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One of the advantages of living in the house is having additional storage space. A basement is one of the most common places that people like to store their things. You are lucky if you have one, since your closet space will not be stuffed with items, and your home will be clutter-free. However, before you bring items that you want to store in the basement, you should know that there are some things that shouldn’t be there. If you are using your basement to store things after a move with Evolution Moving Company TX, you should know that the basement is not a safe place for many items, since they can get damaged. So before you leave anything down there read our article on items you shouldn’t store in your basement.

Why you shouldn’t store items in your basement?

If you don’t want to ruin your precious possessions avoid leaving them in the basement even if you organize your storage space well. Many people don’t know that the basement is not the best place for storing certain items, especially new homeowners. If you leave certain items in the basement, and one day you decide to go down there and pack them before you move with movers Austin, you will be surprised in what horrific state you are going to find them.
Basement sign.
There are many items you shouldn't store in your basement.
There are a few things that make the basement inadequate for storing items:
  • Moisture.
  • Heat.
  • Risk of floods.
  • Insects and mice.
The unwritten rule is, to never leave anything open in your basement, even the items that are safe for storing. Forget about cardboard boxes, they are not a good packing solution. They can get damaged due to heat and moisture or can get eaten by insects. Make sure to use plastic boxes that are sturdy and that you are able to close.

Books and documents are items you shouldn’t store in your basement

Never store your books, documents, or even photos in your basement; they have a hard time surviving there. They can deteriorate due to the humidity and moisture of the basement. Your important documents will not survive bad basement conditions. Pages will curl up after a certain amount of time, and the spines will warp. Heat will cause your photos to fade. Moreover, silverfish and moths that live in your basement will chew them up. The safest way to store them is in your home, avoid the basement at all costs.
Books are Items you shouldn't store in your basement.
You shouldn't store books and documents in the basement, they can get damaged.

Avoid storing food in your basement

This is a big no, no matter how well you protect it. Food will attract rats and other insects which can easily break into the bags. Moreover, canned food is not safe either. The temperature fluctuations can cause food to turn bad. Moisture will make cans rust, which will cause a chemical reaction in the food which makes it bad for consumption.

Wooden furniture will not age well in the basement

Wooden furniture that you inherited from your grandparents is off-limits when it comes to storing it in the basement. This also means that storing your piano here is a bad idea. Piano movers San Antonio will advise you not to do this if you think about using your piano in the future. The heat and humidity will cause wood to mold, crack and expand. There are better storage solutions for wooden furniture than this.

Old electronics have no place in the basement

As phone owners, we all know that phones don’t do well with humidity and moisture. This applies to other electronics too. If you are storing your old VCR so that you can show your old recordings to your grandkids, it’s not a good idea to keep it down there, since it might stop working. Furthermore, if you still have that old computer and TV that doesn’t serve you any purpose, bring it to your closest recycling center.

Don't keep anything flammable in the basement

If you have heat sources in your basement, like a furnace, water heater, and dryer, don’t store anything flammable. Paints, gasoline, kerosene are just some of the hazardous chemicals that you should not store in your garage or a basement. You never know when the disaster can happen, so, do yourself a favor and store them in a cool and safe place.
Brown wooden console table.
Heat and humidity will make your wooden furniture crack and expand.

Clothes will not survive in the basement

The basement is not a good place to store clothes you no longer wear. Moisture will get your clothes wet, which is going to attract moths. Moreover, silverfish can cause holes in your clothes if your boxes aren’t sealed well enough. Fabrics don’t do well in non-climate-controlled places, so make sure to store them in a dry place.

Where can you store items you shouldn't store in your basement?

The best option to store these items if you don’t have any other storing space at home is to get a climate-controlled storage unit. Secure storage Texas has many storage options that you can choose from. You can decide for how long you want to keep your items in their facilities. Moreover, their team will be able to advise you on how to properly protect your items before you bring them into the storage unit.  Since the storage units are climate-controlled, you will not have any problems with moisture and humidity. Moreover, since there are no rats and insects you can rest assured that your belongings will stay in perfect condition. They will be safe and you will have access to your precious items at all times. So renting a storage unit for items you shouldn't store in your basement is something you should consider.


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