio at night
San Antonia is considered one of the most desirable cities to move to.

Choose the right moving company to protect breakables and artwork during SA relocation

It is essential to choose the right way of transportation when relocating your priceless artwork. As you have already made a list of things, it will be easier to find the company that will meet your needs. This will make negotiation and planning the move easier for you and for the movers. For example, if you are in possession of a piano, you want to make sure to check piano movers San Antonio TX.  If you have a lot of bulky, expensive, and delicate products, reconsider your options. Maybe you should leave their packing and move to the experts. They have the materials, expertise, and equipment needed to pack them in the right way. Also, don't forget to insure your valuable items before moving.
Piano is piece of breakable artwork
It is really important to relocate your piano safely.

Reconsider the following things when packing breakables and artwork

You always have the option to pack your belonging yourself or to take the help of a moving company. With packing services San Antonio all your belonging will be packed securely and professionally. Finding a trustworthy moving company will make the process easier and less stressful. Anyhow, you must make sure to prepare the right material for wrapping and packing your things. Based on the size and nature of the item, you should choose the kind of packing supplies you need. Make sure you have enough newspaper, tape, cardboard sheets, or tissue paper. Get packing materials like protective, non-acidic paper and liner. Also, we would recommend using special boxes for artwork with glass frames.

Packing of unframed and framed pictures and sculptures

If you are packing an unframed picture, do not put your hands or fingers on the artwork. Place the cardboard underneath the piece of art, and then use newspaper or tissue paper to hide the face of the painting. Use two sheets of cardboard on each side of the painting. When you finish wrapping the unframed picture, place it between two hardwoods. Framed pictures can be heavier. Most movers can provide strong boxes, like mirror pack boxes, which you should use. Before entirely covering the frame in bubble wrap, make sure to protect the corners. Place the painting into the box and fill the box with enough packing peanuts. For packing and transporting valuable sculptures, bubble wrap and packing peanuts are essential. Don't spare spending extra on these materials. They are the most important and will help protect breakables and artwork during SA relocation.
Wrapping and protecting breakables and artwork during SA relocation with bubble wrap
Using bubble wrap is essential for packing and protecting breakables and artwork during SA relocation

Good packing is essential in order to protect breakables and artwork during SA relocation

Once you started the packing process, make sure to do it right. Vases, figurines, and other items with unusual shapes should be packed separately. That is the golden rule in packing this type of thing. You must pack them individually. No matter their size and shape. First, make sure to cover them in bubble wrap. Or you can use another soft material. Use enough tape to secure each one of them. After you covered them properly, take the box you will put them in. And fill the box with peanuts or crumpled paper. This will prevent it from moving inside. Don't leave empty spaces between items as this can cause shifting during the move. You don't want them to be damaged during the move. When moving valuables alone, use extra protection. You can use towels, sheets, and soft garments for that.

Now you have almost all the important information about the move

These are all necessary preparations in order to protect breakables and artwork during SA relocation. As you can see, packing for this type of moving is not simple. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. It is really important to plan ahead and prepare. You want to prepare yourself and your art in the right way before the move. We know that moving is never easy. But if you make good preparations in advance, everything will be much easier. Make sure to follow the recommendations with packing. This way your art will be safe. Hopefully, our ways will help you with this tense process. And we already know that moving to San Antonio will be worth it. Now you just need to start with preparation!


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