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Moving from San Antonio to Houston might be exactly what you need. Houston is more attractive to people than other major Texas cities like Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. There are many reasons why. First, Houston is more progressive than the rest of the deep American South. In addition to this, the job market is probably the best one in Texas. This might be the biggest reason why so many young professionals are moving to H-Town instead of other Texas cities. If you are one of them, find your moving company Texas and find out everything you need to know about living in Houston. 

Moving from San Antonio to Houston – it is more affordable 

Houston has a population of over 2.099.451 which makes H-Town the fourth most populous city in the United State. This means Houston is more expensive than some smaller cities in the state. However, comparing only other large cities, Houston turns out to be a little bit cheaper. For example, Houston is 7% cheaper than Austin and San Antonio. House prices are less expensive but the housing market is relatively competitive. Therefore, always be ready to call long-distance movers San Antonio and schedule your move. You have to be quick in order to get the house you want. In addition to this, energy costs are lower and there is no state income tax. All these things will help your budget. However, insurance is more expensive in Houston. Property taxes and sales taxes are also slightly higher than in other Texas cities.  
Moving from San Antonio to Houston and holding a small sign
Houston is more affordable than other major cities in Texas

Where to live in H-Town 

Houston has many inner waterways and “the loop”. Every local will know what the loop is. For the newcomers, the 610 highway creates a barrier within Houston. Therefore, you have the Inner Loop, aka the downtown Houston, and the Outside Loop. You can guess which one is more popular. The downtown is more densely populated with singles and apartments while the outer part features more family-oriented neighborhoods. When you are looking for a neighborhood, here are a couple of suggestions.  
  • The Heights – the downtown where all the “cool kids” gather and live. 
  • River Oaks – probably the most expensive part of the city with large mansions and estates.  
  • East Downtown – one of the more urban places with fantastic street art and small businesses.  
  • West University – just as the name suggests, it is on the west side of Rice University, perfect when moving with kids.  

Moving from San Antonio to Houston to buy a house 

Usually, people want to move because they are finally able to buy a house. This is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to relocate to Houston from San Antonio with moving services San Antonio. Experts claim that you have a higher possibility to purchase a property in H-Town with a modest income. However, you will need to find a real estate agent, especially if you want to score a good deal. Due to many waterways, some areas are seen as flood zones. If you come across a beautiful house with a price that is almost too true to be real, something is reducing the market value. Usually, this something is either a higher risk of floods and hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey caused major damage to the city that it took almost 12 months to recover the housing market.  
white house with pink roof
Be careful when buying a house as it can be located in the flood zone

The job market in H-Town 

As mentioned, many young professionals are moving to Houston because of its job market. Over the last decade, the job market has been expanding drastically. Every day you can see a new building pop up in an unexpected place. In order to build a building, you need people. Therefore, construction is always looking for new employees. Then, those buildings are mostly used for business purposes. Again, there is a high demand for various employees. In addition to this, major employers include large medical centers, such as MD Anderson Cancer Center. The other top industries include aerospace and aviation, energy, health care, manufacturing, IT, etc. Due to a relatively stable economy, people can live a more comfortable life. They do not have to worry about losing jobs, being unable to support their families, and similar problems. It is a big privilege to find a decent paying job and keep it.  

Moving from San Antonio to Houston for education and food scene 

Education is important, especially when moving with children. For this reason, you should move to a city that has great educational opportunities. The Houston Independent School District is one of the largest with 283 schools. Many schools are considered the best in the state and have an amazing AP program. In addition to this, universities in Houston are pretty great with The University of Houston being one of the biggest. Rice University with its Medical Center is one of the best in the South. After all this studying, you will need food for your body and soul. You can find everything and anything you please in Houston. The popular meals include Vegan food, Indian, Italian, Mexican, etc. Due to its size, Houston is very ethnically diverse which can be seen in the food scene.  
green sports field
Houston has one of the best schools

Things to do in Houston 

You will never get bored in Houston. Here are some suggestions. 
  • Fitness – the locals are all about a healthy lifestyle and working out. There is no shortage of gyms, workout centers, yoga studios, etc. 
  • Museums – they have an entire district dedicated to museums. You can spend an entire weekend visiting all the museums in the area. 
  • Theater – the theater scene is pretty strong too with interesting shows being performed every night.  
  • Downtown Aquarium & Houston Zoo – perfect for your kids.  
  • Hermann Park and Memorial Park – the two biggest parks in the city and popular places for outdoor activities.  
As you can see, Houston has many things to offer. If you like what you see, then it is time to organize your move.  


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