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Open-air attractions in San Antonio you can visit

So you've decided to move to one of the most beautiful places in America, San Antonio! Since you're new to the neighborhood and the city, you want to know more about the place. We, as one of the best Texas movers would like to help you out. In this article, we'll introduce some of the best open-air attractions in San Antonio you can visit.  So let's dive in!

Alamo a historic open-air attraction in San Antonio you should visit

Our first attraction is the world-famous Alamo; this is certainly a must-see! This place attracts millions of visitors every year from the whole world. You can visit it all seven days of the week from 9 AM till 5:30 PM. The best part is that it's free! Just check the Alamo website to see what is allowed. Not visiting this is like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty. For those who took naps in history classes, this is the place where the Battle of the Alamo took place. This was a key event that ensured the independence of Texas. By the way, the site's official name is Mission San Antonio de Valero, The Alamo. For an extra $5, you can buy an Alamo audio tour and get access to the Alamo exhibit for free! You should also visit the Church while you're at Alamo. We, as residential movers San Antonio TX can tell you that the Church is the most iconic picture of the Alamo. You'll mostly see this in the pictures if you google the place. Also, you can use the website to book the tickets for free. Tours are organized in groups of 100 people, and they're held every 20 minutes from 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M . And the last thing you can do and maybe one of the most popular is the guided tour. Kids aged 12 and above will have to pay $40 like adults, and kids from five to eleven will pay $30; tickets are free for kids under five. Also, a military discount is available so ask if you have one.
Church entrance one of the most popular open-air attractions in San Antonio
This famous church in Alamo is one of the most popular open-air attractions in San Antonio

San Antonio zoo is one of the best open-air attractions in San Antonio

Who doesn't like zoos? Well, there are certain people like ecology activists, but most people do. It's a wonderful open-air attraction, and it doesn't cost much. We, as one of the most reliable furniture movers San Antonio can help you with tickets as well. You can contact us if you need any help with any type of move. Now let's get back to the zoo; there are six types of tickets available:
  • Standard Admission
  • Fun Day Ticket 4-D w/Lory
  • Fun Day Ticket Train w/Lory
  • Zoo Family Fun Pack- Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni)
  • Any Day Admission Ticket
  • PNC Bank Locals Day
The Standard Admission ticket is valued at $23.50, and it's the cheapest option. For children aged three to eleven, the ticket is $18.57, and for kids under three, it's free. If you're with kids, you have four different options: Kiddie Park Unlimited Ride & Meal Deal, Kiddie Park Ride Tickets, Kiddie Park Birthday Party, and Kiddie Park Private Party.  For additional explanations and differences, please visit their official site, where you can buy tickets. As you can see, it's a great place for anyone and a lot of fun. Now working hours are every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is also a famous zoo train, and it's only $6 per passenger, just like the 4D theater. In addition, if you prefer something a bit extra, you can get a VIP Walking Tour-Expedition Adventure.
A girl standing in front of fish aquarium
The zoo has always been one of the most popular attractions, especially for families!

Travel the Mission Trail in San Antonio

If you still haven't relocated, we have some of the easiest ways of moving to San Antonio with family; you can use some of these travel tips as well. So let's see how our ancestors traveled. You can do this on foot, bike, or motor vehicle, so it's suitable for everyone. This is located in San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. This path includes five missions, we've already one and the most popular Alamo, so there are four more to go. The distance between each of these missions is about 2.5 miles. The missions are Mission Concepción, Mission San José, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada. There are no admissions to any sites, so everything is free, as well as parking, and it's available at every mission. Working hours are every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, we'll briefly explain. These historic sites occurred when the Spanish Catholic missionaries and Native Americans fought against the French and other indigenous tribes that wanted to control this territory. You'll start your journey in Espada and finish in Alamo.

River Walk is yet another open-air attraction in San Antonio

This is a free park in San Antonio, and it's really popular. It's also entirely free, so there are no fees! As one of the most famous open-air attractions in San Antonio, you must visit it. You've probably heard of it, it has that special boat ride down the river, and it's not expensive, it's about $7. Here you'll find luxurious hotels, unimaginably beautiful green spaces, some of the best shops, and the finest restaurants in San Antonio. Back in the 60s, the designers who helped Walt Disney to create Disneyland, they've worked on the River Walk. That's why a lot of people say that River Walk has that Disney tone.
Two men holding a green sofa
If you need any help with moving just about anything, contact us!
That would be it for today, and thank you for reading this article. We hope that you liked our thoughts on open-air attractions in San Antonio you can visit. These were the most honorable and popular places that people wanted to visit. If you didn't find affordable housing in San Antonio, we could help you with that, too; we have a lot of interesting things about San Antonio and Texas in our blog section. We hope that you'll like the city and have a great move!


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