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Room by room packing checklist

Moving is by a rule always chaotic. There is always something you may forget and there is always someone to meddle in your business. No matter how organized, a problem can pop out of nowhere. Worry not,  we made a room by room packing checklist to help you get by with as little problems as possible.

What to take into consideration

Making a room by room checklist does not have to be hard. What you need to do is start on time. Walking around your house as you make the list will make your life easier. What you need to keep in your mind when making your room by room packing checklist:
  1. Downsize on your belongings
  2. Do not pack chemicals
  3. Start as early as possible with items you rarely use
  4. Choose one room to store all the packed stuff
  5. Make sure you pack everything safely
  6. Inform yourself about moving quotes San Antonio
Room by room packing checklist
requires avoiding packing the chemicals

Starting our room by room packing checklist with kitchen

Packing your kitchen can be quite a challenge. There are just so many things that can easily break. So, if you do not feel up to the challenge, you can take it up last. Arrange this room by room packing checklist as you please and feel comfortable doing. All the dishes should be wrapped in newspaper or regular paper. That way you will prevent them from breaking and damaging one another.  The boxes you place them into should be sturdy, because dishes are usually very heavy. Make sure you do not fill the box too much because it might tear because of the weight. If you can, place some pieces of old clothes on the bottom for extra protection. Label the boxes fragile for long distance movers San Antonio to know. Seal the boxes well and do not pile more boxes on them.
You should always start with the kitchen
For your more expensive items, use dividers and even more paper. If you can, fill the boxes with some foam or other soft materials. Your pans and pots can be wrapped around in towels. Place them in order in your box, bigger on the bottom and work your way up top to the smaller pots. Your cutlery should be wrapped in towels and secured by a rubber band. First aid kid is what to keep in mind here when wrapping your kitchen up. Put aside some cutlery and dishes for your first night in your new home before you unpack everything. Learn more about packing fragile kitchen belongings.

Garage packing

Our suggestion here is to start with garage, basement and other storage areas first. By some unspoken rule, they hold the most stuff in them and are the toughest to pack. Remember that we mentioned earlier that no hazardous items should be packed. Probability is high that you have a lot of them in there. Give them to your family or to a neighbor.
car repair
It takes time to pack garage for your relocation
Drain all the tanks out of gas and wipe them of all the leftover fuel. Wash them preferably. Take apart all the machines and wrap them up. Be careful of the sharp tools and parts and secure additionally. Your tools should be packed in their original boxes. If not, pack them in sturdy boxes and secure the boxes and tools. Your garden furniture should be clean before you start your room by room packing checklist. It may be hard for you now, but you will thank yourself later once you start unpacking. Your older family members can help you pack before you move out also!

Living room

With living room packing you can relax a bit. All you need to look out for is packing your tv safely. Wrap it in air-filled wraps to keep it safe and then put it in a blanket. Untangle all the cords, separate them, secure with zip locks. Put them all in one box and maybe write on each one its purpose. Lamps should be handled the same as sensitive and fragile kitchen items. Books need sturdy boxes also, same as your dishes and gardening tools because they are heavy. Put them first in a plastic bag and then into a box. Same as with plates and pots, make sure the box isn’t full because it might break, approximately 45lbs max.
living room
Pack fragile items with special care
Your tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves should all also be wrapped in safety wraps. Detach all the parts you can and pack them separately. Secure everything with blankets and wraps.

Kids room

You probably have boxes and boxes of toys. Go thru all of them, and as we said, throw something out or donate it. Broken toys can be tossed, but older, unused toys can be donated. Soft packing paper should be used for delicate toys. Boardgames should stay in their original boxes but placed in a plastic bag.
You can donate broken toys
The computer is to be similarly handled as the TV. Monitor wrapped in blankets and other soft things, cords separated and labelled. What you can, put in a sturdy box and label that too. Beware of losing the tiny parts like USB drives, mouse and web camera. Keep in mind that kids do not respond well to relocation. Be there for your child, keep them busy and include them in the process. Stop here and there with the making of your room by room packing checklist and ask your child for suggestions.


The bathroom can have many hazardous things. As we mentioned, you should throw away. Lids of non-hazardous liquids should be sealed well and packed in plastic bags than plastic boxes. Laundry machine and other machines wrapped in air-filled wrap and them in blankets. Pack personal hygiene items in your first aid bag for the first night. Now that you have your room by room packing checklist, relocating will be a bit easier. Remember that life happens and something may come up. With the help of your friends and family, and us, you can overcome anything, and move on to your new home.  Try to have fun in the process with your partner and your kids.


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