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Whether you’re a fan of small homes or just happen to live in one, think about lighting twice. Your home should emit a warm and welcoming atmosphere and light plays a great deal in that. We are here to help you with some lighting tips for your small apartment, to make it cosy and wonderful.

Go with dramatic chandeliers

Big bright things caught people's eyes very fast. By going big on some fancy ceiling fixture you are visually expanding the room. Ceiling lights work amazing when it comes to lighting tips for your small apartment. Packing services San Antonio will ensure your chandelier is packed safely. But just so you know, you need more. Alone, ceiling light kind of forgets the corners of the room and that can make it visually smaller.
Using chandeliers is one of the lighting tips for your small apartment
By placing more than one light source you will illuminate the whole room and expand it visually. Go with warm and yellow light. White and blue lights are not welcoming. They somewhat have the waiting room feel to them. And you do not want your house to seem like the dentist visit. Also, they are hard on the eyes and can make you squint if you are not used to them.

One of the best lighting tips for your small apartment is to mix and match

You will, of course, need a variety of light sources around the house. If you are moving with professional movers San Antonio, be sure to first unpack your stuff before making changes. The position of your furniture is of great importance to where you will need stronger or more atmospheric light.
Figure out how to place furniture in your new place
Task light above desks needs to be focused on one part but also contribute to the rest of the sources in the room. So hanging it slightly over your head is the best solution. Using your walls is crucial here. By mounting light sources to your walls you’re saving a ton of space. Lookup for tips on how to redecorate to help you with matching your light sources.

 Little things count as well

When it comes to lighting tips for your small apartment, help from other items aside from light sources is important. If you didn’t notice it before, mirrors can affect how you view the room. If the mirror is placed to reflect the natural light, the room feels 3 times bigger. Also, the right lampshade can affect the mood of the room. If it is dimmer then it’s bedroom light. The correct lampshade type for your room can be rocket science for some of us.
Use mirrors to spread light in your home
We hope we have helped you with some lighting tips for your small apartment. Who knew this could be such a big deal?! Before rearranging your lighting sources all over the house, try out various spots and tricks with a phone flashlight. Your phone surely has various lighting strength and can help you with deciding. And of course, consult with your housemates and loved ones about what they prefer.


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