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The pros and cons of building a pool – should you do it?

During the summer heat in Texas, residents are actively looking for ways to keep cool and still enjoy the sun! While moving with residential movers New Braunfels to a holiday home on the shores of the crystal-clear Comal River may be the best way to get rid of the heat, the backyard pool is a close second for many Texas homeowners. Backyard pools have become commonplace in many south Texas areas, and for good reason! An easily accessible backyard oasis seems to be the ideal way to handle the situation. But what are the real facts about creating a pool? Will the process have more trouble than returns? There are many pros and cons of building a pool. We outlined a few positive and negative sides so that you can find out if this is right for you!

Financial pros and cons of building a pool


When considering the possibility of making a pool, the first question usually arises: “Will it bring me financial benefit?”. The answer is a bit more complicated than you might expect. Although you may not get the full return on your investment, the pool will certainly add dollars to your sale of the house! The National Association of Realtors recently calculated that an in-ground pool will increase the value of your home by about 5%!
House with swimming pool
This means that adding a pool to a house for 500 thousand dollars will add from 20 to 30 thousand dollars to your sale!
Depending on the initial value of your pool, you can break even by creating a pool on your property. Even if this is not the case, you usually make up most of your difference with the value that it adds to your home. Adding an in-ground pool usually adds to the price per square foot. And these properties are usually sold much faster than at home without such backyard features.


Although building a pool can add value to your home, the financial risk of such efforts cannot be ignored. Building a backyard swimming pool is definitely a big investment. According to Fixr, building an average pool in the ground costs over $25,000. Naturally, the cost can increase or decrease depending on individual sizes, models, materials and additional luxurious features. And while the pool can help your home sell faster and for a little more money, the risk of losing money is still high. Even in the deep south, the pool does not guarantee financial returns. Many homeowners save only 40-70% of their investments. And you can not forget the maintenance costs! Pool ownership is not a one-time purchase, you should also consider regular maintenance. Keeping your pool includes additional utility costs, balancing chemicals, water accessories and possibly homeowner insurance.

Community pros and cons of building a pool


So if the main advantages of your pool are not financial ... what are they? Pool owners claim that the most useful part of owning a pool is the entertainment of the community and the family, which their water investments have provided over the years. From family gatherings to romantic dates or youth groups or meetings in the neighborhood, swimming pools tend to bring people together. Many residents like to have a house with a reinforced "receiving" factor. If you want your home to be a place for meeting new friends or a place for relaxed meetings, building a swimming pool will certainly allow you to have a better time. Many parents love backyard pools because they make children happy and busy in the summer.
Kids swimming
And they swim in far fewer chemicals than they would in the public pool


If you are not interested in sharing your pool, unwanted guests can become a bit of a nuisance. In some areas, friends and neighbors will be more likely to invite themselves to relax and swim. Having a pool in the backyard can also be a problem when there are small children around. Allowing children to use your pool can result in scratches and bruises. Not to mention that there is always the risk of drowning. And since your pool is private, you will have to act as a lifeguard. For some, the fear of a potential accident is enough to turn off the possibility of building a pool.

Convenience pros and cons of building a pool


As we have said, to have a pool in the Texas heat is incredibly convenient! On the one hand, the pool provides you with a quick, refreshing vacation. Either your workout or your "rest" on the water is available immediately after you transform your backyard! Because of the very hot months in the deep south, the swimming season lasts much longer than in other parts of the country. This means that you get more days of swimming than anywhere else! And, since many homes have swimming pools there, pool maintenance and contracting are offered at a relatively low price.


Owning a pool, you cannot forget about routine maintenance and monthly maintenance. This includes monitoring chemical balances, water levels, and restrictions, etc. These regular maintenance tasks cost time and money. However, fortunately, advances in pool technology have significantly shifted the burden of work from the pool owner. Experts say that once you get the right pool levels, minor random adjustments will not really be too expensive or difficult.
Little girl in a pool
When it comes to convenience pros and cons of building a pool, we believe that the enjoyment of your loved ones is worth some extra maintenance work
So what is the bottom line after viewing the pros and cons of building a pool? Is it a good or bad idea? In the end, we believe that it really depends on the individual homeowner. If you decide not to build a pool, you will most likely save money. However, you will miss some serious refreshing fun and relaxation. If you decide to build a pool, you have to spend extra money, but you literally immerse yourself in fun and social bliss. If your pleasure factor is greater than your financial loss, we say: do it! Also, consider “years of use.” Invest in a pool if you plan to stay in your house long enough to benefit from it. But if you use your pool only a few days a year or planning to move with one of the moving companies in Texas soon... you better save money.


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