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How to relocate in less than a week

When organizing a relocation, you usually need at least 6 to 8 weeks depending on the size of your household. There is a good reason why you should start preparing this early. As you might know, preparing for a relocation is a long and demanding task. You will need to find the best moving company in Texas, gather all the necessary packing supplies, pack your entire household, and many other moving-related tasks while you are taking care of your everyday obligations. In order not to rush around and potentially make a lot of mistakes, you need to take enough time to prepare everything properly. However, what happens if you do not have 6 to 8 weeks? What if you have only one week? It is possible to relocate in less than a week and here is how. 

Find movers to relocate in less than a week 

Even though you have less than a week to move, you need to find professional movers. Why is it important to have professionals so when you're relocating your household? First of all, since you are in the hurry, you will likely make more mistakes than usual. In order to avoid making any serious and expensive mistakes, you should hire movers when moving to San Antonio. Movers are professionals after all and they will know how to handle packing your entire household in less than a few days. Then, you will also have more time to handle moving-related tasks that your movers cannot do for you. Those tasks usually include visiting institutions, updating your address, and so on. In addition to this, it is extremely stressful to organize relocation in such a short time. You will feel less pressure if you have professionals by your side. 
person using a phone and laptop
Make sure to properly search for a moving company

How to choose a moving company? 

As you might know, there are many fraudulent movers out there. Usually, you should take your time to do research about moving companies before you hire them. After all, your entire household will be handled by them. Since you do not have much time on your hands, you should shorten the time that you spend searching for a moving company. Still, do not hire the first company that you see because hiring fraudulent moving companies will not help you. How to check if a moving company is reliable enough for you to hire when moving to Dallas? 
  • Moving reviews - it would not take much time but it is a good way to check moving companies 
  • Licensesagain, make sure to check dates and it will not take much time 
  • Interview with movers - trust your instincts and see if you can hire a moving company 

Gathering all the necessary packing supplies to relocate in less than a week 

When you find a moving company, decide whether you want to use professional packing services or not. If you decide to use them, then, you can skip this step. Movers will come prepared with all the necessary packing supplies for your relocation. However, when you are moving to Fort Worth, you might want to save money. You can do it by gathering all the necessary packing supplies by yourself. This will take time so if you have days off from your work, you can spend your time getting packing supplies. What do you need? Well, you will need dozens of moving boxes, plastic moving boxes, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, moving tape, moving blankets, and so on. You can also use some alternative packing supplies since you do not have a lot of time. Those would be items that you already have in your house. 
a dog in the box
See if you have enough time to gather packing supplies

Decluttering your items 

Usually, you should declutter your household before your relocation. However, again, since you do not have much time, you can skip this step. Still, it would be better for you if you can dedicate one day to decluttering your items. In order to save time, you need to pick the items that you want to move. It is unnecessary to relocate your entire household. There are probably items that you have not used for a really long time. It would be a waste of time, space, and money if you decide to move them. For this reason, focus mostly on items that you need and that you want to move. What to do with items that you no longer need? Usually, you can try to sell them.  Instead, try to donate your good items to the best charities or simply throw them away if they are in bad condition. 

Packing your items to relocate in less than a week 

Lastly, you need to pack your items. Again, if you're using professional packing services, then, you do not need to pack your items. However, if you want to be the one responsible for packing, and then you need to make a packing plan. Why is this necessary? Considering that you do not have much time, you need to manage the time you have properly. See how many items you have to pack and see how much time you will need to spend packing them. Based on these things, try to make a packing plan that will work in your favor. Some people can pack the entire room in just a couple of hours while others need more time. Lastly, while you are packing, you need to properly pack your items. This means wrapping all the fragile items, putting items in the boxes, labeling your boxes, and so on. 
woman putting a bag in the car
Try to be efficient and fast when packing

Get help 

Lastly, when you need to relocate in less than a week, you need to get all the help that you can. Of course, this primarily means getting professional moving help. However, you should also ask your friends and family to help you. It is almost impossible to organize relocation in such a short amount of time without any help. For this reason, do not hesitate to ask for help whether this help would be from professional movers or from your friends. 


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