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Reasons to choose Leander as your new place of residence

Just 22 miles northwest of Austin, you'll find the rapidly growing city ranked highly in Texas as well as in the US. Leander belongs to Williams County and is a great place to start life whether you are a young family or people aspiring to develop a business. The city known for the skeleton of a prehistoric woman, the Leanderthal Lady, has a history longer than recorded. Dating back to 1882, the town was once home to American Indians. Today it is a quiet town where you can enjoy various natural attractions. If you are a fan of golf, fantastic cuisine, and Leanderthal Vodka and want to live in a city where business opportunities are constantly growing, choose Leander as your new place of residence. You can move with the help of the best moving companies Austin if you like what we will present about this interesting city.

What makes Leander such a great place to live?

Among more than 1,200 cities in Texas, Leander ranks a high 112th. If all indicators of the quality of life are taken into account, it ranks better than 93% of the area. If you decide to live in this suburb of Austin, various benefits await you. The cost of living is 4% lower than the national average. The probability of buying a home in this mid-sized city is higher than becoming a homeowner in Austin. In addition, in Leander, you will live peacefully and safely away from the noise and bustle of the metropolis. With a crime rate as low as 59% below the national average, you'll be able to raise your kids with peace of mind. Ranked 8th, Leander is among the safest Texas cities.
the quiet neighborhood is one of the reasons to choose Leander as your new place of residence
Leander is a quiet, medium-sized city that offers many benefits

Leander is affordable for living

The main reason to choose Leander as your new place of residence it's affordability. Those looking to move into their own home will have to shell out an average of $292K. That's 27% more than the national average. However, you have to keep in mind that the median income of $106,108 is 57% higher than the national average. Very nice homes can be found in the $370K to $400K range, whether in Travisso, Bryson, or Summerlyn. But in other neighborhoods, you can become a homeowner for less money. Also, many communities have very low HOA fees, around $40-50 per month. This covers the upkeep of swimming pools, playgrounds, bike paths, parking lots, and many other repairs. The median rent of $1516 is also an acceptable amount. With the principle of a rent-to-own home, you can live under rent in a certain home for a while, and then decide on the eventual purchase of the same. This way, you will get to know and adapt to the house before becoming its owner. Still, if you decide to move to the city as a homeowner, book your relocation with apartment movers Austin to have the most efficient move. Leander collects a maximum sales tax of 8.25%. Also, in 2021, the city approved a property tax rate of 47.9 cents per $100 valuation.

Choose Leander as your new place of residence because of its location

As mentioned, Leander is only 22 miles away from the capital city of Texas. If you must be connected to Austin for work, Leander is an excellent choice for you. Considering the size of the city and the number of 81013 inhabitants, this is a quiet city. On the other hand, when you start missing the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, you'll find more than you need just a forty-minute drive away. You can easily attend all the city events, whether concerts, games, or shopping. If you are a resident of Austin and want to move to a quieter area, Leander gives you the best opportunities. You will be able to stay in touch with the city and friends while enjoying all the benefits of Leander. Book your appointment with local movers Austin and agree on the best moving options.

Good education for your children awaits in Leander

Then choose Leander! This is the city with the highest-ranked public schools in Texas. Although Leander spends an average of $8,792 per student, which is lower than the US average, as many as 93 percent have a high school diploma. Among them, 37% have completed higher education and master's studies. In Leander, 26 public schools and 5 private schools will welcome you. Among the best are Florence V Stiles Middle School, Vista Ridge High School, and Lago Vista High School. Also, Leander High School was declared by ZIPPIA the best company to work in.
happy kids in school
Excellent education is among the first reasons to choose Leander as your new place of residence
Along with impeccable education, the fact that safety is at the highest level is also important. Compared to the national average, the crime rate in Leander is down 64%. The odds of becoming a victim of violent crime are 1 in 978. So, what are you waiting for? These metrics are top-notch for anyone looking to move to Leander with school-aged children. Organize your move with the best residential movers Austin TX, and the rest will be done with ease since all schools offer quality education.

Leander is a great place for seniors

The city is an ideal place for retirees as it is easily accessible, close to downtown Austin and the airport. In addition, it has neighborhoods that will provide residents with privacy, beautiful views, and enough places for walking and recreation. With all four seasons, you can let your imagination run wild with the choice of activities. And health care is at an enviable level. In fact, 3 hospitals are among the best in Austin. Last but not least fact is that Texas has no state income tax. It will certainly suit all retired people.

Beautiful views and natural attractions

Beautiful views should not be excluded from the reasons for relocating to Leander. Most of the neighborhoods are up on the hills, so you can enjoy a bird's eye view of all the green spaces and homes in the lower elevations. Devine Lake Park awaits you there for fishing and hiking as well as picnicking and trails. If you prefer to spend the day on the bike trails, there's the Brushy Creek Greenbelt. You can also enjoy swimming and boating at Sandy Creek Park, while Robin Bledsoe Park will offer football and soccer fields.

