Packing your fridge for moving – a simple guide

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    Packing Tips - January 4, 2021

    Moving your kitchen might be one of the worst rooms to pack. Do you wonder why? It is due to all the fragile kitchen utensils, plates, china, pots and pans, and so on. However, this is not the biggest problem in the kitchen – your fridge is. First of all, your fridge is usually extremely heavy and large. Then, what to do with all the food and drinks inside? It is quite challenging to prepare your fridge for packing, especially if you are the one doing the job. You can always hire the best moving company Texas and let them take care of your fridge. Still, if you want to take upon this challenge, here are all the tips and tricks for packing your fridge for moving. 

    Get all the right supplies when packing your fridge for moving 

    You probably know this already, but when you are moving, you need to get all the necessary packing supplies. Your fridge is no exception to this rule. However, the packing supplies you need to get for your fridge are a little bit different than the ones you will use for the rest of your household. They are the following. 

    • Moving blankets – since your fridge is pretty large, you cannot put it in the cardboard box. Therefore, you will need to cover it with moving blankets to avoid scratches. 
    • Packing tape – so you can secure the moving blankets. 
    • Moving straps – to secure the door of your fridge so it will not open during transport. 
    • Dolly – if you are the one moving your fridge to the moving truck, make sure to have a dolly since it would be extremely hard to carry it on your own. 
    white fridge
    Make sure to protect your fridge properly

    The necessary preparation of your home 

    As mentioned, your fridge is probably extremely big and large. This probably means it will not pass easily through your doors. You should not cause any property damage when you’re moving because you will have to pay for all the repairs. Since organizing relocation is already expensive enough, you should avoid adding more unnecessary expenses to your moving bill. You should always check moving quotes New Braunfels you get a clear idea about how much you will spend for your relocation. In addition to this, in order to prevent any additional costs, you should measure your doorways. See if your fridge can pass through your doorways without causing any damage. Apart from this, you should also protect all the corners of your house. Again, when you are taking out your fridge, the corners of your house will probably get damaged. Therefore, protect them properly. 

    Cleaning and defrosting when packing your fridge for moving 

    Another reason why moving your fridge might be a huge problem would be its cleaning and defrosting process. You cannot unplug your fridge, put it in the moving truck, and call it a day. First, you need to clean properly everything. If you leave the food inside, it might go bad. This will cause big trouble for you since it can attract mice and other kinds of insects. You can either donate it or prepare some meals in advance that can survive outside the fridge. If not, give it to your friends and family since it would waste just to throw it away. After you take care of the food, you need to defrost your fridge. This is extremely important since if the ice melts, it can cause serious damage not only to your fridge but the rest of your items in the moving truck. 

    ice in the fridge
    Do not forget to defrost your fridge before packing

    The process of packing 

    Before moving to Fort Worth, you need to carefully pack your fridge. First of all, you need to secure all the power cords or lines that your fridge might have. Use packing tape to secure the cordsYou can also protect the cords with plastic wrap and then seal the plastic wrap to your fridge instead of your cords directly. Then, you should take out all the removable pieces from your fridge. This usually includes shelves. You need to wrap them and you can use moving boxes for this purpose. Make sure to secure them properly with bubble wrapping so they won’t break during the transport. In addition to this, you also need to seal the doors shut. You should use moving straps for this purpose. Lastly, you need to cover your fridge with moving blankets. You also need to secure moving blankets with moving straps. 

    Getting your fridge to the moving truck 

    As mentioned before, this might be one of the most difficult things to do when packing your fridge for your relocation. First of all, you cannot transport your fridge to the moving truck by yourself. You need to ask for someone’s help. Usually, you should ask your friends or other family members to help you. Get your dolly ready and gently transport your fridge onto the dolly. Be careful when taking your fridge out of the house. Make sure that you have your pathway cleared so you will not accidentally bump into any other pieces of furniture or corners of your house. As you might already know, paying for property damage or repairing your damaged items can be extremely expensive. You do not need another moving cost next to your existing ones. 

    Packing your fridge for moving with the open doors in the dark
    Due to its size and weight, do not move the fridge by yourself

    Packing your fridge for moving –loading and unloading 

    Now on to the last part when packing your fridge for moving. How to load and unload your fridge from the moving truck? It is actually pretty easy if you have the right equipment. One piece of equipment would be a dolly that you already use any other one would be a ramp. If you have both of these things, you will have no trouble loading and unloading your fridge from the moving truck. Lastly, you should also make sure to secure your fridge inside the moving truck so it will not move during transport. 


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