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Packing your garage when moving – tips and tricks

If you are like most people, you will try to postpone packing your garage when moving. The reason for this is simple. Over the years people leave a lot of things in the garage "that they might need someday." So, things are pilling up. This further means that you will have to do a thorough decluttering in there. Also, in the garage, people keep tools and many things that are difficult to pack. If packing a garage seems too difficult for you, seek help. Best movers in New Braunfels can do it for you. If you do decide to DIY, here are a few tips on how to make it as easier as possible.

Organizing garage, items inspection, and decluttering

Garages are usually untidy or overcrowded places. And you certainly don't want to pay for packaging and moving garbage. This would only increase the packing time and weight of the cargo. Additionally, that would increase your moving costs. So, before packing, you have to do decluttering. First of all, organize the way you inspect things in the garage. It’s certainly not a good idea to constantly go from one part of the garage to another. So, to be more efficient, mentally divide the garage into parts. Start by reviewing and sorting things in one part.
Garage with a red car and lots of different items before packing your garage when moving.
Before packing your garage when moving you have to inspect garage items and complete decluttering.
Only when you are done with that part, move on to the second one. Divide the things you are reviewing into four piles:
  • Things for packing
  • Items you can give away or donate
  • Things to sell
  • Those which are good only for trash

Another tip for packing your garage when moving

When you are done with sorting, you will know how much packaging material you need. But you may not be able to determine the needed amount. Or what are the proper materials for packing the garage items? In this case, you can contact the packing service of your chosen moving company. They will give you useful tips. Also, they may know the right junk removal company, to haul the garage junk away.  

Garage items you want to give away or donate

While decluttering, you will probably find some things that are new, or well preserved. Some of them you can offer to your family or friends. Or you can donate them. You can give a call to any charity organization in town. They will come with their own transport and take them away. So, you will not have any additional cost for disposing of the surplus items. 

Pre-move garage sale

There will be many things in your garage that moving companies will not accept in their trucks. Or things that charities or friends don’t need. So, you can organize a pre-move garage sale before start packing. This is an excellent way to get rid of things. And you will earn some money to add to your moving budget. When already organizing the pre-move garage sale, use the opportunity and sell other surplus things from the house. To be on the safe side, check with local authorities if you need any permit for a garage sale.
A man with a lawnmower is cutting the grass in the backyard.
Before packing, find out the list of items the moving companies refuse to transport.

Group the like items from your garage together

Now, having only the items you intend to move, group like items together. This way, you will organize them for packing even better. And later, when unpacking, it will help you to place things together in your new garage. When doing so, wrap together things of similar shape or size. And things that have a similar purpose, like screwdrivers, bolt removals, etc. If you have the original packing toolboxes, use them.

Get good quality supplies for moving your garage items

Most of the garage items are bulky. Or they are having odd shapes. So, make sure to get the right supplies to pack them properly. And take care of safety. With so many sharp edges and sharp items, one can easily get hurt. Pack slowly and concentrate on what you do. Also, you’ll need heavy-duty boxes and plenty of moving blankets. When relocating to Texas, check with your moving company if they have plastic moving containers. They are very handy for moving many tools, bolts, etc. If you have to use cardboard boxes, make sure your tolls are wrapped in a thick layer of protective material. You can also use old linen and towels, to better secure garage items inside the boxes.

When packing your garage for moving you have to know what is not allowed for transport

All moving companies have a non-allowable list. Getting this list in the early stage of preparation is a good idea. Just ask your moving company to send you one. So, instead of packing and then leaving such a thing, you can sell them. And spare that money to buy new ones once when you move to your new home.

Which items the moving company will not pack on the moving track?

All moving companies are applying this policy. Usually, they don’t allow flammable items, corrosive liquids, and so on. However, to be sure, ask long-distance movers Texas to provide you with a complete list of banned substances and items. Such list usually contains:
  • Paint and paint thinners
  • Aerosol cans
  • Propane tanks
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Car batteries
  • Pool chemicals
  • Liquid bleach
  • Cleaning solvents
Various tools neatly stacked on the wall in the new garage.
After moving, unpack your possessions and arrange your nice, new garage.

Things to take into consideration when packing garage items

  • Use blankets, rope, and packing tape to well secure garden tools like shovels or rakes
  • Secure the sharp edges well
  • Before packing the power tools, remove detachable parts
  • If moving any gas-operated machine, make sure to remove gas from the tank at least 24 hrs. prior to packing
  • In case you are moving bicycles, disassemble them and pack them properly

Label your garage boxes properly

When unpacking at your new location, make sure to bring these boxes straight to your new garage. So, after packing the boxes, mark them clearly, writing GARAGE on them. This way, the movers will not make mistakes and unload them into your new house. Also, if some of the garage items are fragile, put a proper label on the moving box.

Things from your garage are packed and ready to move

We hope that packing your garage was not so hard, as you first thought. Once you know how to do it, and where to start from, it is easy. Here, we are providing additional tips on how to pack your garage. Now, since packing your garage when moving is completed, the moving company is ready to move your new home. And most important, after packing, you are still fresh. And you will have enough strength to unpack your possessions and arrange your nice, new garage.


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