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Ideas for organizing your storage space

When you are moving, there are a lot of things you should think of. You should organize everything, pack and prepare your belongings, gather all your documents, hire a moving company, rent a moving truck but also you might be needing a storage unit. Whether you need storage for a short time or in the long-term it is a good solution to place your belongings. The important thing is to pack your belongings properly and organize the storage unit well. You can do it yourself or you can hire some reliable moving company. If you are not sure how to do it here are some tips for organizing your storage space.

Renting a storage unit

When you have decided which items you will store, you should find a storage unit that will fit your needs. Measure your items so you can choose the right size of the storage unit. Make sure you find out which items you are allowed to store. Check if the storage unit is well secured and depending on the items you are going to store it would be good to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Before placing your items inside, you should properly clean the storage. The next step is to provide the packing supplies that will allow you to pack your belongings in the best possible way. If you are not sure if you can properly pack your items make sure you hire some of the movers and packers in San Antonio and let them handle the work. In that way, you will not have to think about buying the packing supplies.
storage unit
Make sure you clean properly your storage unit before placing your items in it.

Inventory list

The first step is to make an inventory list. If you need to store a lot of items in the storage you might forget about some things inside. If you are going to store some massive items, it is easy to remember. But if you have a lot of small items like artworks, some clothes, small electronic devices, etc. it is possible to forget about them. So, making an inventory list is a smart move. You can also take a picture of all the items that you are about to store. Keep the list and the photos at the same place. Also, something that could help, it is a map of the storage unit indicating where you have placed certain items.

Disassemble massive items

If you have some massive items you should disassemble them. In that way, you will have more space in the storage unit. Make sure you put all the screws, bolts, and nuts in some zip bag so you avoid losing them. Remove all the additional parts and pack them separately. Buy enough of packing supplies and wrap and secure well your belongings so they don't get damaged. Also, all the items you are going to store should be cleaned and washed so you prevent some odors or pests. In case you have in your possession some massive items like a piano, it would be good to contact some of the piano movers of Texas to help you relocate your precious piano. It is not easy to pack and relocate it yourself so it would be good to have some help.
laptop coffee phone on the table
Before you start, make an inventory list.
Which packing supplies you will buy depends on the items you are about to store. You can use cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble bags, plastic wraps, etc for packing your items. Maybe it would be better to use plastic bins so you can see what's inside. This is not the case with cardboard boxes. This will make it easier and faster to locate what you need whenever you need it.

Be strategic when organizing your storage space

You should organize a storage unit in the best possible way, so you can enter and find what you need quickly. Use the storage space wisely. You can start with large, heavy belongings such as furniture and heavy boxes. Place them towards the back of the storage unit on the bottom. Heavy items should always be stored on the bottom of the storage unit and then some smaller and lighter. When packing and organizing your storage unit you should place your belongings vertically. Furniture should be stored upright. Boxes should be stacked high. You can use shelving to place some items, so you take the advantage of the extra storage space. You can add some hanging shelves to the storage unit as well. If the storage unit is really high it would be a good idea to have some ladders inside the storage unit so you can reach the items that are placed very high.
the piano
In case you have some massive items like a piano to relocate and store, don't do it yourself and make sure you contact some moving company to help you.
It might happen that you will be needing some of the items in a storage unit more often than the others so place these items somewhere near the door so you can immediately locate them and reach them. Make sure you pack the last items that you will be needing first. Placing all these items in an easy-to-reach spot near the door will save you the trouble of having to dig through all the boxes and plastic bins in the storage.

Label the boxes

This is quite important too. You don't want to dig every time through all the boxes and plastic bin so you can find some of the items. Label every box and place it in the way you can see the label.

Organizing your storage space

Here are some tips for organizing your storage space. Follow the instructions and you will easily organize and pack your storage unit. In case you don't have enough time or you think you are not skilled enough, you can contact some of the moving companies to help you. The professional movers and packers will help you to relocate your belongings and place them into the storage unit.   


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