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Moving During a Rainstorm – Tips and Tricks

Most people consider moving during a rainstorm impossible, and many avoid it at all costs. But what if you don't have the choice? Simply dealing with your everyday move is stressful, imagine, on top of that that you have to deal with all the hassle that a rainstorm brings. Now, this certainly is difficult, but not impossible. If you contact Evolution Moving Company to work with you and prepare properly, you'll be able to relocate during a rainstorm easily. Mind you, even if you prepare to your best ability, there is still something that you will have to pay attention to during the moving day. Therefore, you better read up on our tips and tricks so that you are ready and able.

How to prepare

Moving during a rainstorm is all about preparations. If you know in advance that you are going to have to relocate during a rainstorm, you'd be a fool not to prepare for it. There are two things, in essence, you will have to deal with. Finding the right movers and packing. Both of those are equally important and you should, therefore, treat them with the same seriousness. Even if you don't plan on moving during a rainstorm, being prepared for it is not a bad thing. Picking out a good moving company is important no matter the weather. Also, Movers Leander TX will agree that the way you pack is very important.
traffic lights when moving during a rainstorm
Rainstorms will lower the range of our vision

Working with the right movers

If you know that you will have to deal with a rainstorm during your move, you better find the right Movers in New Braunfels to help you out. This means that no newbie movers should move you. Especially if you are also moving furniture. Sure, they may be able to handle a standard relocation without any issues. But, moving during a rainstorm can be really tricky, which is why you should find experienced movers. This is also the reason why you should look for movers in the areas where rainstorms are commonplace. You will have a much better chance of finding movers who know how to handle a rainstorm in those areas than you otherwise would. If you find multiple movers that suit you, get various moving estimates. This will help you decide which movers are really the best. If you are not able to look for specific companies, try and find services that specialize in the areas around rainstorms. This way, you can still get some benefits. Yes, we do agree that it can be hard to find these things, but the safety of you and your items must be the top priority. Ask around and people that used Movers Georgetown TX has to offer will recommend only the absolute best.
Shaking hands with your moving company representative
Finding a good company is a must when moving during a rainstorm.

Quality packing supplies

The next thing you've got to do is to find quality packing supplies. Moving during a rainstorm means that you will have to keep your possessions safe from water. And in order to do so, you need to utilize quality packing supplies in your packing. So, avoid trying to find free or cheap packing supplies. Go to your local movers or to a DIY and get some quality moving boxes Texas. Or, better yet, get some plastic bins if you can find them. They are much better suited for moving during a rainstorm since they are impervious to water. If you properly pack your items in quality plastic bins, you can be pretty much sure that nothing will happen to them. Even during the wildest of rainstorms. If you have items that are too big for plastic containers, don't forget to wrap them in waterproof materials. Some furniture is highly sensitive to temperature and climate changes. Do your research and ask your moving company for advice. It may be better to put some items in storage till the weather allows a better and safer move. If not Apartment Movers Austin will do their best to assist you during the whole process.

Proper Packing

But, having quality packing supplies will be worth little if you do not know how to use them. Start off by sorting your possessions. This will give you a better idea of how much you need to pack and how to do so. Next, you need to use proper padding and wrapping. For most residential moves, you will have enough padding and wrapping materials in your home. Take your clothes and simply wrap them around fragile materials. That should provide enough protection during relocation. And, do not forget, you need to label your boxes and bins. Anyone that is going to handle them needs to be aware of what is inside if they are going to do so properly. Do what you can to minimize the risk of a moving accident.
plastic containers are best when moving during a rainstorm
The best way to pack during a storm is by using plastic containers.

Moving equipment

Another key point to mention is that you will need moving equipment. Most likely, you will not need professional moving equipment like harnesses and moving belts. But, you will need to work boots and gloves. This is simply not optional, especially when moving during a rainstorm. Since there will be so much moisture, there will be a considerable risk of slipping. In order to circumvent that, you need to wear safety gear so that there is little risk of moving accidents. Do yourself a favor and get a quality pair of work boots and gloves. Seal all the lids and cases title in order to prevent any leaks from happening. If you have highly sensitive items like books or paperwork, you need to pay even more attention. They are not only sensitive to rain but humidity as well. Sometimes donating furniture to the Furniture Bank is a better option than moving it. Especially if the furniture is already damaged or very heavy.

Moving during a rainstorm

Once you've found your movers and prepared your items, you will only need to deal with the actual moving day. Now, in order to do so properly, you need to be aware of some important aspects. These will help you avoid both moving stress and moving accidents. Don't forget to be careful. One of the biggest dangers when moving during a rainstorm is the lack of visuals. Rain, especially a strong one, is one of the biggest enemies of driving. The roads become slippery as well, and a truck that packs a lot of weight is not exactly safe if you are not careful. Raincoats are a must, you can even consider hats or other equipment that will keep the rain out of your eyes.
traffic during a rainstorm
Since rain is a big traffic influence, don't be surprised by the traffic delay and people driving closer.

The key is to organize

If you've found yourself capable movers to help you out, you need to work out a solid moving plan with them. Only then will you be able to tackle moving during a rainstorm. Make sure that the plan is straightforward and comprehensible. Also, get to know every aspect of the plan so that there are no parts of it that are unfamiliar. Every decent mover would like you to know that there are no stupid questions when it comes to moving. If you are unfamiliar with something ask, no matter how redundant your question may seem. By willingly keeping things to yourself you are doing a disservice both to yourself and to your movers.

Safety is paramount

If your movers are halfway decent, they will remind you of this time and time again. But, we feel that there is no harm in saying it to you now. When moving to another location, safety is paramount. Trying to minimize the chances of moving mishaps and accidents should be your number one priority. You can place cardboard in your home so that you both protect your floors and carpets and reduce the chance of your movers slipping. Furthermore, you should make sure that the path your movers are going to take is cleared and that there is nothing in their way on which they can trip. Keep yourself and your movers safe, and your relocation is as good as done.
Rainstorm and lightning during night
Sometimes if the storm is too strong and it's best to take a break and wait for a little.

If you happen to move during a rainstorm

Having taken all of the options into account, it is a good idea to be well prepared for your upcoming move. If you want to make sure you have taken all precautions, get moving quotes New Braunfels and book your reliable movers. This will be the best possible decision for you and your family, as you and all your belongings will be unaffected while moving during a rainstorm. 


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