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    Moving Preparation - October 5, 2018

    To err is human, however, it should be avoided whenever possible, especially when things like money and the safety of your property are at stake. Worrying about moving mistakes can take all the fun out of moving but so can losing your most treasured possessions. Therefore, learn what the most common oversights are and how to avoid them.

    These are the most common moving mistakes

    Starting too late/early

    Preparing for relocation is difficult as it is. By procrastinating, you’re just making it harder. Estimating that you need less time to pack or find a good moving company New Braunfels than you actually do is one of the most common moving errors. Moving in a hurry is bound to be sloppy, plus, it adds to the enormous amount of stress you are already dealing with. So, give yourself more time than you think is enough. But not too much. Staring too early is a moving mistake, too. If you pack too early, later you might need some of the items you have already packed. Moreover, you’ll be buried in boxes longer than you need to be. Making a moving checklist will help you stay organized.

    Not decluttering before packing

    Packing everything you own is a huge moving mistake. Moving is your ideal opportunity to get rid of the things you do not use. Come on, there must be something. Decluttering your home will not only make the move easier and quicker but also cheaper. Since moving companies usually charge based on the weight of your belongings, you’ll do yourself a favor. Instead of losing money, you can actually make some if you manage to sell unwanted items. Donating to a registered charity also has its financial benefits.

    A room completely filled with stuff (boxes, books, a TV, bags, etc) prepared to be taken to the new home - one of the biggest moving mistakes
    Taking everything from their old place is one of many moving mistakes people make.

    Underestimating the importance of help

    Hiring movers is expensive but so is DIY, especially if you lose some of your belongings due to the lack of experience. The best way to avoid moving mistakes is working with someone who has done it many times before and has the right equipment. Although moving by yourself can be successful in some cases, you should not eliminate the option of hiring someone without giving it some thought. A moving company can be a lifesaver, especially if you are dealing with urgent relocation or a very big house. If you still think you and your friends can do an equally good job or you simply cannot afford a moving company, at least consider letting pros move your fragile items.

    The corner of a room, paintings on the walls, tables and chairs, bookshelves
    You can opt for a partial move and have professionals move your valuables, such as delicate artwork.

    Hiring the first company you find

    Understanding the benefits of hiring professionals is not enough. Hiring the first company you find online or see in the newspapers is not the best idea. In fact, it can be very dangerous. You do not want to try your luck.

    • First, you need to get referrals from friends and family. The most honest advice you can receive is theirs.
    • Read online reviews to find out which companies most clients recommend. Here, you can also learn about the various moving mistakes others have made.
    • Visit the companies’ websites, call their offices or visit them personally. Look for certifications, ask questions about the moving services they offer and discuss the available dates.
    • Moreover, make sure you get a quote from a few companies (at least three) before making the final decision and signing a contract.
    • Thorough research takes time, which brings us back to the first moving mistake we mentioned in this article.

    Not getting insurance

    Ask what insurance options the movers offer before deciding which one is for you and whether you need additional coverage. You should be offered both released-value protection and full-value protection by your interstate movers. But what exactly does that mean? Released-value protection sets the value of your belongings at 60 cents a pound.

    Rain drops, an umbrella with a dollar sign underneath it
    If you hire reputable movers, you probably won’t have to use your moving insurance but that doesn’t mean you should move without it.

    On the other hand, full-value protection provides coverage based on your own valuation of the goods you are moving. If you opt for this type of protection, the moving company will provide a replacement of equal value or pay for the item’s repair, in case it suffers any damage. Alternatively, you have the option of getting additional insurance from a third-party company. In addition, your homeowners insurance policy may cover items in transit. So, make sure you check it before relocation.

    Improper packing

    Packing is a very important part of moving on which the safety of your items depends. Even a short local move can end in a disaster if the items are not packed properly. People often overestimate the durability of their packing materials and their items. Therefore, you must know how vulnerable certain materials are and how to protect them.

    Also, there is nothing more complicated than finding the item you are looking for among dozens of boxes. You will never be able to find your coffee maker the morning after you move, unless you’ve clearly labeled the box. Plus, the items will be much safer if the people carrying the boxes know what is inside. The safest way to avoid these mistakes is to have your moving company send trained packers and packing supplies.

    Throwing away receipts

    Once the move is over, people tend to get rid of receipts and documents from the move. This is an expensive moving mistake because you’ll need those papers to deduct your moving expenses. Of course, your move needs to meet the requirements for a moving deduction. We suggest making a moving folder to store the paperwork from your moving company. This paperwork includes receipts, estimates and your bill of lading.

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