The most common renovating ideas to avoid

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    Home Improvement Guide - August 24, 2019

    Renovating your home is an exciting way to show your creativity and be able to allow yourself to make your home fit for you the way you always imagined. You probably have some kind of idea about the outcome you desire and these are really important, since they will determent what kind of changes need to take place. It is good to have your own ideas but it is also important to be sure you know what are good renovating decisions since there are common renovating ideas to avoid.

    Why do you need to renovate?

    There are many reasons you need to renovate your home. No matter if you:

    • Have an idea on how to make your home enjoyable
    • Want to make your home bigger
    • Are moving in from a new place
    • Have some other reason, be sure you know all about common renovating ideas to avoid.

    If you are moving to your new Texas home, make sure you hire local movers Texas. This way you make sure your belongings will be safe and transferred to the new location as soon as possible.

    Common renovating ideas to avoid - buckets of paint
    Renovating is a great idea to have fun

    Renovate, but think about common renovating ideas to avoid

    Renovating your house can be done from inside or the outside. In case you are moving to the new home, it is recommended to wait for a couple of weeks before you renovate, if that is possible. You should choose the moving companies in Texas to deliver the furniture, unpack and then wait until you get used to the house. This is recommended so you would avoid renovating your house in a way that won’t fit you after some time when you figure out how you want to rearrange rooms and furniture.

    Common renovating ideas to avoid when renovating indoors

    When you are renovating the inside of your home, there are many mistakes you can make. This can hurt your budget in more than one way. You need to think ahead about each step and make sure not to get fooled by trying to save and then loosing even more.

    common renovating ideas to avoid- one dollar bill
    Renovating could cost you some money if you do it wrong

    You are doing somebody else’s work

    Hire a professional architect or interior designer if you need to. You should never do the job you are not qualified to do. If you make a mistake while designing any part of your home, you might make a mistake and end up losing your money for fixing it later on. For example, if you need to remodel your kitchen and you want to open up space, you might tear down a wall that turns out to be a bearing wall. You will make a lot of damage and will spend more money to fix it than you would on an architect.

    Will you own it forever?

    You might want to ask yourself this question in case you decided to customize most of the house. You might like it this way, but in case you decide to sell the house one day, you will wish you didn’t customize it as much. Not everybody has the same taste or needs.

    Some projects are common renovating ideas to avoid

    Think about investing in things that will bring more value to your home. So, if you throw out a perfectly good bed and replace it with a new one, you spent the money and didn’t increase the value. It’s better to do something like make another bathroom, this decision will definitely help you avoid common renovating ideas that are just wrong. In case you decided to change the purpose of some of the rooms, think long and hard. It is a huge mistake to make a walk-in closet where the bedroom used to be. In fact, more bedrooms often mean more value. You could try to renovate the basement into another bedroom.

    Bathroom sink
    Getting another bathroom is always a good investment

    Spending too much on tech

    It is nice to have a big-screen TV and a new speaker system, but technologies are improving and getting old incredibly fast. Think twice before you spend an insane amount of money for some of these things because it will be outdated in two or three years.

    TV with a video game playing
    Investing too much in tech is common renovating ideas to avoid

    Trying to be trendy

    There is a thing like too trendy. And the problem with following trends that are hot this year, is the fact that next year will bring new trends, wiping out this year’s one like it happens every year. Since you follow trends, you will need to remodel again and spend more money to keep following them.

    Make sure you know what you want and say it

    Most people avoid stating exactly what they want or saying that they don’t like something when they should. If the contractor is not doing something according to the plan, you should say you are not ok with how the project is going.

    Outdoor renovating could help you or pull you back

    Having a garden is most peoples dream, especially if they have kids or pets. n case you decide to sell your house, it will bring the price up. You need to make sure you avoid making a renovating mistake here. First of all, never expand in a way that will shrink your garden space. Making one more room by building it in the back yard will be less valuable than having a big back yard. Better try to find a way that will make your backyard look more appealing. The swimming pool is great but in case you live in a warm and sunny place. And even here, owning a swimming pool means you will have to maintain it. Costs of maintenance are not small, and if you add them to the price of building a swimming pool, you might be sorry.

    Common renovating ideas to avoid- plant pots with cactus
    Improving your garden can never be a common renovating idea to avoid

    Renovating your home is a great idea but think about common renovating ideas to avoid. Always make sure you are not overdoing it. Look around your neighborhood and make sure your house doesn’t stand out. If none of the houses around have a swimming pool, you don’t need one. If other houses don’t have a huge back yard, you can use a part of yours to build something. Do not over renovate. If you have the most expensive house in the neighborhood, you will have trouble selling it since people who have more money than your neighborhood’s average will look for a fancier neighborhood. It is better to be reasonable than overspending your money.

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