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Reasons for moving to Houston

With more than 2 million residents, Houston is the capital of Texas and simultaneously the 4th biggest city in America. Firstly a home of more than 2000 indigenous people, it was founded by Sam Hudson in the 19th century. Today, Houston has developed into a big city with huge potential and various opportunities for its residents. If an opportunity of moving to Houston has arisen, do not hesitate. If you are having doubts about moving to one of the biggest cities in the USA,Evolution Moving Company DFWis here to enlighten you on all the perks of living in Houston. When you settle on moving to Texas,call us and get a free estimate!

Why opt for moving to Houston?

Learning about Houston might make you fall in love with this charming city before even visiting it. Houston is developing day by day, as is the case with many American cities.There are several reasons for the growth in Houston’s population.Since Houston has always valued go-getters and risk-takers, it is no wonder the city has produced some impressive achievements. These are, for example, the Port of Houston, the Texas Medical Center, and the Johnson Space Center. Even though Houston is known for natural gas and oil, not many business establishments are tied to the energy industry. In case you work or are interested in other notable industries like medical, business services, aviation, or biotechnology,move to Texas with your familyor alone. Other than its beautiful charm, some of the perks of living in Houston include:

  1. Affordable living
  2. Various work/schooling options
  3. Great weather
  4. Rich entertainment industry
A work meeting
Houston has multiple developed industries such as medical, aviation, biotechnology, tourism, etc.

Affordable livability

Houston is one of the most affordable bigger cities in the States. Usually, living in big cities comes with high housing prices, expensive food, no parking spots, and thousands of dollars wasted on utilities. However, this is not the case with Houston. This city is quite affordable for most social groups.Housing prices in Houston are 15% lower than average in the States.Buying a 4-room house can cost you from 300 000$ to 800 000$, which is quite affordable for a city this size. Renting a house can go from 800$ per month.

That is especially important in today’s world, with prices constantly growing. Also, that gives opportunities to disabled people single parents, retired couples, and students to find a better future without worrying about keeping a roof over their heads. Groceries and transportation are also quite affordable. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to live, hiringresidential moversand moving to Houston is a great option.

Affordable energy – the reason for moving to Houston

It is not unusual that in some cities residents rely on only one energy provider. However, the situation in Houston is somewhat different. Since the energy market is quite competitive, Houstonians can choose the energy company. They can choose it according to their lifestyle and take advantage of competitive rates, rewards, and services. For example, Direct Energy offers a wide variety of options and rewards programs. They offerfree weekend hours, which meansyou will not be charged for the electricity from Friday at 6 p.m. to Sunday at 11:59 p.m. This would be a great opportunity to do the household chores and save money. It would also be a great idea to move during this period. Just contactDallas moversand set the date.

Light bulbs
Houston has many benefits when it comes to electricity usage

Various work/schooling options

Houston has an unemployment rate of 5%. It might seem like a big number, but considering the total population, it’s not as bad as one might think. Houston is an amazing place for those pursuing their careers and schooling.The most developed industries areconstruction, healthcare, retail, education, health and social service, tourism, leisure, hospitality, etc. Moving to Houston will give you much more job opportunities than moving to a smaller place. The only possible disadvantage would be bad traffic which comes along with bigger cities. If you are moving for your or your kid’s education, Houston is a perfect option.

When it comes to education, Houston is doing a great job. Houston has 19 school districts, with theHouston Independent School Districtbeing the biggest one. These districts include elementary, middle, and high schools, both private and public. As for higher education,Houston is the hometown of the University of Houston,3rd largest university in Texas. Other universities such as Texas Southern University, Rice University, and University of Houston–Downtown are also situated in Houston.

Kids sitting in a circle
Moving to Houston will give you or your kids a great education system.

Great weather is a symbol of Houston

When it comes to climate, you should know that this will be a perfect city for you if you prefer summer. To be more precise, Houstonhas a subtropical climatewhich means that winters are mild and snowless. Therefore, Houston is a perfect place for those who do not enjoy the snow and long and cold rainy days. Should you decide to move here, you need to know that air conditioning in your car will be a must. Another good thing about this is that you will be able to save money when it comes to electricity bills. This means that you can get solar panels and use them as a source of energy.

In addition to this, you can use Free Power Weekends. With them, you will have more than 100 days of free power. Another great thing about long summer days in Houston is the beaches. There are at least12-15 good beaches in Houstonwhere you can take a walk with your friends or enjoy watching sunsets. You get to enjoy sunbathing and a nice breeze on your face while not having to spend thousands and thousands of $ on going to Florida, the Bahamas, or other exotic places. Houston beaches are just as good.Changing your addressand moving to Houston will bring you more than you can imagine.

Rich entertainment industry

Moving to Houston will be a decision you will not regret making. There are many things you can do and see both in the city and in the surrounding areas. What is Houston internationally recognized for are its arts and entertainment, sports, dining, shopping, and world-class attractions and events. Houston is investing in its tourism, which affects everyday day and night entertainment. Another thing that is probably best of all is that there aremany budget-friendly (or free) things to do. Some of them are attending free concerts at the Miller Outdoor Theater or strolling around Discovery Green.

As for the museum, galleries, and other art places, you can visit Rothko Chapel, the Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum, the Moody Center for the Arts, etc. Even if you want to go to clubs, bars, and restaurants, you will not be spending too much money on a nice cocktail or a modest meal. As you can see, Houston is a cosmopolitan city, and you can be sure that you will always find something fun to do. Therefore, contact your mover,get a free moving estimate, pack everything and start your new life here.

A group of people in a club after moving to Houston
Houston is known for its rich entertainment industry, especially clubs and bars.

Additional info

Even though living in Houston has many advantages,talking about disadvantages is important for getting a realistic picture of the city. Since Houston is divided into districts. There are some safer and less safe parts. In more unsafe parts, burglaries and other smaller crimes are not an uncommon occurrence. However, those parts do not imply the whole city, since every big place has unsafe parts. Another disadvantage is the higher poverty rate, which is around 20%. That alone does not influence you too much, but can be a bit of a shock to some who come from smaller places and are not used to seeing less fortunate ones. These are some info to take into account before usingpacking services Texasand moving to Houston.

Certainly, there are reasons for moving to Houston

Houston is a wonderful city with rich culture, great history, and beautiful charm. It conquers the hearts of every visitor with its unique energy. Beautiful weather, more than affordable living costs, and a great education system are just some advantages of moving to Houston. If you have been keen on moving to Texas, choosing Houston will be an excellent beginning of a new life chapter.Call us, pack your belongings and prepare for the many new possibilities this splendid city has to offer!Welcome to the beautiful city of Houston, Texas!


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