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Minimalist living tips to declutter your home

A cluttered home is one of the biggest causes of stress and poor living conditions in our home. Clutter can deteriorate our health and it can heavily influence your mental health as well. There are numerous studies where modern psychologists agree that decluttering your place leads to a better, healthy and happy life. Here are some of the best pieces of advice you can find on how to declutter your home, as well as some minimalist guide to living!

What’s the purpose of the room and how to organize it

Although this looks and seems like something natural to do when you want to declutter your home, but to most people, it didn’t. The moment of revelation when they figure out what’s the purpose of the said room was a stunning moment. Now, you should start by going from room to room and deciding what you want a room to be, how to use it and for what purposes. Obviously, you should start with basic functions, such as bedroom for resting, living room for daily living and tasks, kitchen for cooking, etc. Now, when you have that in mind, think about additional items in those rooms. Do they complement their functionalities or are they just distractions. For example, people are not quite sure whether they can use a small TV in their kitchen. If a room has it’s the purpose it will be easier to declutter it and improve its functionality!
Think about whats the purpose of the room and then decide how to declutter your home
A lot of modern psychologists say that the first step in taking control over your life is to declutter your home! And this is exactly what you should do! But, if you think you will need those items sometime in the future, then you should definitely rent a storage room. But, before that, make sure you know how to pack those items properly for storage. If you are uncertain of it, you can always get packing services San Antonio movers to provide!

Prioritize before you declutter your home

This is the part where you decide what are those items used for! If by any chance you haven’t used them in a while, they need to get out! Your top priority when it comes to minimalism and home decluttering is making more clean space at your home! And the only way you can do this is by getting rid of some items you won’t need. Especially before the move!
Decide what are your priorities before decluttering
Remember, if you have too many items to transport, it will cost you more! Movers will charge you more when you have more items to relocate! And, depending on how delicate or big they are, the price can be bigger. So, in order to save some money on your relocation, get rid of the items you won't need and live in a minimalistic home, declutter your home before relocating. That extra money you saved can be used for some additional services you can get from your professional movers San Antonio

Minimalism vs/with Feng Shui

There are a lot of speculations that minimalism can’t go side by side with feng shui. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. When it comes to minimalism, the point is, the simple the better. Feng Shui philosophy is over 3000 years old and revolves around the flow of energy in our homes. With Feng meaning Water and wind meaning water. It is the constant flow of this spiritual and physical energies that allow us to create our perfect little paradise in our homes.
Minimalism and Feng Shui
Minimalism and Feng Shui can go hand in hand
When you add minimalism to this mix, you will have a combination of tradition, modernism, simplicity, and functionality. So, home can be simple and not cluttered, and still be rich with plant life and other items that can bring you joy. Learn more on how to make minimalism work with Feng Shui in order to benefit from it!

How to get rid of the items

There are a lot of ways you can get rid of your clutter. With the simplest is throwing them away, and most complicated is organizing a yard sale. They all have their ups and downs and you will find out more about them further in the article. When it comes to throwing away your items when you declutter your home, you will need to separate them by materials they are made, etc. If you wish to give them for recycling or just to try to save the environment. Although this is the cheapest and fastest way, it will require some time and energy. Organizing a yard sale may be the best solution because you will both get rid of them and earn some money. You can use that extra cash to upgrade your minimalistic approach to home decoration! Or even hire an expert that can help you with that. All in all, there are ways to declutter your home while staying on a budget that can help you a lot!

Storages are always a solution when you declutter your home

When everything else fails, you have a storage unit to count on. These units are perfect for your needs because they allow you to both store items, clean your home, and keep those items if you do not wish to get rid of them. Although you will have to pay for the storage rent, this shouldn’t be a problem, since rent fees are not that high. Storages are a perfect solution to how to make more room in my home question! They will certainly give you much needed empty space! Good minimalist living tips to declutter your home are hard to come by these days. These tips we gathered here will surely help you with your decluttering mission! Are you experienced in minimalistic decoration and decluttering? Do you have any advice you wish to share with us? Please, feel free to leave a comment in our comment section!


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