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How to repurpose your at-home storage space

Moving into a new home is an ideal moment to renovate, remodel, and finally rearrange your living space. It is time to repurpose your at-home storage space and finally make more of it. As you know, each home has a lot of dead angles, dead space, and hidden storage places we do not use at all. So, let us discover them together and make sure you have more space than ever. Also, we will briefly cover your relocation plan, a search for moving companies in Texas, moving budget, legalities, and ensure you are ready for your relocation. Let’s make this a pleasant experience.

In case you are still working on your relocation plan

Now when you have found your new property, you know how much space you have available. It is time to inspect all your furniture and belongings and create your inventory list. It is important to have one for many reasons. One is to know if you can fit everything into your new home and to create a furniture layout plan in advance. The second is to provide the numbers to your movers near San Antonio so they can bring an appropriate vehicle and enough people to carry everything over safely.
create a plan on how to repurpose your at-home storage space
Create your moving plan as well as your in-home storage space plan in advance.
The next step is to check all your legalities and make sure everything is up to date and ready to be used on your new address. Also, dedicate an appropriate budget for packing materials, moving service, and a bit on the side for unforeseen events. Hopefully, there won’t be any. And you will know the final moving price once your movers provide moving quotes Texas. So, make sure to obtain estimates as soon as possible. Now, let's get this show on the road and find storage space in your new home.

Inspect and find out where you can repurpose your at-home storage space

Ok, as we already mentioned, you will briefly inspect your new home before you relocate. But as soon as you settle in, you should start inspecting it more thoroughly to repurpose your at-home storage space. Inspect the following:
  • Walls and ceilings.
  • Corners and dead space behind counters.
  • Garage, basement, loft, and backyard.
  • All places that are unused after you position your furniture. For example, dead space under the bed or next to a wardrobe.
While doing it, check for the repairs. Maybe your walls and hardwood need an uplift at some point.

Boxes and all kinds of holders are the ultimate solutions

To repurpose your at-home storage space you will need a lot of help from moving boxes and other types of containers. There are wooden crates, metal containers, plastic bins, wooden baskets, you name it. You can choose whatever you want to be honest. They are the ultimate solution because you can stuff them with clothing and all kinds of items and stash them below your bed, in your garage, or at any place available. This way you can pack half of your home and hide it from plain sight. Purchase containers at the nearest store or from your movers. Check their moving services New Braunfels and the moving boxes they offer. You will find this option under the packing materials offer.
a man meditating
Save leftover moving boxes and reuse them for storing solutions.

Shelving systems will help you immensely

Wherever there is an empty wall, you can add a shelving system. Especially in the areas that are not so frequently visited like a garage or the basement. You can purchase the whole construction at home depot and easily install it in a few steps. Then, use plastic bins that we mentioned earlier and sort them into categories. Label each bin nicely and stack them on shelves. Amazing, right?

Repurpose your at-home storage space with the focus on your walls

Ok, you will be amazed if we tell you that half of your stuff can be hung on your walls. Maybe you never thought about it but do it now. Your kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement, living room, and bedroom. All of those areas have many items scattered around that can be hung on the wall. For example, your bathroom can have all towels and toiletries placed on a shelving system. Then, you can put a hanger on the back of the door and place more towels, brushes, and whatever you want. For your kitchen, you can hang a knotted rope from the ceiling all the way to the bottom and hang all your skillets. It will look nice and save a lot of space in your cupboards. Furthermore, in all areas around your home, all potted plants can be hung as well by using the already designed hangers that you can by in a flower shop. And for your garage, there are chains that you can buy at a mechanic shop or a home depo and hang your ski or camping equipment. So, if you dive into the world of hanging off the wall, you will realize how amazing it can be. More importantly, how much space you will gain. Now you know how to repurpose your at-home storage space. Hopefully, we provided enough info you can use in your new place. Good luck and have fun settling in.


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