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Questions you should ask your movers

Relocation can be tricky. You decided on moving to Texas and you are not familiar with the whole moving process. There are quite a few tasks to complete before you even hit the road and as you know, preparation is the key to a successful relocation. Therefore, let us introduce you to the several questions you should ask your movers to better prepare for the upcoming relocation. Let’s go!

Your movers must be licensed

The first thing you want to know is if you are dealing with a legit moving company. Once you start browsing the internet for movers, check if they have an official website with a physical address and contact info. Then compare prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Check external blog posts and read social media comments if possible. And when you gather enough info, call your Texas movers, and ask them if they are licensed and if they have all permits required to work in the moving industry. Finally, you can check if they are accredited by the US Movers Association, FMCSA, or the Better Business Bureau. A legit moving company must be registered online.
a person using a laptop on the internet
Sit down and do some serious research before you contact your movers. Then ask all the questions you had in mind.

One of the questions you should ask your movers is if they have all the tools required

Ok, this is the easiest among the questions you should ask your movers. All customers want to know if their residential movers San Antonio TX have all the tools required to handle their cargo safely. So, why don’t you just ask them? They should have the following:
  • All the tools and equipment.
  • Appropriately sized vehicles.
  • Experienced manpower.
  • Skill, knowledge, and expertise.
Those are the mandatory requirements and your movers should confirm and assure you they possess everything we listed above.

Do they offer free onsite estimates? It is another among questions you should ask your movers

Sometimes you can’t evaluate your moving situations yourself. At least not up to a point to have all the information your movers need to provide a moving quote. Therefore, one of the questions you should ask your movers is if they offer onsite estimates. And most moving companies do. But remember, in most cases, this service should be free. If a moving company wants to keep its reputation up to the highest standard, they will provide it for free. Hence, if this service is chargeable, stay away from this moving company.

Moving services

To be able to put your ideas into work, you must figure out if your movers provide all the required moving services. This is probably the first question you want to ask. Especially if you have special items like a piano. In that case, you will need piano movers Texas. Or if you have valuable art and antique pieces. Then movers will assign an art moving team. And so on. Therefore, report to your movers all items that might create problems or are valuable and delicate for moving. They will decide if said items need special teams and tools to be dealt with.
do they have all the tools is one of the questions you should ask your movers
Your movers should have all the tools, knowledge, and moving services required for the job.

Costs and the payment method

Obviously, you want to know how much it will cost so you can prepare an adequate moving budget. But also, you must ask your movers about the payment method as well. No moving company should take cash on hands. Yes, you can tip your movers but that is only between $5 and $20 for an honest day of hard work. For everything else, there is a moving contract, bill of lading, and pay upon delivery. All will be deducted from your credit card. There is no cash involved. If your movers ask for money, it might be a fraud so keep your eyes open. Now you know the basic questions you should ask your movers. You’ll probably think of a few more along the way and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. Your moving representative is there to provide answers. Your moving company will ensure you have a safe and successful relocation. Good luck!


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