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    Home Improvement Guide - September 25, 2018

    In order to move as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible, you need to decide what items you are going to take with you and what items you should throw away before the move. Once you decide that this is the logic that you are going to be following when preparing for your move, you will realize just how many stuff you actually do not need. One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are preparing for the move is that they believe that they need to take all of their belongings with them. This is so far from the truth. On one hand, there are items that you must take with you. And then there are items that you can take with you if decide to do so. Still, there are some of the items that you need to get rid of before moving.

    Why are there items that you should throw away before the move?

    There are certain items that are very valuable monetarily or sentimentally to you. Then, there are items that you have and you just do not see why you would be taking them with you. However, let’s pause here and think about it for a second. Are really all of your belongings something that you must take with you. Are they so indispensable?

    Old pair of shoes
    Do you really need this old pair of shoes?

    In order to understand why you need to get rid of some of your items, you need to understand that there is some stuff that you can more easily buy once you arrive than pack and store for the move. This is the main reason why you should make sure to throw some of your belongings away. Do yourself a favor and follow our advice: think about your belongings and decide what you can do without. Here is how you do it.

    What are the items you should throw away before the move?

    Items you should throw away before moving are the ones that you can get off the counter
    If you can get it off the counter, it should not get on that moving truck

    Making a list of items you should throw away before the move should not be so difficult. Just imagine having to pack them and transport them yourself or your Texas moving professionals. There are the two criteria that you should use when making this decision:

    1. Those items that have been lying around your home are the items you should throw away before the move. If they have no purpose, then they should go.
    2. Items that you can get in a corner shop should stay in your old apartment.
    3. Do you need all of your books?
    4. Do your dished match? If they do not, throw them away.

    Items that you should throw away before the move are not the ones with sentimental value

    Obviously, there some of the items that are going to make it through the cut even though you cannot remember when was the last time that you used them before. Such items are those that have sentimental value to you. They may be presents from dear people for example. On the other hand, they may be items that remind you of the place that you have visited. Furthermore, they may be items that belonged to your parents or a teenage love. Obviously, you should keep such items. What you can do with them is to find a place for them. If you do not need to look at them every day, you could place them in a box for safekeeping. Put them away and make a note of where they are. It will help you get to them when you decide that you need some time for reminiscing.

    If you can buy it off the counter, make it go away before the move

    Why in the world would you waste your time caring for items that you can just go to a corner shop and buy right off the shelf? After all, everything that you will be taking with you is something that you will need to pack and transport. Just imagine starting unpacking in your new home and the first thing you come by are items like these. Are you really going to waste time on them before unpacking the rest of your belongings? I’d think not. Therefore, those are the items you should throw away before the move.

    What should you do with excess books that you have?

    A book shelf
    Books are great, but if you are not going to read them again, what are they for? Better give them away.

    Now, do not get mad at us. We understand that books are important. And heavy. Also, they are bulky. In case that you have tons of books that you have read and are sure you are not going to reread soon, try getting rid of them. You can try to sell them online. Alternatively, you may try to offer them to a used-books store. Ultimately, you might want to donate them to a local library. You may look at it as your gift to the generations growing up in your old community.

    Dished should look nice. And match. Period.

    Moving into a new home that you have renovated… Have you bought anything new for it? Surely there are some items that you already in your new home that has been bought just for it. Now, this is true for sure. But then, think about whether you would like to live in your new, good-looking, home with old dished that may be mismatching. Surely this is not how you would imagine the start of your new life. Therefore, dished are items you should throw away before the move. Or give away which is a better option. Unless you are Greek. If you have some Greek blood running in your veins, you might want to celebrate by plate smashing. This is still a better use for them than packing them away and taking them with you when moving across the state.

    Donate to charity

    There are charities that will take your old clothes like the Salvation Army for example. While sorting out your items and getting ready for the move, everything that is old and not wearable, should not go with you.

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