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Is there still a need for in-home moving estimates?

The process of moving is filled with challenges and complications and having full-services movers by your side is extremely important. There are lots of different areas in which your movers can help you during your relocation process. One of the most important aspects is calculating the costs of your upcoming move. Therefore, you should always contact reliable professionals to help you with moving quotes New Braunfels. In this article, let's take a look if there is still the need for in-home moving estimates or not. After going through both pros and cons, we will sum up everything in the end.

In-home vs virtual moving estimates vs over-the-phone estimates

An in-home estimate differs from a virtual or over-the-phone estimate in a lot of different ways. There are key differences that are important to understand and go over between these estimates. So, when it comes to an in-home estimate, it essentially means that a representative of your moving company or a moving agent comes to your home and assesses how much your move will cost. An over-the-phone moving estimate is done over the phone as the name suggests. It is slightly easier to complete and also goes faster. Of course, even over the phone, you still have to go through all the important details related to your move with your moving agent. Virtual estimates are relatively new and are done online entirely.
A woman looking at a laptop.
Do your research and find out the differences between, virtual, over-the-phone, and in-home moving estimates.

Start early regardless of your method

The process of moving is, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, long and complicated. The last thing you want is to do last-minute packing and now know exactly how much everything is going to cost you. Therefore, make sure that regardless of the estimate you opt-out for, you start looking for reliable movers on time when moving to Forth Worth. This is especially important if you are moving from another state. Communicate with your desired movers on time to get the proper estimate. If you do not leave yourself enough time to properly prepare and do an estimate of your relocation, you can risk unwanted costs.

The pros and cons of the different estimates

In-home estimates

When talking about the differences and pros and cons, let us start with the classic, in-home moving estimate. For starters, we've already said that this means having an agent come by your home and calculate the costs of your upcoming move that way. The biggest pro of these kinds of estimates is the fact that they are extremely accurate and movers have been doing them for a long time. In addition to this, you get to ask your moving agent directly, in person, everything that you wish to know. These estimates are accurate but also time-consuming. The biggest con is the fact that in the new-found global pandemic situation, it may not necessarily be the safest way of doing things.

Over-the-phone estimates

An over-the-phone estimate requires less of a hassle. The biggest pro is the fact that it is simply easier. This is because you do not have to actually be alongside a moving representative but rather you deal with all of the moving details over the phone. However, coordinating everything related to your upcoming moving process can also be a challenge. Therefore, over-the-phone estimates also have a big con. They are somewhat unreliable when compared to the in-home estimates. It can be very hard to determine your moving budget this way.
A woman using over-the-phone estimates instead of an in-home moving estimates.
Over-the-phone moving estimates are easier to set up but they tend to be slightly unreliable when compared to in-home estimates.

Virtual estimates

Finally, the third option and the most recent one, are the virtual estimates. The popularity of using virtual estimates increased as the global pandemic hit. Moving companies quickly adjusted and found ways to make them equally reliable as other estimates. Organizing these is easy and you get to both hear and see your moving agent. You can give your movers an entire virtual tour of your home. Alternatively, you can fill in all the necessary info about your upcoming move and get your free moving quote online through their website for example. Another big pro is the fact that you are staying safe during the global pandemic. There are no real cons here other than the fact that you might feel more secure and relaxed when you meet a moving representative in person rather than online.

Factors that impact a moving quote

Whichever method you choose, there are going to be different factors that affect your moving quote. These factors are important and it is crucial that you take them into consideration when relocating to Forth Worth. Let us take a look at the most important ones:
  • The size of your inventory,
  • The date of your relocation,
  • The total weight of your inventory,
  • The moving distance,
  • The layout of your home,
  • The additional moving services you might need.
A man looking at a board.
Make sure you take all of the important factors that affect your moving quote into consideration.


In summary, the main question will still be whether or not there is a need for in-home moving estimates. They are truly the most traditional way of getting a moving quote and finding out how much everything is going to cost you. Additionally, they are of course, the most accurate. However, recently a number of moving companies switched the method of estimates and perfected the virtual moving estimates. Therefore, while it is still up to you, there really is no longer a need for an actual in-home estimate unless you really wish to do it that way. However, remember that the choice is entirely up to you. Furthermore, always remember to find and hire a reliable, best moving company Texas to relocate safely and successfully.


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