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Most of the time while packing people pay attention to things that are easy to break or lose. Things like appliances, books, glasses, etc. But what most people forget until it's too late is right there under their feet. It's packing and moving rugs and carpets! They may look pretty easy to move. Just roll it up and put it in a truck, but that is not how you should do it! They can easily get damaged or may even be destroyed. Well, we are here today to help you precisely with that task.

Cleaning comes first

Before we even come to the process of packing and moving rugs and carpets we have to clean them. Keeping a rug in a good condition comes with regular maintenance. What that includes are regular vacuuming and professional cleaning companies or moving companies Austin. So naturally, before packing and moving into a new home you should deep clean them.  Placing the rug outside in the sun and beating it gets rid of accumulated dirt. Most of the allergens and dust and dirt would be eliminated that way. But it's not all gone yet! You need to take in mind that some rugs like the Persian rug for example can get damaged by ultraviolet rays. So this is not a solution for everyone. This is where deep cleaning comes into play. To do the deep cleaning yourself you will need vinegar, salt, baking soda, and borax. Vacuum three times in three directions Then mix 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup borax, and 1/4 cup vinegar. Apply this paste to heavy stains and let it sit until dry.  Then proceed to steam clean the carpets. If you don't have a steam cleaner you can rent it or enlist a professional.
A woman cleaning the rug, representing packing and moving rugs and carpets
 Cleaning the rug before the relocation.

Get your moving supplies

Packing and moving rugs and carpets thankfully doesn't require a lot of moving materials. For rugs, you will need a string or rope, packing paper, and packing tape. But if you want to move to a more expensive rug you will need to pay more attention. So that is better left to professionals. You can find all the required materials in the local store. But don't forget to ask for a helping hand when moving rugs and carpets as some can be quite heavy.

Packing and moving rugs and carpets

If you decide not to use moving services Austin Texas and decide to do all the world yourself first flip the carpet. If you don't flip it then all of the rug fibers will be facing you and will be easier to damage. While packing and moving rugs and carpets their safety should be the priority. So when flipping it and folding it like that, all the fibers will be inside the room. Roll the rug against the grains, slowly, and make it tight. Start rolling from the corner and proceed with steady moves. The tighter you make it the better. Use the string rope to slowly tie the middle of the rug. After securing the middle do the edges as well. We strongly recommend not using tape or any other materials in this step. The usage of anything other than a rope will put your rug in a position where it can get damaged while you are packing and moving rugs and carpets. Then use the packing paper and roll it over your rug. If you forget the paper you can opt for a thick blanket. After you wrap it secure it with packing tape. Avoid placing anything on top of the rugs and carpets. And you are ready to go!
A rug folded
Fold your rugs neatly.

Packing the more expensive rugs

Packing and moving rugs and carpets is similar but at some point also different. As some rugs can be pretty expensive or maybe they have some sentimental value. So you should be extra careful with them. Make sure to get them checked before the move and packing begins. Proceed with a clean and it's highly recommended you enlist professional help for that. Throw rugs have a specific direction of the fibers so make sure you identify it. Rub your hand over the surface and see which way gives you a smoother feeling. Packing and moving rugs and carpets is the same as the step of flipping them upside down to roll. First, fold it in thirds.  Persian rugs are large and heavy so you will need help!


And here we are at the last step of our packing and moving rugs and carpets journey. Here all we have left is to roll it down right? Well wrong. With the help of long distance movers Austin or friends and family, you have safely rolled your rugs and carpets and drove them to your new home. There you should first plan out their placing. The position of the carpets and rugs can do a lot to the room's interior. It can make the room look bigger, smaller, dark, or light. So make sure you have the placing figured out. After that clean the floors and make room to unwrap your carpet. While you were packing and moving rugs and carpets you secured them and flipped them. Make sure you have room to flip them back slowly. To straighten the rug place heavy furniture or boxes on top of it for several days.  
A wonam sitting
The position of the carpets and rugs can do a lot to the room's interior.
Even though most don't notice them they are a big help in the house decor and warmth. As they provided a soft space for kids to play and a warm place to place their feet. We hope we helped you even a little with packing and moving your rugs and carpets. They are maybe not the first thing that comes to mind to move but sure are not a neglectable one at all.


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