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Let's be honest, almost everything you do is more difficult with a newborn child: eating, cleaning, working, shopping, and as you can imagine, that also includes moving. Moving is a cause of emotional and psychological stress for adults but also for babies and children. You might ask yourself how it is stressful for babies. Well for babies the stress of moving is due to their daily routine being disrupted. The best thing to do is to change their routine as little as possible during the move. Hire the best moving company Texas has to offer to help you with your move. Like this, you will have more time to spend with your newborn and cause him less stress. Furthermore, here are some solutions to minimize the stress of moving with a newborn child and how to handle it.

Maintain your daily routine on the D-day when moving with the newborn child

Moving is always draining, but it will be more so when moving with a newborn child. If your budget allows, don't hesitate to hire one of the moving companies in San Antonio. They will be able to make a quick transfer, which will save you a lot of baby crying and hassle. Although it is difficult to have a normal day on moving day, try as much as possible to maintain the usual habits with your newborn. This means that your baby will have to wake up, take his nap and eat at the same time as usual.
baby laying on a blanket
Moving with a newborn child can be stressful.
An essential part of this stressful and busy day is going to be to stay calm and do not raise your voice. Moving day will go by quickly and you will be relaxing in your new accommodation real soon. Everyone survives a move and while it is not easy, you are not the first or the last to move with a newborn. Stay positive. This is a new stage in your life, live it to the fullest and enjoy the happiness it gives you.

Designate a person in charge of the baby for a moving day

If you are not available, make sure to designate the person in charge of the baby. The best is to leave your baby with someone that the baby is already used to. This person will be responsible for taking care of him during the move. This person can be the baby's mother or father, or it can be a family member, friend, or nanny. Either way, this person should not be involved in the moving tasks, they should be able to take full care of the baby and ensure his well-being throughout the day.

Sort when packing

Start packing your boxes one month before moving day. This gives you enough time to sort everything out and to take care of your child. If you wait for the last week before the moving date, you will be in a huge rush and it will only add to your stress. Take your time and make different categories for the boxes:
  • Baby clothes- pack the clothes that still fit in one box and the ones that don’t fit in another. If you have a secure storage unit keep the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore there. You will save space in your new place. Also whenever you want to gift those clothes to someone or sell them you will easily find them.
  • Baby toys - there is no better time to get rid of the billion plastic toys and stuffed animals that have accumulated since the birth of your baby, however, make sure to keep his favorite toys.
  • Baby furniture – crib, stroller, changing table, etc. Make sure that you mark what those boxes contain so that you can find them quickly when installing the baby’s room.
Unrecognizable woman arranging baby clothes before moving with a newborn child.
Start packing and sorting out baby clothes in advance.

Prepare a baby bag

Make sure you are ready to travel with your baby. Bring a special bag with all the essentials. Do not leave this bag with long-distance movers San Antonio, because in case of emergency you will not be able to use it immediately. Instead, keep this diaper bag with you.  By doing this, you will not have to search for his favorite toy in an "untraceable" box. So, make sure to keep favorite toys, first aid kit, medicines, sleeping bag, milk, videophone, breastfeeding cushion, high-chair, play mat, diaper bin… and enough outfits to last a week in this bag. It's like packing your baby for a mini-vacation! You should bring bottles, blankets, and diapers in sufficient quantity and especially lots of water if the temperatures are high.

Get your baby's room ready first when you are moving with a newborn child

Even if you'd rather relax in front of a good movie, it can wait! Set up your baby’s room first. This is the best way to make your newborn comfortable. Try as much as possible to recreate his old room: crib, changing table, mobile with the fairies spinning above his head, usual music, nightlight, usual mattress, favorite sleeping bag. Keep all the baby items together, in specific boxes like that you can easily unpack them first. Furthermore, make a baby-proof plan before the move. When you already have a list of things that need to be baby-proofed you will need less time to do it when you arrive in the new place. Your baby will settle in quickly, and you will be relieved that your baby’s room is safe and ready for use.
baby laying in a crib
When moving with a newborn child make sure you install their room first at the new place.
Be confident, and tell yourself that you have planned, prepared, and solved as many problems as possible and that you will take care of the rest in the company of those who have come to help you. No move is perfect. There will be surprises, small problems, or delays, but you will overcome all of this. Understanding this will allow you to deal with unexpected situations without getting overwhelmed while moving with a newborn child.


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