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Long distance moving tips

Long distance moving tips

Whether you’re moving to a new country or making a move of a few hundred miles, long distance movers Texas are here to help you plan the safe delivery of your belongings. Our long distance moving tips will help you plan your move from start to finish. With our help, you won’t worry about delays, damages, and other complications. Long distance move is very different from the local move. In a local move, you can just pack everything you own in the back of a moving truck and hit the road. But, when it comes to long distance move, you have much more steps to plan and a lot of things to prepare. Following long distance moving tips will help you plan ahead in order to have a successful and smooth move.

Long distance moving tips

1. Plan ahead

Long distance move is a major life event, so you should start planning it on time if you want to avoid stress and anxiety. Planning a long distance move starts with a research on moving companies. You need to find a reliable moving company in New Braunfels so you can continue with other important steps of long distance move. Professionals who are capable to handle long distance move are your best ally during the relocation. Planning ahead is the crucial part of long distance move, only by proper planning you can be sure you aren’t forgetting anything important.
Planning a budget - one of the most important long distance moving tips
Take time to plan your budget for a long distance move

2. Get In-Home Moving Estimates

When planning a long distance move it is important to plan your moving budget. The best way to do it is to ask for a free estimate. Reliable movers will provide you with a representative who will come to your home to make an assessment of your belongings. In-home moving estimate allows you to get the exact price of the long distance move. Be careful, if the moving company does not provide the in-home moving estimate, it is the red flag you are dealing with fraudulent movers. Also, if the price of the move is unusually cheap, it also could be the sign of fraud. To work with the best long distance moving company you should compare a few companies, their reviews, services, and prices to pick the one that fits your needs and budget.

3. Research Moving Companies

Not all moving companies in the industry are reliable. That’s why you should do some research before hiring a moving company for your relocation. Check their online moving reviews, services, prices, and the background. Make sure your moving company has highly trained movers capable to handle your type of move. Ask them about the experience and expertise in long-distance moves.

4. Downsize and declutter before start packing

When it comes to a long distance move, the cost of your move is based on the weight of your items. The more items you have to transport, the more you will pay for the move. That’s why you should de-clutter your home and decide which items to sell, donate or bring to the road. You should sell all items you no longer need. Do not be sentimental. It is time to start fresh in a new city or state.
Woman holding sweaters
Declutter your home and sell items you no longer need.

5. Make sure your furniture fits the new home

When moving to a new home it is good to have measurements of a new home so you can be sure your old furniture can fit in. In case your new home is smaller than your current home than it is a good idea to bring only necessary pieces of furniture and to sell the rest of them. Also, think about the stairs and corners in your home if you have large or over sized furniture.

6. Label Boxes

If you decide to pack yourself for the move, without professional help, be sure to protect each piece of your precious belongings and to label every box. Write on the outside of each box the name of the room and the list of the items packed inside. Proper labeling will help you with place items in your new home. This step is important no matter if you are packing yourself or hiring professional packing services NB.
Labels and markers
Make sure to label each box properly.

7. Know Your Rights and Movers Responsibilities

When you are planning a long distance move it is very important to know your rights and movers responsibilities if you want to avoid moving mistakes. For example, movers are required to provide you with a moving insurance that can cover the damages and losses during the move. You just need to ask your mover questions about the type of insurances they offer. You should know your rights but if you are not sure, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates all long-distance moves.

8. Move in the Off-season to Save Money

Sometimes this is not the option for many people. But, if you can choose when to move, choose the off season. Many moving companies have higher prices for busy moving season (summer months, weekends and holidays). If you want to save some money on your long distance move then you should relocate during the fall and winter.

9. Moving Expenses often are Tax Deductible

Moving costs are often tax deductible especially if you are moving for a new job. So, remember to deduct your moving expenses when you file your taxes and you will save some money. Just make sure to check what moving expenses you can deduct.

10. Adapt to a New Environment

The last but not least is adapting to your new environment. This is maybe the toughest part of the long distance move. You have to find a way to feel your environment like home. You should meet people in your new town and to find your new favorite places to relax. Get out into your new town and experience what offers. Find popular spots to meet new people, join book and dining clubs, and find your new home. Take the time, get out from your home and your new city will quickly become your own. Follow our long distance moving tips and your relocation will be a success! If you need moving assistance too, we are happy to help you. Give us a call.


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