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New Braunfels sites to visit this fall

You are finally moving to your new home. It has been a long time since you had your previous relocation, and it is understandable if you need a small reminder. That is why you are here, right? So, we will help you organize, prepare an adequate budget, cover legalities, and find long distance movers Texas. Also, we will work on the adaptation period. More precisely, the New Braunfels sites to visit this fall and have fun while settling in. There is no better way to meet your new neighborhood than to start exploring as soon as you move in. And today, we will tell you where to go first. Let’s have a look.

Where to begin?

You must create a moving checklist first. It is something you will need to navigate yourself through the process. And your residential movers New Braunfels will need the basic info your checklist includes. So, inspect your home, create an inventory list, and note down all the furniture you intend on moving. Especially the robust ones that can make problems while relocating. Measure the doors, corridors, and staircases in both old and new apartments. This way you will know if everything can fit nicely and safely.
create a moving plan along with New Braunfels sites to visit this fall
Contact your movers, create a relocation plan, and start packing.
Once you cover the basic stages, start working on transferring services and covering legalities. Your ID, passport, driver’s license, credit cards, and medical records should be in order and aligned with your new address. Also, apply to transfer Wi-Fi and PO box as soon as you can because it might take a while. And to prepare an adequate budget, you must call your movers first. They will provide moving quotes New Braunfels. Guided by the info from movers, you will set aside an appropriate amount to cover all moving stages. Work with your movers, they will assist you like no other.

Natural Bridge Caverns is one of the New Braunfels sites to visit this fall

As you may know, Autumn is mild in New Braunfels. Throughout the entire September and October, you can have summer weather. This means you can explore the great outdoors and visit the natural wonders of New Braunfels. One such place is the Natural Bridge and especially the Caverns. These are world-famous caverns but surely the largest ones in the entire state of Texas. There are hour-long tours with professional guides and special tours on the side for those who want to check out the unexplored areas. Yes, these caverns are still largely unexplored which means you can contribute and explore them with tour guides. Who knows what you’ll find in there? So, we highly recommend having a field trip with the entire family.

The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is another among the New Braunfels sites to visit this fall

While exploring caverns, you can’t miss The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It is surely one of the New Braunfels sites to visit this fall. And if you start early, you can visit both places without too much struggle. Although keep in mind you’ll need at least an hour of driving to get through the park. Basically, this is a drive-by park where you can see all kinds of animals. You can even stop and feed some of them at the designated feeding areas. If you never saw an elephant, bison, giraffe, or rhino, this is the place to do it. With almost 450 acres and over 500 animals, there is surely a lot to see and experience.
two rhinos in the open
At The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, you'll have a unique opportunity to meet some of the rarest species in the world.

Twisted Trails is for families with children

Right there between the caverns and the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, you’ll find Twisted Trails. It is a ton of fun. Sure, parks and caverns are amazing, but this is purely designed as a throwback to your childhood. Trails are designed as a multi-level zip lines where you can climb or slide however you like. Of course, the higher levels are harder, and for more experienced users. If you like to test your balance and have a ton of fun, visit Twisted Trails once you embark on a Natural Bridge tour. So, what are you waiting for? Call your Texas movers right away and prepare for a weekend getaway of a lifetime.

Now let’s head straight to NB Downtown

Downtown New Braunfels offers a lot. There are hundreds of shops, restaurants, coffee places, motels, parks, you name it. And you’ll love the early 1800s architecture you’ll find there. And the nightlife is abundant if that is something you are looking for. All in all, if you want to have fun, go shopping, or simply have a nice family dinner, Downtown NB is the place to go. Although, the Farmer’s Market located downtown is especially good. Arguably the best one in the area. Do not miss out on it. It is held each Saturday starting from 6-7AMish.
a woman picking vegetables at the market
You will fall in love with the Farmer's Market downtown.


Yes, this list can go without the largest water park in Texas. Schlitterbahn is one of a kind and we can’t find words to describe it properly. Whatever we say can’t be compared to one of the slides you’ll find there. Now, do not get us wrong, this is not the place for adrenaline seekers only. It is more for families with children to have a picnic while relaxing in one of the pools. But there are a few attractions that are designed for the older crowd and once you hit the ride, you will remember it forever. Also, Schlitterbahn Water Park & Resort is located along the Comal River so you’ll have plenty of options to organize swimming, diving, sliding, or simply relaxing surrounded by beautiful nature. We highly recommend you visit this one because it is surely one of the best New Braunfels sites to visit this fall. New Braunfels sites to visit this fall are all over the place. Now you have enough to organize and check them out with your family. Just do not wait for too long because Winter is just around the corner. Visit these sites while the weather is still favorable. Good luck.


11884 Greenville Ave #100A, Dallas, TX 75243

PHONE: (682) 651-5505

Fort Worth

3320 Dooling St, Fort Worth, TX 76111

PHONE: (682) 651-5505

San Antonio

11955 Parliament St #1308, San Antonio, TX 78216

PHONE: (210) 944-8858

New Braunfels

1383 Village Inn, New Braunfels, TX 78132

PHONE: (830) 542-8608


PHONE: (512) 595-3003


120 N Dooley St, Suite 5, Grapevine, TX 76051

PHONE: (682) 651-5505


313 Harwood Road, Suite 217, Bedford, TX 76021

PHONE: (682) 651-5505