No income tax rate

Leander is a city where you do not have to pay an income tax rate. Considering that tax in the US is an average of 4.6%, you will have quite a savings thanks to this. During the last year, the job market recorded an increase of 3.5%. Most residents work in management, but the best-paying jobs are in computer science and mathematics. The unemployment rate in Leander is 5.1%, lower than the US average.
calculator and fee payment forms
Leander is a city where you do not have to pay the income tax rate
Although there are no big companies, well-paid jobs can be found in many places throughout the city. Even 25% of all employees earn between $100K and $150K. The poverty rate is 4.3%, which is 69% lower than the national average. Given that this city is growing rapidly, a huge increase in the number of jobs is expected, as much as 70% in the next ten years. If the purpose of your relocation is a new job, with long distance movers Austin you will complete your relocation most efficiently.

Fabulous neighborhoods are one more reason to choose Leander as your new place of residence

Given the support of the city council, this city is growing without overburdening its residents. The plan is to build a center with transportation, retail, and restaurants. Good location and beautiful landscapes with all the above, very quickly put Leander on the list of future home buyers. After choosing a neighborhood that suits you, it is best to contact one of the moving services Austin Texas and schedule a full-service relocation to your new home. Let's see the best Leander neighborhoods


This is a community that received an award from the Austin-American Statesman in 2019. Located in Texas Hill County offers beautiful views of natural landscapes. It is an upscale community close to the Leander School district, shopping, and recreation. It is surrounded by hiking trails and parks as well as 350 acres of Hill County. You don't need to worry about the exterior of your new home if you're moving to Travisso. All houses are luxuriously built in a traditional or new style. All you need to do is to relocate your interior to a new home. And furniture movers Austin are best for that part of the job.

Crystal Falls is one of the reasons to choose Leander as your new place of residence

This well-planned community was built in 1990 and is very attractive now. With 5000 acres of building space, this is a very massive community, with 10 in 1. It offers something for everyone's taste. There you will find traditional as well as newly constructed homes. For lovers of outdoor activities, there are golf courses, children's playgrounds, swimming pools, restaurants, and hiking trails.
a luxury houses
When they become familiar with Leander values, homebuyers concentrate only on its neighborhoods

Reagan's Overlook

This is one of the newer neighborhoods in Leander. It is located east of Trevisso and Crystal Falls and has properties with 1-acre lots where traditional and newly designed houses are built. The size of the lots allows all the houses to be separated, so you don't have the feeling that you are very close to your neighbor. It is on top of a hill along the San Gabriel River which allows for great views.

Highland Oaks

Here you will find huge homes on acre sizes, which are very popular with home buyers. Trees and shrubs surround these luxury homes in a natural community and like Regan's Overlook have their privacy thanks to the size of the lot. Also, there is not much traffic which gives peace to this community. Highland Oaks is a safe neighborhood that cares about its residents. Events and festivals are common here, and if you are a fan of long walks, you can turn to one of the walking trails.

Attractions to see in Leander

This Austin suburb offers plenty of entertainment and fun to its residents. In addition to the fact that in all the more luxurious houses you have swimming pools and spaces for various types of recreation, the city also offers public attractions. Waterloo Adventures is a floating water park with rubber tracks on the surface of the lake. Located on Lake Travis, it has 600 feet of obstacles that will make your day. There are also floating picnic tables, deckchairs, and umbrellas on the shore of the lake as well as boat rides. This is a unique pastime available to Leander residents. Devine Lake Park is a 45-acre regional park with open space for recreation. Here you can fish, sail a boat, and enjoy the view while having a picnic with your family. The park abounds with oak trees, picnic tables, and nice benches. If you are a fan of swimming, you can refresh yourself in the lake water. Brushy Creek Park is the first skate park in Cedar Park. There you will enjoy 15,000 square feet of concrete courts that include a mini bowl, a large bowl, and a modern street court with colors, textures, and landscaping. It's a great place for the whole family. There you will also find fields for soccer, football, and baseball and walking trails.
girl on skates
If you choose Leander as your new place of residence this city will meet your expectations
Leander's Old Town is what can be similar to the downtown. It is cute, with restaurants, bars, and places for events and gatherings. What will soon replace it is the Northline center. City plans to build a place where tradition and modern times meet, with restaurants, hotels, public gathering places, and shops. Upon completion, it should occupy an area of 116 acres, with over 2,000 apartments and over 200 townhouses.

These are quite enough reasons to choose Leander as your new place of residence

From all of the above, you can conclude that moving to Leander is one of your best moves in life. Add to that some help from our best moving companies Leander and build your new family nest. What awaits you in Leander is more than good. Affordability, high level of youth education, good health care, almost complete safety of living as well as fantastic neighborhoods will become part of your life. If you choose Leander as your new place of residence, you will make a great decision.


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