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Packing guide for seniors

Whether you’re downsizing after retiring or moving somewhere closer to your children and grandchildren, pensioners from all over the country can benefit from our packing guide for seniors. When you use San Antonio TX local movers, you move like a pro. Why not start fresh, it will reward you in so many ways. However, relocating when you’re a senior will have its own unique challenges. For example, if you have medical conditions or some sort of physical limitations, that might leave an impact on the process of packing guide for seniors.

Here are a few tips from our packing guide for seniors

Whether you’re helping a senior family member move to a care facility, or you’re a senior who’s downsizing, our moving services San Antonio and packing guide for seniors comes with special considerations. Planning is crucial for making any move as easy, safe and comfortable as it can possibly be. Here’s a comprehensive packing guide for seniors checklist you can use:
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From mobility access to creating an inventory list, there are many things you can do to prepare for the move.

How to make the whole process easier before the movers arrive:

While Evolution Moving SA professionals are packing and getting your belongings on the truck, you can do things to help, such as:
  • Pack up a box of moving day essentials. Grabbing everything you will need on the day of the move is a packing guide for seniors 101. Pack medications, clothing, and toiletries into this box or a bag.
  • Delegate tasks and direct traffic. Help the movers know where you want to place items on the moving truck and where you want them to put when you get to your new home. Create your home layout and label it to make this process easier for everyone.
  • Provide your movers with basic supplies. We will, of course, come with quality moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrapping, and packing tapes, but you should remember to have paper towels and cleaning products in stock. Also, remember to stock up on some refreshments – having drinks or snacks will help speed the process along.
  • Staying on-site and making sure you are available to answer any questions is the best way you can help the movers successfully complete their process following this packing guide for seniors.

Packing guide for seniors, 2 months before the move

  1. Whether you’re moving to a retirement community or a single-family home, visit your new property to get familiar with your new home and neighborhood.
  2. The packing guide for seniors really starts with decluttering. It’s easy to hoard and stuff your home with tons of items over the years. That’s why it’s important to start decluttering your old home months before your move. It’s just smart to remove the items that you don’t use. Enlist the help of friends, family, or even professionals. A reliable moving company can really speed up this process.
  3. Donate or sell those surplus items. Reduce the weight and quantity of items you are bringing with you to your new home by selling or donating them.
floor plan
Get the floor plan measurements for the home you will move into, so you know which furniture will fit and which will not.

Acquire professional and reliable moving estimates.

Contact movers and set up an appointment for a survey during which you will get quotes in order to know what you can expect in terms of costs and services. Also, ask around to get references, and follow this packing guide for seniors, because it can ensure you get an accurate, yet affordable moving quote.
  • Time to book your movers. Schedule your move well in advance so you can make sure your moving company is available, especially if you are moving during the summer months.
  • Make a packing and unpacking plan. Follow our packing guide for seniors and it will be easy to decide what you need to bring with you to your new home. Here are some essential packing tips to help with this.

One month prior to your move

  • Contact your doctors. Especially if you're moving out of the county or the state, you’ll need to contact your doctor and transfer your medical records to your new doctor’s office.
  • When comes to creating an ultimate packing guide for seniors, you need to create an inventory. Plan precisely what you’re bringing by making a detailed list and write down each item.
  • Pack in stages, or zones. Starting with small rooms or less used rooms is an effective packing guide for seniors 101. Declutter and pack the attic or basement first, then move to the rooms that you use on a daily basis.
  • Start packing. Give yourself at least one month to slowly pack up all of your valuables. It is a good way to avoid stress and make sure you don’t forget important documents on your moving day.

Packing guide for seniors for 1 week before the move

  • Transfer and set up payment arrangements. If you have yet to transfer the money to your movers, now is the time to do it.
  • Redirect mail. Fill out a change-of-address form on the USPS’s website or do it old-school, at your local post office to forward mail to your new address.
  • Update your address. Inform your service providers, banks and billers what your new address will be so you don’t miss any important information.
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If you have mobility limitations, verify your new home has the appropriate accommodations.

Moving day chores

  • Verify the moving company. Do a security check that the movers who are helping you move are the ones you hired. Make sure their licenses are up-to-date and the correct company logos are on their truck.
  • Hand over the keys. Give the new owners with the keys to the front door, swimming pool gate, mailbox and any other door that you had access to as a resident.
  • Go over the contract and sign moving documents. Time to sign the documentation – go over the bill of lading once again and sign it. Double-check the fine print, as well.
  • Put the most important items to the front of the moving truck. When our movers were creating this packing guide for seniors they said this trick helps to save time when moving.
  • Do the final walk-through. Go around your home with your real estate agent to make sure you review the condition of the home and that every item is in the right place. Have a happy relocation!


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