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How to recognize fraudulent movers

Whether you are planning a local or a long-distance relocation, you should know how to spot and recognize fraudulent movers. If you don’t have much experience with hiring a good moving company, keep reading. The following guide might help you distinguish the signs of a good and bad moving company before making your final decision.

What to look for in a good moving company?

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A good moving company will take away a lot of your moving troubles and save you valuable time.
With so many moving companies near our homes, it’s not always easy to distinguish good from bad ones. If you are looking for reliable moving companies, you should know how to recognize fraudulent movers. Unlike moving frauds, trustworthy movers have some qualities you can recognize easily. Take a look at the most important factors you should pay attention to:
  • Reliable movers should have a license. If you can’t find any reliable information about a certain moving company, don’t hire them. There are easy ways to check if the company has a license, like checking the websites like BBB.
  • Your movers should have the experience to handle your relocation. If you are moving specialty items or expensive furniture pieces, you should be able to leave your inventory in safe hands.
  • Your moving day should be something to talk about in detail. In order to recognize fraudulent movers, you should see how they communicate. Your moving company should listen to all the details regarding your relocation.
  • Compare the moving quote and the overall moving costs. These days, it’s easy to calculate your moving costs online. After you find out the approximate price of your move, don’t let the moving company offer you an unrealistic moving quote.
  • Make sure your movers have the right equipment. Packing materials and other moving supplies should be a part of a reliable moving service.
If you are looking for a trustworthy moving company in Texas, consider hiring relocation experts from Evolution Moving Company San Antonio. A good moving company will take away a lot of your moving troubles and save you valuable time.

How to recognize fraudulent movers?

signing the contract
Before signing the contract with a moving company, make sure to double-check all the items.
No matter how far you plan to move, you will need to recognize fraudulent movers on time. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to be a part of the moving scam. If you are not sure how to recognize fraudulent movers, here are some useful hints:
  • Fraudulent movers will hide information from you. Before signing the contract with a moving company, make sure to double-check all the items. Fraudulent movers often hide some additional fees and costs before the moving process is over.
  • Unreliable moving companies don’t keep their promises. If you agreed upon a certain type of moving service, your movers should honor the deal.
  • Bad reviews and poor online presence are not a good sign. Good words can come a long way, but the bad ones – even further. Make sure to check all the available information about your movers before hiring them.
  • Fraudulent movers only care about taking money from you. If you have the feeling that a moving company’s representative only speaks about additional moving costs, be careful. Reliable movers should care about your time, your moving budget and the nature of your move.
No matter the distance of your move, you should make sure to recognize fraudulent movers. Of course, if you are moving locally, it will be way easier to recognize a moving scam on time. However, if you are looking for long distance movers Texas, don’t rush with signing a contract before checking all the information twice.

When is the best time to book a moving company?

Not everyone can choose the time of their move. However, if you are among the lucky ones, you should pick the time of the move offseason. By knowing the best time to book a moving company, you will also know how to save your money during the moving process. During summer, most moving companies have a lot of work, so the moving quotes are significantly higher. This is why you should try to recognize fraudulent movers and book a good moving company in between November and March. In case you don’t have this option, you can always try to organize a move during weekdays. Most people who have a full-time job move during weekends, which also raises the overall moving expenses.

Beware of the moving scams!

If you learn how to choose a reliable moving company and avoid fraudulent movers, you will also avoid a moving scam. Here are some of the most common signs of moving scams you should be aware of.
counting money
If you have the feeling that a moving company’s representative only speaks about additional moving costs, be careful.

False promises

Everything a moving company offers should be an official part of the moving contract. If your movers’ offer sounds too good to be true, be careful. The last thing you need to go through is overspending your budget and losing some of your valuable items.

Unrealistic moving quotes

Comparing two or more moving quotes is always a good idea. If you are looking for affordable moving services San Antonio, you should ask for a moving quote at once. A good moving company will make sure to follow your relocation budget and help you calculate your inventory.

Shady contracts

In the end, there is an ultimate sign that will help you recognize fraudulent movers. And that sign is a shady contract. Everything that is written in the contract with your moving company should be clear and understandable. If you are not sure what certain items mean, you should discuss them before signing. After hiring a reliable moving company, both you and your movers should agree upon all the details of your upcoming relocation.


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