How to turn your basement into a living space

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    Home Improvement Guide - July 31, 2019

    There are a lot of reasons to turn your basement into a living space. You can also use it as a storage for old stuff as most people do. However, maybe it is better to rent secure storage Texas, where your stuff will be protected from flood and damages. There are many creative ways to use basement space. Many people turned their basements into living accommodations that they rent out.

    • Imagine how great it would be if you have a place where your relatives could sleep when they come to visit you. You should consider this if you have relatives that visit you often;
    • Whether if you have relatives or not, a spare room is great for unexpected visitors and guests – you can even help your neighbors in times of need;
    • Many people turned their basements into living rooms for rent – it is great monthly income;
    • You can turn your basement into a living space if you have a teenager than need privacy and a room for friends;
    • It would be great if you had a playroom with all those things that you love in a special room just for you. You could also make a studio for creative works, or simply a quiet place for reading.

    That is only half of the list of things that you can do with your basement. Many people are afraid of the costs, workers in their basement for months or possible damages of the house. Do not worry. There are creative ways to turn your basement into a living space that could attract your attention. It is worth looking into some of them before you decide to call residential movers New Braunfels to relocate to a new home.

    Junk in a basement
    Do not use basement just for trash and old stuff

    Safety comes first if you want to turn your basement into a living space

    Whatever the reason for using a basement is, you should protect it first. It means that you should pay attention to cables and installation. On the other hand, do not forget that basements are at the bottom of the house (in many cases, below ground level). You should be careful with humidity and flood.

    Plumbing and wiring

    As the first thing you should pay attention to is installation. In many houses, this is the weakest point of the house. People usually do not know how this part of the house looks like. So, make sure that you have invested the wires, water, and gas installation. Hire a professional if it is needed. Only after that, you can hire people from Evolution Moving Company to help you with furniture.

    Ventilation is vital if you want to turn your basement into a living space

    You should think about this first. Basements are usually dark places below the ground level, so they do not have large windows and good ventilation. It is important to check your house ventilation and fix if it is needed. Do not forget that you will practically live there.

    Moisture protection

    As we said, basements are places where humidity is a common occurrence. Luckily, you can easily protect walls and corners from this. It is a pity when you see furniture damaged by this ugly fungus. In that case, professional movers Lockhart TX have done futile business carrying your stuff when moving.


    Many people think that radon is not a that harmful and bad thing. Unfortunately, it is seriously harmful gas that causes diseases and a lot of problems. You maybe have it in your basement in high concentration, but do not know about it. Firstly, measure the level of the radon and find a way to decrease it.

    You can turn your basement into a comfortable living space

    In case that you considered of using a basement for living or relaxing, there are few things that you should pay attention for. It is easier to make a basement to be comfortable than the living room. Imagine that space with blank walls and all ideas that you can have about it. You can make basement in a completely new room just for your needs.

    Drums in a room
    You can use your basement as a playroom for you

    Measure basement

    The first thing you should do if you want to turn your basement into a living space is to measure it. The height of the ceiling is critical. You can consult an official site with building codes that worth in your country. Then make a plan and design of the space.

    Pests and rots

    These unpleasant animals could make a mess in our basement. Do not mention how bad could be facing with them every day. So, resolve this problem before starting with renovating. Also, make sure that you have found a resolution that will keep away these animals in the future.

    Design is fundamental if you want to turn your basement into a living space

    No matter how you have imagined your basement, you should have a design in your mind. It does not mean that you need to hire a professional for that. More important is if you want a simple room with no much furniture or large living room for guests. Also, things change if you plan to rent this basement from time to time.

    Set a budget firstly

    As in any other jobs, you should consider the money you have and need for this. The average cost of basement renovation is around $20,000. It means that you should prepare yourself for this amount. However, put on paper all possible planned costs before starting.

    Basement windows
    Do not forget that basements usually have small windows

    Use simple but functional furniture

    Depending on the planned usage you should put only functional furniture there. Do not spare a lot of money on expensive tables and shelves. You will use it for relaxing, maybe even funny activities. The most important is to save money on wall colors since they should not be attractive that much. Avoid vivid colors of the walls and stick to the simplest and dark. In case that you have to turn your basement into a living space, you should not lose money and time on making a kitchen or bathroom.

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