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Reasons for Moving to Texas

Texas is a south-central state in the USA. It's the second-most populous state. It's also the second-largest state, with about 270 000 miles of land. Texas is famous for its rich history. Texas was one of the most economically powerful states before ww1 and during the 19th century. Today, Texas has circa 30 million residents. The biggest cities in Texas are Houston, Dallas, Austin,  San Antonio, and Fort Worth. Houston is also the capital of Texas. Texas is a beautiful state that has many things to offer. Therefore, if you are doubting moving here, Evolution Moving Company gives you reasons for moving to Texas.

Reasons for moving to Texas

There are many reasons for moving to this state. Texas is an excellent option for couples with kids, college students, or people uprising their careers. Different parts of Texas will be good for those pursuing careers and different parts for those who prefer more peace and less urban life. Whichever group you belong to, Texas will still be a great option. Some of the reasons for moving to Texas are:
  • Good location
  • Nice climate
  • Job opportunities
  • Good livability
  • Good educational system
A beach in Texas
Texas has many beautiful beaches.

Good location

Texas is a combination of beautiful nature and urban cities. The biggest cities are Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. Many choose them in the search for better job opportunities, better housing options, education, etc. If you want to move to Austin, using moving services Austin is the best option. However, some people might not like living in big cities. Even though big cities give you more opportunities, they are still jammed with traffic and noise. The good thing is that Texas has many middle-sized and small cities. These are the perfect option for those who do not want to experience the cons of living in an urban place. Dripping Springs, Round Top, Boerne, Dublin, and Rockport are some of the smaller towns in Texas. Each of them has its charm, beautiful nature, and great livability. Living in smaller places is usually less pricy as well!

The nice climate in Texas

Other than good barbeque and cowboys, Texas is known for its nice climate. The climate depends on the exact locations. Some parts get more rain, and some get less. Some regions are sunny, and others have fewer sunny days. Winters are colder in the north, while the Gulf Coast has mild winters. This is great for those who prefer different climate conditions. Some like sunny days, and others prefer gloomy days. Thunderstorms happen often, but there were no bigger hurricanes after hurricane Katrina in 2005. If you are someone who enjoys the rain and watching storms, the best parts are the northern and eastern parts of Texas. If you want more sunny days, central and southern Texas are the best options.
A view of a city
One of the reasons for moving to Texas is good livability.

Job opportunities

Moving to TX will give you many new job opportunities. If your job is too stressful or toxic, finding another job would be the best option. Texas is great when it comes to employment. The unemployment rate is only 4,2%, which is lower than average in the USA. Most people work in management or professional-related job, Sales and office job, production, transportation, material moving, etc. The average earning per person is 40 000$. That is a nice sum of money since living in Texas is not expensive. The poverty rate is also lower than the average USA- it s about 14%. As for business owners, women are about 20% of all business owners in Texas. That is way higher than usual, making it the best place for female business owners. Therefore, if you plan on finding a better job or starting a new business, using packing services and moving to Texas is very advisable. 

Good livability in Texas

Living in Texas is way less expensive than living in other states. Utilities, groceries, and housing prices are pretty affordable. Moreover, housing prices are 14% lower than average prices in the USA. Prices of the two-bedroom house go from 1200-1600$. A three-course meal will cost you around 70$ even in Houston, which is very affordable. Utilities usually go from 100-to 200 per month, depending on where you live. The only thing that is a bit cheaper is transportation. Annual transportation costs can go up to 1000$ just in Houston. However, these costs are only 300-400$ in San Antonio and Austin. Going to the gym will cost you up to 30$ per month, which is a great price. Entertainment is also affordable. Going to a bar or a museum will not cost you more than 30$. Another great thing is that there is no income tax in Texas. This is especially good for those who have a tight moving budget. Therefore, if you want to move here, hiring residential movers TX should be your next move.
A room full of coworkers
Texas has many job offers and is an especially good option for female business owners.

The good educational system

A good educational system is very vital for parents and college students. A good education can help people in many ways. As for middle, elementary, and high school, they are all part of 1000 school districts in Texas. Texas Education Agency takes care of all schools in Texas. They also monitor bigger schools and use their tax money to fund smaller schools. As for higher education, the two most popular universities are The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University. There are many more universities, such as:
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Houston
  • The University of Texas at Arlington
  • The University of Texas at Dallas
To sum it up, Texas is a beautiful state. There are many reasons for moving to Texas. Good location, good climate, and job offers are just some of the reasons. The good educational system and good livability are also reasons to move here. Another reason to move here is the great barbeque, the symbol of Texas. If you opt to move here, we wish you good luck. We welcome you to Texas!  


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