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Moving Essentials List: Must-Have Items for Your Big Move

Moving Essentials List: Must-Have Items for Your Big Move

Moving is fun and easy. Said no one ever. So when the time to move comes, it’s understandable that you will be lethargic and dreadful about the entire experience. But it has to be done.  And the experience doesn’t always have to be unpleasant. With some fore-planning (and your wits about you), you can execute a successful, tear-free move to your new home. The first step to this is creating a moving essentials list to guide the entire process. How do you do this? You are in luck, as we have prepared the ultimate residential moving checklist for you.  Here are must-have moving essentials for moving day two people creating a moving checklist

1. A Moving Folder

A move takes a lot of time, and it helps to have all the necessary documentation in one handy place.  So have a folder, ideally physical, to keep payment receipts, contacts, agreements, and a copy of your moving notice, rental, and purchase papers. In short, have every piece of documentation you might need when moving in this folder for easy retrieval. 

2. A Basic First Aid Kit

A list of moving supplies should include a basic first aid kit.  All that packing, lifting, and shuttling things around increases the likelihood of scrapes, nicks, cuts, and other injuries. A first aid kit is important, especially if you will execute the entire move without hiring residential movers At the very least, the kit should have some antiseptic solution, bandages, tweezers, and painkillers. 

3. Clean Bedding and Pillows

Moving is financially, physically, and mentally draining. Chances are that all the exhaustion from the move will hit you all at once the day you move. Once you get to the new house, nothing will feel better than a good night’s sleep.  You shouldn’t have to rummage through dozens of boxes to find a clean blanket. To avoid more chaos, you need to pack clean bedding and linen and travel with it in your car for easy access. 

4. An Overnight Bag

Similarly, have a bag with items everyone will need the first night.  These include toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, prescription medications, pajamas, and basic cleaning supplies. Again, these should go in your car.  On the off chance that you get to the new house and your stuff doesn't, for whatever reason, you should be able to get through the night as you wait for your belongings to get to you.  An overnight bag in your car is also a way to access it for night one right before you unpack everything else. 

5. Cash and Credit Cards

These should go in your wallet/handbag and then in your car. Having cash on you will allow you to manage expenses en route and at the new place.  The last thing you would want is to need gas, food, and other necessities only to realize your credit cards are in the moving truck alongside other items. You hope you won’t need money on move-in day, but it’s comforting to have some just in case you do. A moving essentials list would be incomplete without some cash, and the first few days in your new home can be unbearable without some cash. 

6. Moving Boxes

These will not be necessary if you use a moving company. If not, you need to assemble assorted packing boxes. Use the sturdier ones for heavy items, and vice versa.  You can purchase some or source used ones from neighborhood stores. Learn how to pack for a move and try to pack each box so that it's compactly packed. This minimizes the chances of your items moving around, chafing against each other. 

7. Flashlight and Toolkit

Items like pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, and flashlights are necessary when moving. While you are unlikely to do any heavy stuff the first day you move, you might have some assembling to do. Think about fixing bulbs, light fixtures, and so on to get through the first night.  You don't want the frustration of being unable to do these minor things, nor do you want to spend money buying items you already have. 

8. Bulbs and Keys

It's always funny how people tend to remember the big stuff and forget the small, albeit essential, items. One of these is the key to the new place.  Woe unto you if you tossed them into a drawer and emptied them into one of the packing boxes before being loaded onto the moving truck. Finding it will undoubtedly leave you pulling your hair.  So have the keys to the new place in your handbag or overnight bag and travel with them in your vehicle.  The same goes for bulbs. You will be in quite a pickle should nightfall come, and all your bulbs are in one of the dozens of boxes you moved with. To prevent inconvenience, have these in an easily accessible bag. 

9. Packing Supplies

Assembling all your moving supplies before you begin will make your packing go more smoothly.  Packing materials to include in your moving checklist list include the following: Bubble wrap and packing paper: you need bubble wrap to swaddle fragile items in as a form of protection during transit and unloading. If you can't find bubble wrap, assemble newspapers, packing paper, towels, and bedsheets. Anything you can use to create cushioning around breakable items will suffice.  Permanent marker: ideally, the moving process should entail packing from room to room or having similar items in the same box. With this system, you can label boxes to make it easier to know what goes where.  For example, you can have items from the master bedroom labeled as such, so the boxes from the master will go directly to the master bedroom in the new house. This labeling will come in handy when unpacking.  Packing tape: once you pack items compactly, seal the box with tape so they don't fall out even if the box topples over. You can also use tape to bind items like mops, garden tools, and kitchen utensils together. 

Do You Want A Stress-Free Move?

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