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So you have decided to move to another place! You find yourself a new home that suits your needs, and a new good job! Congratulation on your next stage in life! During your stay, you probably met a lot of good neighbors. Some of them could have become great friends, indeed! So now, you need to say goodbye to your neighbors! But unlike Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to say goodbye,” it doesn’t have to be heartbreaking! Here are a couple of good ideas on how you can spend some last quality time with your former neighbors!

Send notices to your neighbors

There are a lot of reasons why you should inform your neighbors about your move in time. First thing first, they are all working daily probably. And they do have their own lives as well. So you need to send them a notice that you are moving away! So if you are planning any sort of going away party, they should know about it in time so they can better organize themselves! The last thing you need is your dear friend and neighbor rejecting your invite because it came in too late!
If you want to say goodbye to your neighbors, send a notice in time
Whatever you are planning to do, you need to do it in advance! It is the same as picking the right moving company for your relocation! More time you have, the better the chances that you will hire the best residential movers San Antonio. Remember that when you head out to prepare for your relocation!

Say goodbye to your neighbors by giving them free items

That may be one of the best ways to say goodbye to them and deal with excess items in your household at the same time. We all know how much trouble clutter can bring in our homes. At any given time we may be head over heels with too many items. And this profoundly influences the total price of the move you are about to commit. Remember, more items you need to transport. That opens a great opportunity! You can say goodbye to your neighbors by giving the items you do not use anymore as gifts! We are sure some of them will actually need something you have. That will lower the number of things you need to transport as well as the price of the overall relocation! Once you get rid of them, go to your moving company and get a free moving estimate! You will notice how cheaper it actually is!
Let your neighbor have whatever you do not need anymore

Organize a party

Tossing a party is one of the best ways to say goodbye to neighbors. It doesn’t have to be something wild tho. Just something where people can come together and relax among friends. This kind of parties is meant for goodbyes! So it will be a bit sentimental and emotional. Don’t forget to go over some of the nice memories you had with each other. It is a perfect opportunity for this! Also, if you have some album with pictures, go over it all! There are several ways to organize a relocation party! And once you know them all, you will have no problems in organizing it!
A party is an excellent way to part ways with your neighbors

Party games  

A good party doesn’t need music, drink, and food to be good. You need to entertain your guests that night. After all, you are the host that is moving away! So you want to make the most out of it! And making some great memories along the way is the best thing you can do with your neighbors! Furthermore, a party is great with a lot of entertainment! Figure out some party games you can play with them! Surely you will enjoy it!
Make sure you know some party games

Make a dinner to say goodbye to your neighbors

A dinner party is an excellent way to say goodbye to neighbors before moving! It doesn’t have to be something fancy! But it doesn’t have to be something plain as well. Whether or not they bring their own food or you make it, go a bit further (extra) and make something good. Heck, you can even make a barbeque for you and your neighbors. A couple of drinks and a lot of food will make a perfect memory and a goodbye! Also, it will allow you to relax more before you leave. We all know how stressful the moving process can become! So why not find a way to relieve stress from moving! Dinner parties are just one of the ways you can cope with it and say goodbye to them at the same time!
Dinner is one of the modest ways to say goodbye

Go out with your neighbors

This is one of the options you can use! Go out to your favorite restaurant, theatre or some other activity you all can enjoy. There is nothing better than a relaxing activity in the city followed by a couple of drinks at the local bar. You will all just relax from the stress that is induced by everyday life and has a good move away from the party! Think about all the things you can do with them once you go out! Surely you can find at least one you can all enjoy together! There are many ways to say goodbye to your neighbors when moving! And we presented to you what we think are the sweetest and the best! This way you will surely make a lot more memories with them and move with more optimism! If you believe there is something we missed you can leave your feedback! Suggest what other activities we can do with our neighbors before we move away!


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