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You may not be able to knock down a wall between your kitchen and dining room or pull wall-to-wall carpet. But there are many less permanent ways to make a rented apartment feel at home. With a few simple tips for decorating a rental apartment, you can please your landlord and get back a security deposit. And have a home that expresses your personal style - until you are ready to hire Texas local movers and move. Before pulling out the paint roller or starting the online purchase of lighting fixtures, you must obtain permission from your landlord for any updates you plan to make. Most likely, if the change increases the value of the property or you agree to return the items to their original condition prior to departure, your landlord will give you the green light.

Here are some ideas for decorating a rental apartment

1. Go big with wall art

You may not be able to paint the walls. But don't be afraid to hang works of art on the walls - the more, the better. Choose a wide canvas or a trio of posters to create an attractive focus. For even greater effect, try hanging a large tapestry, rug or colorful fabric to create interest and cover dull white walls.
Pictures on the wall
You do not have large works of art? Get the same effect by combining many small items in the gallery wall.

2. Upgrade a bathroom or a kitchen

You may not be able to do a complete remodeling of your kitchen, but you can do something. With the permission of your landlord, change the dull bath or kitchen faucet to make it more attractive. If you plan to rent an apartment for a few years and like to cook, updating the crane is a task of medium complexity, which brings a big blow. Although quality faucets are not cheap, they can be removed and taken with you to your next home. And if you are relatively handy, the update should take less than an hour. Be sure to keep your old faucet in a safe place so that it can be reinstalled when you move out.

3. Hang curtains on the blinds

Proper window treatments add instant comfort to your rented home. Stuck in cheap plastic blinds? Do not worry - you can hang curtains directly on them. Fix the eaves as close as possible to the ceiling above the window, then let the curtain fabric reach the floor to maximize the look of the high ceilings. To liven up a simple room, choose a patterned or bold fabric for curtains.

4. Make it cozy with rugs

Rugs transform a rented space from cold and sterile to personalized and cozy. While carpets do not pose any difficulty in the living room with a wooden floor, they can be added to any room in the house, from the kitchen and hallways to the bedrooms and dining rooms. If your walls and floors are neutral, then choosing a large carpet with bright patterns or bright colors is a simple opportunity to make a big impact in the room. Even if you have a wall-to-wall rug, adding an area rug on top helps define the space. Just make sure that you secure the rug to the surface with furniture or non-slip padding from below to prevent wrinkling when the rug moves.

5. Paint a small accent wall

If you want to paint, and your landlord gives you OK, choose a bold color in a small area. Not only will a splash of color make a huge difference, but it will also be less work to paint over when you go out. Try a bright orange in the hallway or a nook, or paint the lower part of the wall, where lining usually appears on the armchair railing.

6. Hang temporary wallpaper

Removable wallpaper, which has long been avoided because of the pain when removing, opened up new options for decorating a rental apartment. To save money and time, choose a bold-accented wall. If you want to wallpaper the whole room, choose a smaller space, like a bathroom or an office.
Living room
With so many different wallpaper patterns, decorating a rental apartment has never been easier

7. Hide what you do not like

Sometimes the worst thing about renting is living with oddities that you don’t like and cannot change. But this does not mean that you should look at them every day. Disguise the ugly splashes in your rented kitchen with removable tile stickers, throw the rug on the stained carpet. Or hang a large piece of art on an awkward hole in the wall.

8. Include hobby as an art

Concerned about where you will store your bike or surfboard in a small rental apartment? Instead of hiding them in a small space, think of them as an element of decor. A colorful bicycle or guitar hung on a wall, or a surfboard leaning against a corner, adds personality and immediately shows guests that you love adventure. If you love to travel, create photos from your travels and turn them into a gallery wall that starts a conversation. Personal touches make your new place feel like home.

9. Update lighting

Looking at the ugly ceiling lamp of the era of the 90s, which does not fit into your decor style? Replace it with a new light fixture to instantly update and personalize your space. If you do not want to remove the offending light, be creative and mask it with a DIY lampshade that fits over the original fixture. More lighting options will make your rented apartment more comfortable. Even if your rooms have overhead lighting, the addition of the table and floor lamps will add to the atmosphere.

10. Do not forget about the front door

Especially if you rent an apartment in a large building with identical doors, do not neglect the decor of the hallway. If you put out a doormat or hang a wreath, you will distinguish your home from your neighbors. And also give your guests a first impression before they set foot in your apartment.
Doormat with cats
Doormat also gives you the opportunity to be creative
It is hard to live in someone else's apartment. You never quite get the feeling that you are at home. Decorating a rental apartment will make it much more enjoyable for living. At least until you decide to hire one of the moving companies Austin and relocate to some other place.


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