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Items you shouldn’t store in your attic

There are many in-home storage solutions people use. Most of them become active after you move into a new home. Some people rent storage space from local movers Austin while others use their garage, attic, or basement to store their excess items. And today we will talk about one of those places that can damage some of your items. Let's talk about items you shouldn't store in your attic.

Keep your arts and crafts away from the attic

Right from the start, we must tell you that you shouldn't store in your attic any of the delicate items you possess. Those are instruments, paintings, all kinds of arts and crafts, memorabilia, old photos, clothing, etc. Such items can be damaged beyond repair by the changes in temperature. And for the instruments and robust furniture, some of them can barely fit through narrow corridors and get to the attic in the first place. Then you and your piano movers San Antonio will have a hard time getting them out of there once you decide to move or use them again. Those situations increase chances for damages and injuries so please avoid storing huge pieces of furniture in the attic. If you need additional space for robust and delicate items, it is far better to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit. It is affordable to anyone and it will keep all your items safe and in perfect condition. You can find the best ones in the area at Evolution Moving Company TX. Give them a call and browse through your options.

Leather is something you shouldn't store in your attic

As we already mentioned, due to extreme changes in temperatures, many items can be easily damaged and ruined completely. Blankets, clothing, wool, and leather are notoriously famous for getting damaged while being stored in the attic. So, avoid this and never store your precious clothing there. Especially expensive leather jackets, boots, and of course, furniture. But in case you get into this situation, there is always a way to restore damaged leather depending on the stage of the damage. But you’ll have to consult your local cobbler for the repairs.
a couple on the attic
Store your clothing somewhere else. No matter how nice and cozy your attic is.

Chemicals are another thing you shouldn't store in your attic

Obviously, the items you shouldn't store in your attic are chemicals. The list is miles long but you probably know already what we are going to tell you. Check the following:
  • All flammable materials and objects.
  • Matches, candles, torches, flashlights, batteries.
  • Gasoline cans, aerosol sprays, Fire Extinguishers, or any cans under pressure.
  • Bleach, solvents, paint, etc.
  • All home chemicals.
Basically, no chemicals are allowed on the attic for the same reason we already explained before. The temperature changes can mess up everything and you can end up with an explosion or a fire in your home. No one wants that.
chemicals are the items you shouldn't store in your attic
Never store any chemicals or cans under pressure on your attic. For obvious reasons of course.

Electronics as well

Lastly, none of your electronics are allowed in the attic. Simply because the moisture, temperature changes, and pests will ruin them. And of course, your electronics contain a bunch of prohibited items that we already listed above. Therefore, keep your laptops, cellphones, and other IT equipment away from the attic. There we go, now you know more about the items that you shouldn't store in your attic. If you need more space, we strongly recommend contacting your local moving company and checking the moving services New Braunfels they have. Maybe there is a storage solution that fits your budget. A something that is far safer than storing items in the attic. Good luck and stay safe.


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