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Welcome to a room by room packing guide- Austin edition. We at Evolution Moving Company NB would like to help you with a topic that is boggling to millions of Americans. We know that moving can be a challenging experience, so we would like to change that and turn it into a wonderful adventure. Let's dive in and organize your upcoming move. 

Planning a room by room packing guide - DIY vs hiring professionals

As one of the most reliable movers Austin has to offer, we will tell you that planning is everything. Like in business, moving, or anything in life, if you plan right away, you'll have no issues. You should also try and stick to the plan or routine you'll make when packing. Some people prefer to do it all at once, like in a couple of days or during the weekend. Some people will take a vacation or wait for the summer or winter holidays, while others will do it every day for a couple of hours after work. Now for most people, another factor is important, and that is the date! If you have to move in two weeks long distance, that'll require some professional assistance. On the other hand, if you have half a year or so, you'll have plenty of time to do it yourself. Again if you're too busy or have kids or anything that's keeping you extra busy, consider contacting a professional moving company that can help you with packing.  If you opt for the DIY approach, try to avoid typical packing mistakes that most people make. In contrast, talk with the pros if you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Moving companies like ours have highly specialized and well-trained teams of young professionals who can do everything for you. Our teams do everything from wrapping to packing, moving, lifting, mounting on trucks, driving, storing, etc. Not only that, but we also provide services if you are locally within the city and state as well as long-distance across the whole country.
a man and a woman loading boxes into a van
Professional movers can help you pack

Planning a room by room packing guide - where to start

First thing before you even start and once you make a plan, label your boxes with six different tags. This process is called decluttering, and it usually consists of packing your items from each room and making an inventory along the way. As long distance movers Austin we can tell you that this is a crucial part of the packing process. So this is our proposal on how to label boxes.
  • Donate - items that you want to give away or donate to a local shelter or some community
  • Throw away - food that is out of date and broken things that can be mended or recycled
  • Recycle - anything that can be recycled should if we want to save our planet
  • Take or keep - items that you're moving
  • Fix or mend - items that can be fixed, but you can donate or take them with you
  • Storage - things that you want to keep with you but don't have enough space for them
These are the most common categories; now, you can add or remove any of them, but it's up to you. Also, as one of the leading residential movers Austin TX we must tell you to think about how they will go into the truck; things that go first will come out last. So don't make a common mistake and put some necessities first, since you'll have to wait a whole day so they can come out. This is important, especially if you're with kids.
The girl looks thoughtfully in the distance;
Every beginning can be hard, but with our room by room packing guide, it'll be easier

Packing supplies that you'll need before you start room by room packing

First, if possible, you'll need some moving boxes in different sizes and shapes. Secondly, if you have original packages BINGO, that is important for things such as mirrors and fragile items around the house. Anything made of glass or a TV would need an original box; if you can't find it, you can ask the manufacturer. If the manufacturer can't send you or ask the professional movers if they can help you. Now again, for bottles, you can use boxes from nearby liquor stores if they're clean or if you see them behind shops, but just make sure that they're not dirty, and most importantly, they must be dry! Now be creative and use blankets, newspapers, bubble wraps (there are also biodegradable ones),  tapes, markers with different colors, labels, ropes, moving blankets, etc.

Which room should you pack first?

Now, this has been debated for decades; some companies claim "that they've found a secret way" or "the best room to start", but that's all nonsense. This one is fairly simple so stay with us; the room you should start from is any room you want. Not all houses, people, or moves are the same; they're all unique and different in their ways. So pick the room that maybe is the biggest or smallest (if you have enough time); just don't make it stressful. An order that is popular in the moving and packing community starts with the room you use the least. So it goes something like this - garage, basement, attic, guest room, kitchen, living, kids, bathroom, and bedroom but don't do it too early (to keep the essentials there).
 Cardboard question marks
Moving companies provide some rules, but for the most part, start where you feel works best for you

The conclusion

That would be it for this article; thank you for reading it. We hope that you liked our room by room packing guide - Austin edition. In addition, we would like to wish you a stress-free move. Also, if you need any help with moving, contact us through our website or by calling us and get a free estimate.


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